How to independently make a staircase to the second floor

How to make a staircase to the second floor Table of contents:

  • 1 Project Selection
  • 2 Calculation of the number of steps
  • 3 wooden staircase
  • 3.1 Video: installation of a spiral staircase made of wood
  • 4 Reinforced concrete flight of stairs
  • 4.1 Video: concrete staircase
  • 5 metal staircase
  • 5.1 Video: installation of a metal staircase
  • 6 Photos
  • 7 videos

When a house is built on several floors, there is a need for stairs for movement between them. Flight of stairs is possible ready to order or do it yourself.

Project selection

Project Selection

As in building a house, planning and design is important, matched to the style of the house. The stairs can be of the following types:

  • screw (rectangular, faceted, semicircular, curved);
  • marching (direct, angular, single-march, multi-march);
  • on bolets;
  • on a bowstring.

Calculation of the number of steps

Calculation of the number of stepsQuantity calculation steps

But in any case, you need to calculate the slope, the number of steps, their height. To do this, measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor, add the thickness of the overlap and divide by the height of the steps. Average about 15 cm are allocated to it. After such a calculation, it becomes clear how many steps will there be. The flight of stairs does not have to be very cool, if the house will have children and elderly people, then this construction is life threatening. In this case, the technique is broken safety, and going up the stairs will cause fear. Most acceptable angle of inclination 30–45 °. The march width should be around meter, otherwise it may cause inconvenience; if it is narrow – closely walk, and when wide – it creates a feeling of bulkiness.

When all calculations are made, it is necessary to decide which material make a ladder. The classic option is to build it from wood. Although there are options for metal structures, reinforced concrete, forged, stone with ceramic or glass decorations.

Wooden staircase

Wooden Staircase

A tree can be taken such as birch, oak, pine, ash. When choose the steps, the wood is selected without flaws (knots, roughnesses, roughnesses), planed (only from it comes manufacturing). Dry the wood before use, cover with stain (gives color) and several layers of waterproof varnish (protects wood products). Before the final by fixing the stairs, they try on and customize the details according to size. If everything is in order, the assembly of all designs.

Ladder on KosouraLadder on Kosoura

Kosoures are made of boards, the thickness of which is 50–70 mm, the width is 250-300 mm. Fasten them to the floor and the longitudinal beam of the floor and insert steps. Mounting options for kosoura are also different:

  • overhead (bulky stairs);
  • mortise (the step is inserted into the cut groove).

To work with a tree you will need: a jigsaw or a saw (cut out details), a hammer, a narrow and wide chisel, a screwdriver or screwdriver, planer.

Video: installation of a wooden spiral staircase

Reinforced Concrete Stair March


Reinforced concrete staircases are poured from concrete and iron frame (reinforcement). Make a base for which cut the necessary details from wood to formwork. She must be without cracks and strengthened so that concrete does not leak out. Must remember that the reinforced concrete staircase is heavy and requires powerful supports, firmly installed.

The frame is mounted according to the drawing, the fittings between themselves binds or welds and is tested for strength. Concrete is poured and compacted, which dries for about 4 weeks. The finished product begins to be used after a month.

A reinforced concrete staircase is planned along with the construction of the house, in future does not loosen, enhances the strength of the house, and its rust does not destroy.

Concrete can be decorated with various options: sheathe wood, mount the backlight, lay out ceramics.

Video: concrete staircase

Metal staircase

Metal staircase

To create such an option, you need a grinder, welding apparatus, set of levels, wrenches, hammer, electric drill. The frame is made according to the drawing, from an I-beam or pipe more than 8 see. This option requires a good anti-corrosion preparation, otherwise the effects of rust occurring during evaporation should not be avoided. Steps are made from a pair of corners on which the base is laid (marble, boards, metal).

In all versions, steps are made only parallel to the floor and surely thought over embedded parts under protections. Handrails must be set for safety while traveling.

Used for the manufacture of metal or wooden items as well as other materials. Balusters, bearing elements railings are their support and decorative element of the exterior kind of. To fill the space between the pillars, forging is used, carved cloths, glass. Handrails should be made so that they it was nice to touch with a hand; there should be no roughness or chipping.

Video: installation of a metal staircase

A photo

Convenient and practicalConvenient and practical

Creation of the masterMaster’s creation

Design in accordance with the interiorProject in accordance with the interior

Rise to the second floorRise to the second floor

Original solutionOriginal solution

Unusual projectUnusual project

Wooden on a metal frameWooden on metal frame


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