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To install a sink on the countertop, you need to spend a lot time and labor. But if you properly cut a hole in the furniture block and make installation, washing dishes will not seem so burdensome occupation. Next, we’ll talk about how to cut countertop under the sink.

Making and applying the template

Ready template for washingReady template for washing

The installation process of the sink in the countertop consists of several stages. To properly perform this laborious work, you must carefully cut a hole in the countertop, while preferably adhere to the instructions below.

  • First you need to purchase a blank sheet of cardboard the size from which the template will be cut. This work step will be simplified if the manufacturer, as often happens, made template and put it in the package with the goods. It remains only to cut scissors pattern drawn on the contour. If there is no template, you need take the sink, turn it upside down, attach to the cardboard, after with the help of a pencil, draw the necessary shape and cut ready-made template. If there is no packaging with a pattern, and there is no necessary sheet of cardboard, the outline of the inverted Plumbing products are carried out directly on the countertop.
  • Next, you need to evaluate the future location of the furniture block. You need to know in advance where the mixer will be installed, how make piping, is it expected to trim the countertops before final installation. It is also necessary to look at the design furniture from the inside. This will determine which elements, if necessary, can still be trimmed, and which Do not touch – supporting fragments of the countertop must remain intact and intact.

Indent necessaryNeed to do indent

It is recommended to place the sink at a distance of 10 cm from the wall, that in the future during installation will protect vulnerabilities from possible breakdowns.

  • If the template is ready, it is time to use it. To mark the countertops, you need to attach to its surface template, while it should be motionless. After this operation contour is drawn. The same work is carried out, if available factory template. On the circled line can be cut immediately. If cardboard is used or the inverted sink is circled pencil on the countertop, more work to be done. The thing is that the drawn line will repeat the edges of the sink, and inserted into the future hole will be its bowl. Therefore draw one more circuit is needed – internal. When drawing it, you need to consider the distance from the edge of the sink to the plumbing fixtures instrument. The result is a new template that is oriented on the size of the bowl. It is applied to the surface of the countertop and a new contour is applied, along which it will be possible to cut hole.
  • There is an option in which the cardboard template is attached to the surface of the countertop and along its edges a hole is sawn. If a look at such work from the practical side – this is inconvenient – it is better to draw a contour with a pencil. When cutting along a drawn line there is a real possibility of chipping the edges of the countertops. To avoid marriage, it is recommended on glue masking tape into the area of ​​the intended contour, which in the future can be easily removed. In order to start sawing, it is necessary from the inside of the drawn lines to drill a hole in the body of the countertop. In drilled the hole is extended with a jigsaw file, after which it is fixed in instrument. You need to cut carefully and without haste, since when pressing the web may go away from the intended contour.
  • The resulting cut is cleaned with sandpaper, blown and carefully lubricated with silicone. Thanks to this composition the destructive effect of moisture on the surface of the cut is reduced to to a minimum. If any fragments interfere with the installation of the washing bowl furniture block, they must be carefully trimmed. Measurements for pruning needs to be done exactly – to perform such work “by eye” is not recommended. You need to know that when applying the template factory sawing out internal elements much easier and simpler, since in its manufacture such nuances are also provided.

Installing the sink in the countertop


  • To begin the final installation of the sink, you must do some required work. First you need to try on pipes and collect the siphon, then in the inner structure of the countertop you need to make holes for the sewer and water supply. All these works performed with a jigsaw or crown. After this, the installation is carried out mixer, if a place has been prepared for it on the countertop. Besides In addition, if necessary, hoses are cut. If the mixer will be installed on the sink itself, on a plumbing fixture a place for equipment is determined and a hole is drilled desired diameter.
  • Before installing the sink on the sanitary ware sealing tape – it usually comes with appliance. The tape is fixed close to the edge, while leaving free special groove into which silicone will be poured. Then, fastenings are installed in their places, which when tightened do not reach – they will be fixed tightly after the whole design will be finally combined. If the mixer should be fixed on the sink, it is the turn for its installation. The hole is abundantly smeared with silicone, and then held installation of a sanitary product in the hole for the sink. Before mounting fasteners must be bent. So that the sink sat on its place and fits well into the contour of the opening, plumbing fixture need to move a little. After that, you need to get under the sink and finally tighten the fasteners. While sealant is in liquid state, it wipes off – after some time the composition seize and freeze. If there are gaps somewhere, they also need seal up.


A sink in the countertop is installed. Plumbing fixtures can to use.


Correct worktop hole preparation and technology mounting sinks are shown in the following video:

A photo

Hole for a jigsaw

A photo

Jigsaw hole

Cutting with a jigsawJigsaw



You can use siliconeCan be used silicone

Can be sealed with a sealCan seal with a sealant

Sink installedSink installed

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