How to hang a chandelier: installation and connection to power networks

How to hang a chandelier Table of contents:

  • 1 wire connection
  • 2 We hang a chandelier
  • 2.1 Hook
  • 2.2 Fixing plate
  • 3 Mains connection
  • 3.1 Connecting a chandelier with a power supply
  • 4 Mounting to a concrete ceiling
  • 5 On the plasterboard ceiling
  • 5.1 Fix the chandelier to the plasterboard ceiling
  • 6 Mounting to a stretch ceiling
  • 6.1 How to choose the right chandelier
  • 6.2 Fixing to a stretch ceiling
  • 6.3 Video: installing the chandelier on a suspended ceiling
  • 6.4 Fixing the chandelier to the cross
  • 6.5 Video: Installing the chandelier on the cross bars
  • 7
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  • 9 Photos

The installation of a new chandelier in a room is a significant event. Before you hang the chandelier on the ceiling in the apartment, you need to assemble correctly. Fortunately, most chandelier designs are wrong difficult, so let’s move on to the next part of the preparatory works.

Wire connection

Connecting wiresWire connection

Let’s start with the most basic. To get started, answer to questions:

  • How many wires come from the ceiling?
  • How many keys does the switch have?

If there are only 2 wires, then forget about the possibility of including different chandelier parts with a two-key switch. Without mounting a third the wire won’t work. This means that all the wires in the chandelier gather in bunches of a certain color. If to the lamp 3 wires are supplied, and you need so that the light does not turn on simultaneously, then in the chandelier, the wires going to the thread of the cartridge and the ground wire is collected in one bundle, while the others are divided into 2 groups, and also curled into bundles.

Bad contact will not only lead to heating of the wire, but also may cause premature failure housekeepers.

To work, you need a simple tool:

  1. Pliers.
  2. A small screwdriver.
  3. Battery-driven screwdriver indicator.
  4. Terminal block.
  5. Spanner 12.

The need for a key arises when assembling a chandelier. An indicator screwdriver is required to determine the connection location wires. Take it in your hands, and the moment you will touch the tip of the screwdriver, and its upper part, it should to light up – this means that the device is working. Now holding on to top edge of the screwdriver, touch the sting of the thread (or side contact) in the cartridge. With your free hand, touch the wires coming out from this cartridge. When touching one of them should light up indicator. Wires of the same color will be ground.

Insert the separated wire bundles into the terminal block of your choice block, and securely fasten in it.

We hang a chandelier

WireWire preparation

Let’s consider two main ways.

  1. On the hook.
  2. On the mounting plate.


HookHook mount

It used to be the most common method, but now it’s leaving to the past. However, many chandelier options are still available. with such a mount.

Some craftsmen solved this problem in their own way – replaced homemade plastic hook made from an electrode for welding.

Fixing strip

Fixing strip

Complete with a chandelier is a special mounting plate, which must be properly prepared before setting it to the ceiling. Fasten the screws on it so that their caps ended up in the inside of the bar, just don’t pinch them. Insert the bar from the inside of the bowl into the chandelier as it is will then be installed by tightening the decorative nuts all the way – the bar should be flush with the edges of the chandelier bowl, or just below her.

After checking, securely tighten the screws in the bracket so that they do not spinning, otherwise removing the chandelier can be a big problem. Attach the bracket to the ceiling where it will be installed, and through the holes mark the ceiling. Removing the bar in side, drill the concrete base of the ceiling and insert the dowels. After that, the bar is attached to the ceiling, and the chandelier itself is attached to it. If the base of the ceiling is wooden, then the bar is attached to it with screws on wood.

Mains connection

PhasePhase search

With the open contacts of the switch on the wires should not be voltage.

This means that when you touch the wires with a screwdriver-indicator, it should not glow. In this case, a more accurate result will give battery operated screwdriver. After turning on the power, The indicator should show the presence of voltage on the two wires. The remaining one is the “earth”, which should be connected to a common a bunch of chandeliers. If in your case is not so, then this means that the switch does not turn off the phase, but the earth. If you will be connected incandescent lamps, or LED lamps, you can leave it that way, such a connection is not suitable for housekeepers, as they can blink (described above).

In no case do not install housekeepers if the chandelier connected via a dimmer!

Connecting a chandelier with a power supply

Power SupplyPower Supply

Often people try to increase the brightness of the glow, by replacing regular lamps more powerful, as a result of which the chandelier ceases function.

So that the transformer does not fail, monitor the total lamp consumption – it should be lower than the output power of this instrument.

If your chandelier with halogen bulbs, then most often they rated at 12 V. In this case, the power connection carried out through a step-down transformer, on which always written voltage at the outputs. Where indicated voltage 220V – connect to the network, and the contacts with the designation 12V – to the bulbs.

For direct connection, the bulbs should be rated 220V. IN otherwise halogen lamps designed to operate through the transformer will explode, and glass fragments will fly around the room.

All wires must be carefully insulated.

Concrete ceiling mount

Dust proof hammer drillHammer drill dust

In order to fix the mounting bracket to the concrete ceiling, you need to attach it to the intended place of attachment, and make marks on the ceiling where the holes will be drilled. If overlap made of hollow slabs, then you need to check the thickness of concrete the place where the hole will be drilled, as it may happen such that the dowel will have nothing to hold on to. May have to retreat to the side, or arrange the bar differently. In that case, if you can’t change anything, you can use anchors, or, lead a wooden rail into the cavity of the plate, and screw to it the bar with screws. To do this work you will be required:

  1. Hammer (or hammer drill).
  2. Pobeditovy drill, on the diameter of the expansion bolt shield.
  3. Screwdriver (screwdriver / drill).
  4. Dowels (anchors, or screws).

Before you start drilling, make sure that dust and sand, do not hit the hammer drill. For this purpose you can pull on the drill a disposable cup, or a half of a rubber ball, and then drill.

Depending on the mounting method you choose, securely fix the bar, but do not overdo it, as it can be bent, if pressed very hard.

On plasterboard ceiling

Chandelier fixing on a plasterboard ceilingChandelier plasterboard ceiling mount

What difficulties may arise when installing a chandelier on plasterboard ceiling? The fact is that it is important as appearance gypsum ceiling and mechanical strength installed constructions.

It is necessary to pre-determine the choice of a chandelier, and determine which way it will be fixed. Consider the main recommendations:

  1. The place on the ceiling where the heavy chandelier will be located, It is necessary to additionally strengthen with a metal profile. About it you need to take care even in the manufacture of the ceiling frame designs.
  2. To fix a small chandelier directly to drywall you need to buy fasteners (folding spring dowels, butterflies). Reinforce nothing.

During operation, it is important to observe safety precautions – ensure safe movement under the ceiling and de-energize electrical system.

If you cannot turn off the room, then you need to work in rubber gloves electrician and use a solid tool (nippers and pliers must be with the handles intact).

We fix the chandelier to the plasterboard ceiling

Chandelier on a plasterboard ceilingDrywall Chandelier the ceiling

Drywall has strong mechanical properties, and for this reason, installation is carried out directly to the to the material. But this method has limitations.

  1. Since the drywall sheet can withstand a load of up to 6 kg per square meter, then, given this feature, it should be purchase prefer chandeliers having relatively light weight.
  2. Keep in mind that plasterboard deformation may occur. ceiling during the operation of the device, for example, replacing a lamp or if accidentally hook the chandelier with your hand. Therefore, to preserve for a long time attractive plasterboard ceiling, not recommended repeatedly change the chandelier, the more it is not recommended to do next with old holes new.

Installation of a pendant chandelierMounting a pendant chandelier

First, consider the option of mounting a hanging chandelier. First in drywall, you need to drill a hole (under the selected fasteners) and insert the spring dowel or butterfly – in this place the chandelier will be suspended from the ceiling.

Press the spring dowel with the nut and tighten the butterfly self-tapping screw (should be a click). The dowel and butterfly must be equipped with a hairpin or hook. After that, you can hook hang the chandelier and connect the wiring.

Holes are made at the designated points, as is the case with hanging chandelier, but there was a hook, but here we will use dowel butterflies, to which the bar will be pulled. Now the most interesting – holding the chandelier under the ceiling you need to connect wiring, and only after that it will be possible to fix the chandelier.

This work is extremely inconvenient for one, so we need someone who will hold the chandelier until you finish work with electrical wiring. If you can’t wait for help from anywhere, then make a small hook and temporarily hang the chandelier on it so that it does not scratch.

Ceiling Mount

Mounting on a false ceilingOutboard mount the ceiling

When installing a stretch ceiling, care should be taken in advance what kind of chandelier or lamp will be on the ceiling, and what The fixture for the light fixture must be used. It is important take note because the stretched material is not basis for fastening, and if the integrity of the film is violated, the canvas just bursting.

How to choose the right chandelier

What to choose a chandelierWhat to choose a chandelier

It is important to pay attention to the choice of a chandelier so that it does not spoil expensive ceiling coverage. In this case, you need to consider what will be used bulbs. For example, a chandelier is best purchased with energy-saving lamps, as they are smaller during operation heat up. If halogen or lamps will be used incandescent, then they must be hidden in the ceiling and not directed to the ceiling, and to the side.

If you purchased a chandelier with lampholders for ordinary lamps glow, it is better to screw housekeepers or LED instead light bulbs. It is important to know that if the chandeliers are overhead with thin metal base then adjoining the stretch ceiling in heated by incandescent bulbs, may cause it deformation.

You also need to make sure that the base of the lighting fixture, which closes fasteners without sharp edges and does not tear the film.

We attach to the stretch ceiling

Mounting the chandelier on a stretch ceilingMounting the chandelier on stretch ceiling

The most common and reliable installation method is to mount using the hook. But this method is only suitable for hanging chandelier

  • if the base under the suspended ceiling is reinforced concrete slabs, and the hook is already installed by builders, then you need to determine on whether it is installed high enough;
  • if the location of the hook may not suit you, then using the dowel or anchor, you can install the hook yourself, cutting off the grinder old fasteners;
  • another way – in the place where the stretch ceiling will be mounting hole, a wooden mortgage is installed, and a hook is attached directly to it.

You need to know how far from the main ceiling will be be the suspended ceiling, and also bring the ends of the electric wires to the installation site.

Mounting to a stretch ceiling

After the stretch ceiling has been stretched, where the hook is located, you need to glue the thermal ring, inside of which a hole is cut for the output of wires, and then produced chandelier mount. It happens this way: a chandelier is needed hang on a hook, connect the wires, and cover the mounting place cap of the lighting device.

Mounting the chandelier can be done on a bar or mounting the plate.

Most lighting fixtures include a special fasteners – metal profile with screws (mounting plate, o which was mentioned earlier). It is attached to the main ceiling, and a chandelier over a suspended ceiling on screws with decorative nuts.

Chandelier Mounting SchemeChandelier Mounting Scheme

Still fixing the chandelier to the stretch ceiling provides for installation to the main ceiling of a wooden block, the length of which should not reach the stretch ceiling almost 1-2 cm. Otherwise in case the bar will protrude and may tear the film over time stretch ceiling. Next, the block should be attached to the ceiling with using screws with dowels. And when using wooden the bar also needs to be made a hole, reinforcing it thermal ring.

The mounting plate is attached to the bar, without going beyond holes. Then the base is attached to the plate lighting device. Next, the holes of the base must be connected with studs (or screws) and tighten with nuts.

In some cases, instead of a wooden block used in as a base, thick moisture-proof plywood with attached metal legs.

Video: installing a chandelier on a stretch ceiling

Mounting a chandelier on a cross-bar

Mount for the chandelierChandelier Mount fixtures designed mainly for heavy chandeliers having wide base. Due to mounting holes removed away from each other, it will be impossible to fix the chandelier within the hole. To do this, the base ceiling is again mounted as a base wooden block in the size of the cross. In the canvas of the stretch ceiling five holes must be carefully cut and reinforced thermal rings: one large hole to bring electrical wires and connect the power, and the remaining four are smaller. Instead thermal rings of small diameter, where screws can be screwed use pieces of plastic that are glued to the tension ceiling. This procedure must be done, otherwise the film is there, where the hole is made will tear.

When the wires are connected, you can hang the chandelier on the cross and fix with nuts.

Video: installing the chandelier on the cross-shaped planks

A photo

Chandelier assembly diagramChandelier assembly diagram

Mounting on a stretch ceilingTension Mount ceiling

Installation of the elevatorElevator installation

Hook for a chandelier on a concrete ceilingHook for chandelier on concrete ceiling

Mounting the anchor hookMounting Anchor Hook

ButterflyButterfly hook

Attaching the chandelier to the hookAttaching the chandelier to a hook

Drywall MountDrywall Mount

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