How to install a boiler

How to install a boiler Table of contents:

  • 1 Preparing for installation
  • 2 Installation of a water heater
  • 3 Installation Features

It’s not enough just to buy a boiler, it still needs to be properly install. If the installation is done poorly, at some moment the boiler may fall or stop working. Heating gas appliances are best left to professionals, and hang many people can handle an electric boiler. There’s nothing complicated here most importantly, prepare well and install the device according to the instructions. The advantage of self-installation is the cost savings wizards and the ability to remove and hang the boiler at any time.

Preparation for installation

Minimum distance to water intakeDistance minimum water intake

Initially, you should determine your future location. electrical appliance. It can be selected considering the following recommendations:

  • There must be free access to the boiler. It’s easier to track whether it is turned on and set the temperature.
  • The distance to the water intake should be kept to a minimum.
  • If the height of the boiler is large enough, indent the fasteners from the ceiling, otherwise it will not work to hang the water heater. Distance between the ceiling and dowels choose a little more than the distance between the place of attachment to the hooks and the top of the boiler.
  • The device is attached to the supporting wall. It will support the weight of the boiler with a full tank of water as opposed to a drywall wall.

The water heater should be installed vertically or horizontally according to its type, there is no horizontal boiler set vertically and vice versa. Do not mount the device on floor. It is advisable to position the water heater above the flow point water.

Attached to a load-bearing wallAttached to the carrier the wall

There are some requirements for the water supply system:

  1. Pipes must be in good condition.
  2. The wiring must be able to withstand the load, and you need to position it nearby socket to turn on the device.

Before installing the boiler, prepare all the necessary tools. and mark the wall for the fasteners.

Installation of a water heater


Installing a storage boiler involves creating a reliable wall mounts and supply of water pipes. If not nearby sockets, then you need to install it. Extra gasket no wiring required, only the old one is an exception wiring that is in poor condition. At the same time with the boiler does not need to plug other electrical appliances into one outlet.


First, with a drill or punch, make holes in the wall under dowels. Their number depends on the number of attachment points. Then plugs are inserted, hooks are hung. For installation of boilers more than 50 l only anchor bolts are used.

Water connectionConnect to water supply

Further installation takes place in the next sequences:

  1. The introduction of a boiler in the plumbing system. At the input of the device install a valve to relieve excess pressure. He usually goes complete with flexible hoses. If not, then buy separately. After the valve is a cold water hose. Some masters do not recommend the use of flexible hoses so that under high they were not damaged by pressure. All connections are well sealed. For draining water when servicing the boiler in front of the shut-off valve additionally mount a tee to which they connect crane.
  2. Connection of the boiler output to the hot pipe.
  3. Leak test. Release air from the tank and fill its water. At the same time they look so that nothing is anywhere leaked.
  4. Electrical connection. If everything is done correctly, then after When the power is turned on, the red light on the boiler lights up. No way Do not turn on the appliance without water!
  5. Regulation of temperature conditions.

Network ConnectionNetwork connection

The time spent on work depends on the material of the pipes. If metal pipes, it will take more time and effort than if they were metal-plastic.

Do not drain the tank even if you are not using a boiler!

The appliance is installed evenly, not at an angle, otherwise in case the heating element may not be completely covered with water, and after a while it will “burn out”.

Installation Features

Instantaneous water heaterFlowing water heater

Connecting a flowing boiler to the water supply is similar. The main difficulty lies in wiring, so how the power of the device is 5 kW or higher. Include it in ground outlet. The cross section of the electric wire is chosen with taking into account the current strength that is necessary for an electrical appliance.

Installation of electric water heaters does not require any special knowledge, it is within the power of almost everyone. Take away attention to the preparatory work, so as not to redo everything first.

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