How to clean a blockage in the bathroom

How to clean a blockage in the bathroom Table of contents:

  • 1 Causes of Clogging
  • 1.1 Incorrect pipe installation
  • 1.2 Siphon and trash
  • 2 Cleaning Methods
  • 2.1 Hair Removal
  • 2.2 How to clean from debris
  • 2.3 body fat
  • 3 Mechanical cleaning
  • 4 Siphon cleaning
  • 5 Prevention
  • 6 Video: a way to clean a blockage in the bathroom

Usually a person is not interested in what principle works sewer, but it only lasts as long as it functioning properly. Otherwise figuring out why the trouble happened, how to clean the blockage in bathroom, and what is required for this. Answers to these questions can be get by reading the article.

Causes of blockage

In fact, there are many reasons that may promote slow drainage from the bath, therefore, to actions were focused, you need to know with what you can collide.

Incorrect pipe installation

Clogged sewer pipeClogged sewage pipe

It often happens that when installing a sewer do-it-yourself apartment owners do not attach importance to the correct location sewer pipe, namely the angle of its inclination. Consequences of this neglect will not be long in coming, and the pipeline will quickly clog with various deposits. Cleaning helps to fix the problem for a short while, soon water again stagnates in the bath. If something like this happens to you, then check the correct installation of the pipes, if if a problem is detected, install the pipes, adhering to building codes.

An example of an angle of inclination for pipes 50 mmAngle example slope for pipes 50 mm

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to observe the minimum slope due to the fact that the input to the riser is high. In this case can:

  • choose a more suitable siphon;
  • inset into the riser slightly lower;
  • set the bath higher.

The system is not properly assembledSystem wrong collected

If connecting your bath is very similar to how it done in the photo, then there is nothing to drain for stable operation and hope.

Trash and siphon

What kind of garbage can we talk about? It is clear that there is little people who wash shoes in the bath but can be washed carpet or something like that.

Sometimes the drain is clogged for other reasons. Even at the very thin skin on the skin accumulate fat deposits, from which he is blissfully disposed of while bathing. It is this fat with particles of leather and sticks to the walls of sewer pipes and a siphon. With increasing deposits, the pipe clearance decreases, and this leads to the fact that water passes very badly.

Another concomitant cause is the accumulation of hair, which a person has not only on his head. The slightest bump and the roughness inside the pipe is able to retain hair, as a result which forms a solid cork. Especially the problem is aggravated, if the water tank is bathed by people and animals.

Cleaning Methods

Depending on the type of blockage, at home it may be effective one way or another way of cleaning.


Cleaning the blockage in the bathroom crochetCleaning the blockage in the bathroom crochet

Wool and hair are most often the cause of blockage. To remove a tuft of hair from the siphon, in many cases it is enough to do hook from a thin but rigid wire and with it pull out wrinkled grate inside the bathtub.

Bicycle spokeBicycle spoke

When at hand there is nothing suitable, then from the hair you can get rid with the back of a bicycle spoke using her as a hook.

If the described method failed to extend the hairball, then you will have to disassemble the siphon and manually clean it.

How to clean from garbage

We will work as a plungerWill be working plunger

It so happens that having completely cleaned the siphon with wire from the hair, we do not get the desired result. In this case, without a plunger get along.

This simple device is very effective in cases where the pipe clogged with sand or other debris that is still mobile, i.e. not took a lump. The plunger is a kind of pump, using which in the pipe creates either pressure or pressure, thanks what water moves with great speed through the pipe, taking with it rub.

It is important to be able to work properly as a plunger and to consider that its efficiency can be very low if the overflow hole remains open. Therefore, in one hand you need to take a wet rag and how you can close the overflow hole located at the top baths, and with the other hand work as a plunger, completely overlapping rubber part drain hole. Movement should not be smooth, and as the water goes away, it needs to be pour into the bath. After cleaning the sewer, you will have to thoroughly wash, as the plunger not only pushes the garbage through pipe, but also pulls it into the bowl.

The plunger is recommended to be periodically used for prevent blockages without waiting until a problem occurs.

Body fat

Chemicals for cleaningChemicals for cleaning

If the tube is not completely clogged, then with fatty deposits, you can deal with household chemicals. The choice of drugs is very large, but it is this factor that can lead to confusion. Consider in more detail the features of cleaning products.

Liquid-marketed drugs to cope with blockage faster, but unlike bulk drugs, their cost significantly higher.

To choose the right drug, you need to know for what purposes he is needed. Then you should familiarize yourself with the principle of its action, and with instructions for use.

What to look for? First of all, that the drug was branded, not fake, and only then for what kind clog it is intended. Check the originality of the drug is wrong it’s difficult, as it might seem at first glance, just need to ask the seller to present a certificate of conformity products. It is best to purchase a tool in a solid specialized store – there they will advise, and a guarantee will give.

Means for cleaning the sewer can have a different basis – alkali or acid. Alkaline drugs do a good job fat deposits, and acid – with blockages of organic origin (hair, etc.). Often have to combine drugs, using them alternately.

We conducted a comparative analysis of the most popular tools for sewer cleaning, and the result you can see in the table.

A drug


Mode of application


The composition of the drug is acid. The tool is very popular, because it is inexpensive, but very effective at the same time. This the drug is able to destroy waste in a short time.

A little agent is poured / poured into the drain hole (it the quantity is indicated on the packaging), then it is filled with a glass water. Now the bath can not be used for two hours. By after the required time, water is allowed into the bath, with with the help of which the drug is washed off.

Mister MuscleMister Muscle

As part of the product, sodium hydroxide. Cleaned plastic sewer pipes. The composition of the drug includes antibacterial components.

The drug is poured / poured into the drain hole and poured 200 ml of warm water. After half an hour, everything is washed off with water. Judging by reviews of people, the tool is intended for prevention, as ineffective with severe blockages.


Available for both hot and cold use. water. It is preferable to use a tool intended for pouring hot water, as the reaction is faster and more effective. Contact with the skin causes a burn.

The contents of the bag are poured into the drain hole and poured 200 ml of hot water. After a quarter of an hour, the pipes are flushed. The tool can be used both for cleaning and for prevention blockages. One of its features is the ability to create a protective film on the inside of the pipe to which it does not stick fat.

TiretTiret Turbo

This Polish product is available in liquid form. Smell unsharp. Does not destroy pipes. The drug is selected depending on type and degree of blockage.

The specified amount of chemical is poured into the pipe. Through rinse the sewer with water for several minutes.

Bagi PothanBagi Pothan

An expensive but effective tool that is designed to cleaning any sewer pipes. When working with the drug you need take special care, as well as ventilate the room.

It is necessary to measure a glass of granules and fill them in the neck of the siphon. All this is filled with hot water. After three minutes, rinse off using a lot of cold water.

You can also use folk remedies, such as soda and vinegar. These two substances will be required, as they should to react. Separately, neither soda nor vinegar will help.

This method of cleaning sewer pipes is completely safe, but not with every blockage can handle. Action algorithm such:

  • A packet of baking soda needs to be calcined in a pan – this will strengthen reaction.
  • Into the siphon drain (better if there is no water) soda is getting enough sleep.
  • Now a glass of vinegar is poured into the same place.
  • For the reaction to continue inside the pipe and bring maximum use, it is better to close the drain hole tightly with a stopper, holding her.
  • After 2-3 hours, hot water is allowed into the bath, which should flush the pipes. If the water flowing from the tap is slightly warm, then it is better heat up.

The application of other folk methods is less effective, and in in most cases it is a translation of products.

Since the action of such a solution cannot be called potent, it’s possible that you’ll have to use the combined method cleansing.

Mechanical cleaning

Cable for clearing blockagesCable for cleaning blockages

A combination of several cleaning methods is required. if the application of the methods described above did not give the desired result, or a blockage of the type that could not destroy it even acid. Now we proceed to the mechanical cleaning of the blockage with using a plumbing cable. Often you can clean pipes without dismantling the siphon. Consider just such a method.

  1. The end of the cable is inserted all the way into the drain hole.
  2. Starting to rotate the cable clockwise, you need to try to shove him further, without making much effort, as you can pierce plastic pipe.
  3. Such actions will help this device not only go deep into the pipe, going around all the obstacles, but also winding various garbage.
  4. When the rotation is difficult, pull out the cable and, having cleared it of garbage, continue to work.
  5. If the blockage is broken, and the water begins to leave, then it needs to be added (the bath should not remain empty), without stopping work – this Helps flush out solid debris. This is a cleaning finished.

It is important to realize that cleaning the cable inside the bath is not always can be done, so you need to remove the siphon to ensure access to the hole of the sewer pipe.

Siphon cleaning

SiphonSiphon cleaning

The process of assembling and disassembling the siphon can be found here, we will dwell in more detail on the cleaning process.

  1. If no trap is installed near the siphon, it is better to stock up a cloth that absorbs water well.
  2. When the distance between the siphon and the floor allows, then it’s good it would be to substitute some kind of vessel, for example a bowl or brazier.
  3. Now you can take the siphon apart. Usually there are no difficulties with this. arises, and the nuts loosen freely by hand. If the nut is not yields, then you can grab it with a rag – this ensures that the hand does not slip on the nut.
  4. After loosening all the nuts, you can unscrew the removable part.
  5. Now clean the siphon. In this position it’s convenient clean the sewer pipe with a cable.

After cleaning, the zorasiphon is collected. It remains to let bath water and check for leaks.


Mesh for the bathroomMesh for the bathroom

Many problems can be avoided if you make sure that block access to garbage in the sewer. For this just purchase and install a mesh for the bath. Not confuse – the mesh for washing the kitchen will not help much, so as only large rubbish and part of the hair will not be missed.

Clogging is easier to prevent than to clean. For example, as for prevention, you can use soda and vinegar – for these purposes, such inexpensive mixture is more suitable than for cleaning.

Applying these simple tips, you most likely will not come across with the need to clean the blockage due to its absence.

Video: a way to clean the blockage in the bathroom

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