How to drill a concrete wall: features technology

How to drill a concrete wall Table of contents:

  • 1 Drilling Tools
  • 2 Drills, drills, crowns for concrete
  • 2.1 Video: SDS-max, SDS-plus drill bits
  • 3 How to work with a conventional drill with a core drill
  • 4 Diamond Drilling Method
  • 4.1 Video: Diamond Drilling Technology
  • 5 Tips for Drilling Holes

Walls and ceilings of modern buildings are most often made from monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. It is well known that concrete is a material of increased strength, the handling of which requires knowledge of its processing techniques. In particular, drill a concrete wall is necessary with a special tool: a drill or puncher.

Drilling tool

Impact drill for concreteConcrete Impact Drill

Organization of manufacturing holes in concrete requires a special approach involving the selection of an appropriate tool and special drills (ordinary in this case are not suitable). The following instrumental is best suited for these purposes. set:

  • Drill SelectionDrill selection perforator (percussion drill actions);
  • drill bit made of tungsten carbide alloy and cobalt;
  • diamond drill.

Hammer or hammer drill provide rotational-translational movement of the drill (drill), which is significantly facilitates concrete drilling.

Unambiguously choose a punch, if necessary holes over 12 cm in diameter.

Some experts believe that in most household situations can be dispensed with a conventional drill that does not have a shock functions. But in this case, for successful execution it will be necessary to use a special a metal pin, the thickness of which is approximately equal to the diameter planned passage. Through this pin, they “stuff” the point prospective drilling and periodically break up concrete as diving into the wall. Several small holes can be drilled. ordinary drill with a drill.

Drills, drills, crowns for concrete

The choice of components is of great importance. the tip is T-shaped. If you want to get a really strong tool, get drills of domestic manufacturers, where the ratio of metals is 9: 1, if you buy a drill made in China, know that solid alloys there are less.

Strength depends on the ratio of its diameter and length. There is a pattern: the more boring, the more be thicker.

Hardened drills have a black shade, golden color – drills titanium coated. Titanium is much stronger.

Drilling Concrete with a DrillConcrete drilling drill

For a drill, drill with a shank in the form of a polyhedron or cylinder, for punch – drills marked SDS-plus, SDS-max. Drills for drill and punch are not interchangeable: they can install on another tool only with an adapter.

Auger Designed for the manufacture of deep aisles. Their length can be up to 1 m.
Sloping Allow you to quickly create small diameter holes.
Spiral Used for drilling large diameter passages.

But the fact is that with the help of drills they make holes only up to 4 cm in diameter. For drilling larger passages in concrete use concrete crowns for hammer drills hard alloys. Their diameter is 35-120 mm. However, the most popular are crowns with a diameter of 68 mm. They are perfect for creation of holes for socket boxes. Available for sale extension cords that allow you to make holes deeper than 15 cm.

Diamond Drilling Method

If a drill is used, then crowns with tungsten carbide alloy. Ability to work with such crowns are determined by the power of the drill. She must be more than 1000 watts.

Drilling with crowns is performed when the impact mode.

Video: SDS-max, SDS-plus drill bits

How to use a conventional drill with a core drill

Diamond Concrete DrillingDiamond Concrete Drilling

After all the accessories necessary for work cooked, you can proceed to the preparation procedure itself holes. Even before you get started In the procedure, we recommend that you read the following recommendations of specialists:

  • When working with a conventional drill, you need to carefully monitor so that the drill does not overheat, for which it is periodically cooled in cold water.
  • After a little deepening in concrete, you should use all the same pin that needs to be inserted into the recesses hammer it several times (with simultaneous rotation).
  • Then a little more “drill” and repeat the same pin operations.

Avoid overheating of low-power tools, take breaks in work every 15 minutes.

Diamond drilling method

Diamond Drilling Method

Before drilling a concrete wall, such as a wall outlet, do not it will hinder to get acquainted with yet another effective technique of doing holes. It’s about the so-called diamond drilling, allowing you to quickly and without excessive dust to cope with set task. It should be warned that for this you need special equipment, which is a set consisting of an electric motor, a stand fixed to base, and core drill.

Diamond Concrete Drilling

The design of such an installation provides for the possibility cooling the working tool by supplying water to a place drilling. At the same time, water washes away the dust, and it does not have time penetrate the surrounding area. Using special water vacuum cleaner, also included in the installation kit, location work cleared.

Video: Diamond Drilling Technology

Hole Drilling Tips

  • Before starting work, check if it is installed correctly drill into the tool.
  • If reinforcement gets in the way, you should drill it with a drill for metal or punch with a punch.
  • If the wall crumbles on the other side, slow down and Perform work in reduced vibration mode.
  • When a drill gets stuck, it should be drilled a tool with a smaller diameter but not removed by loosening.

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