How to choose a miter saw

Potential buyers are wondering: how to choose miter saw that meets the features of subsequent operation by technical and operational parameters?

Miter saw

It should be remembered that the functionality of the tool of any price level is designed for precise angular and diagonal cutting:

  • business and construction wood;
  • plastic and laminate panels;
  • in the presence of special nozzles of an aluminum profile.


  • 1 Benefits of a budget assortment
  • 2 Saws of the increased price range
  • 3 Pro recommendations for self-selection of miter saws
  • 4 Cost
  • 5 Prestige brand
  • 6 Motor and gearbox
  • 7 Accessories
  • 8 Additional functionality

The advantages of the budget assortment

Affordable models of sawing and trimming equipment focused on a wide range of carpentry, installation and finishing and construction works in private household everyday life.

Face saw for home is characterized by:

  • simplified design;
  • relatively small, in the range of 1000-1200 watts of power power drive;
  • less comfortable working conditions for the operator;
  • moderate resistance to operational loads.

Household models cannot be used in continuous work. mode, which forces you to make periodic stops for cooling engine. However, consumer reviews confirm the effectiveness of the use of household trimming in household goods and in small woodworking business.

Price range saws

Miter saw

Professional grade tools in the price range 35-50 thousand rubles, differ from household models in extended functionality, high accuracy of sawing operations, equipped with more powerful, up to 2000 watts of electric drives.

The composition of the technical equipment of professional models includes:

  • high-performance and wear-resistant saw blades;
  • soft start and electronic braking systems;
  • devices for lighting and cleaning the working area from sawdust;
  • laser markers with autonomous or centralized nutrition.

Professional miter saws were originally designed for mastering large volumes of high-precision wood sawing and decorative panels in the production of plastic door and window systems.

Special technology tools provide the required level of cutting accuracy required for production of exclusive furniture for doors, window frames and other elements of interior and house interiors.

Combined miter saws constitute a separate category, combining in its functionality the properties of the saw itself and sawing machine. The miter saw with a broach provides the ability to conveniently work with non-standard length materials, get a cut of increased width.

Recommendations of the pros for self-selection of miter saws

The range of household and professional miter saws includes products of many leading European and Asian manufacturers.

Models presented in assortment differ:

  • cost and performance;
  • different levels of technical equipment and operational reliability;
  • the length of the resource established by the manufacturer and Warranty Guaranteed in writing.

The right choice of miter saw involves a variety of factors.


Miter saw

For household use, inexpensive, simple device and reliable in operation models of household level, worth from 8000 rubles. When familiarizing with workers characteristics should pay attention to the diameter of the disk saw blade, maximum depth and width cut.

Brand Prestige

The best choice would be a model of a famous domestic or foreign brand. Face saw for domestic home production performance and reliability is identical imported counterparts, but more affordable in cost and level self service.

Buying an expensive professional-grade tool is justified subject to intensive use in construction or furniture business.

The cost of a professional-level model offset by:

  • high performance and wide functionality;
  • increased accuracy of cutting work at different levels difficulties;
  • the possibility of continuous operation throughout the working shifts.

In the domestic market, professional-grade saws represented by products of the brands Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Dewalt and several other manufacturers. Subject to all others conditions, priority should be given to the model of the European assembly.

Engine and gearbox

Miter saw

Massive drive is more suitable for driving a stationary saw, but easy to maintain and durable asynchronous motor. The main range of light and mobile tools is completed small-sized collector drives.

Compact and easy to use in all respects. saw driven by an engine with an operating mode of 4,500 rpm.

Elastic V-belt gearbox compares favorably with gear analog less noise and complete absence vibrations.


This list includes the main and additional emphasis, clamps, limiters of depth of cut, guides for processing wide and long workpieces.

If you choose yourself, make sure that you don’t backlash in the joints, the real value of the angles of deviation of the head and table rotation, reliability of fixing settings in a given position.

Additional functionality

Precision of cutting is facilitated by the presence and proper setting. laser marker device, full backlight and systems removal of wood saw from the working area.

  • Speed ​​and rotation of the saw blade in many ways Depends on the level of workloads. In the absence of solid skills working with different materials, a model may be the solution with electronic stabilization of engine torque.
  • Manual RPM function helps to eliminate difficulties when processing viscous plastic or precision cutting aluminum profile.

With an independent assessment of all the characteristics of the new tool should also consider weight category, the ability to move and ease of transportation, the difficulty of reconfiguration to work on other modes.

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