How to choose an electric floor heating

Determine the choice of underfloor heating Table of contents:

  • 1 Why electric floor?
  • 2 Comfort and convenience of electric floor heating
  • 3 Varieties of electric underfloor heating
  • 3.1 Heating mats
  • 3.2 Film infrared floor
  • 3.3 Cable heating system
  • 4 videos

Warm flooring is no longer a luxury. Modern technologies offer the layman various options for warm floors, for every taste and any wallet. Installation of a warm floor is simple and it is quite possible do it yourself, while significantly saving on workers. The only drawback of the electric floor is the high cost of services for payment for electricity.

If the decision to install an electric floor is made, then it remains just choose the right option. In this article we will consider how to choose an electric heat-insulated floor under a laminate and under a tile.

Why electric floor?

In the bathroomIn the bathroom

  1. The electric floor heating system can be installed in various rooms: in an apartment, a country house or the cottage.
  2. No need to install pipes and connect them to the central heat supply pipes.
  3. Installation of an electric floor is simple and quite feasible. forces. It is enough to lay the cable, according to a certain scheme, and connect it to the electrical network.
  4. It is easy to maintain the desired floor temperature with various control systems.
  5. It is possible to set the automatic timer system inclusions, for example, in a garage. Then by the time of departure, the room warms up, which will greatly facilitate starting the engine a car.
  6. It is not required to install an electric heating system no permits, thus saving time to go to authorities and standing in lines.
  7. There is a choice of an electric floor heating system in depending on material capabilities.
  8. Electric flooring is ideal for heating small rooms: balcony, loggia, bathroom.

Comfort and convenience of electric floor heating


  • floor temperature is maintained within 25 ° C, which provides additional comfort in the bathroom or on the balcony;
  • if the living space is small (30–40 m2), then you can heat the entire room with only one type of heating;
  • professional installation and connection of electric floor cable virtually eliminates damage;
  • in case of malfunctions, electrical heating system floors are easily dismantled and breakage is eliminated.

The cable routing should not go under the places where they stand interior items (cabinets, sofas or beds), heavy household appliances and plumbing. All heavy home furnishings should be located at least 20 cm from the cable routing. It is advisable to make a gasket scheme, so that in case of repair or rearrangement of furniture does not damage the entire heating system.

Today, the building materials market offers a huge selection. different options for electric floor heating. Which warm floor to choose so that it fits under the tile, laminate or linoleum. Besides there was economically profitable and had low electromagnetic radiation.

Varieties of electric underfloor heating

Heating mats

Electric version of heating matsElectric option of heating mats

Heating mats are a special construction made of fiberglass, inside which is the cable. This kind of heating Great for tiles. Mats are laid in a layer of glue on which is then fixed to the tile.


  • ease of installation and connection;
  • screed floors do not need to;
  • commissioning in a short time (in a few days after laying);
  • very quickly warm the tile.


  • the inability to control the heating range;
  • high material costs.

Film infrared floor

Film underfloor heatingFilm underfloor heating

The heating element in such a system is a thin film. More often all this kind of floor heating is used under the laminate.


  • film laying can be done for any topcoat (the exception is tile);
  • energy saving from 20 to 30%;
  • the film can be installed not only on the floor, but also on the walls or the ceiling of the room.


  • to connect and install the system requires knowledge and experience, therefore it is necessary to use the services of specialists;
  • the base on which the film is mounted should be perfect otherwise, the system’s service life will be reduced by some years;
  • Do not install heavy furniture, as the film overheats and fails;

Cable heating system

Installation of cable underfloor heatingInstallation of cable warm gender

Cable electric heating system is a cable with high electrical resistance in teflon isolation. Such a heating system is laid in a sand-cement screed. Cables come in two types: single-core and two-core. Experts recommend using a two-wire cable. He is more reliable and emits the least amount of electromagnetic radiation.


  • high degree of stability and safety;
  • high-quality heating, which can be used as the main thing.


  • Be sure to make a concrete screed;
  • screed reduces the height of the room;
  • for laying the cable and connecting the heating system is required qualifications and work experience, therefore self-installation impossible to implement;
  • operation of the underfloor heating system is possible no earlier than 1‒1.5 months after concrete hardens.

Before choosing a floor heating system, you need to remember a few nuances:

  • heating mats and film infrared heating can use as additional heating to create more comfortable living conditions;
  • the cable system is ideal as primary heating premises of any area.


Which electric underfloor heating is better? Main purpose types of electric floor heating:

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