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With the advent of the new season, every summer resident thinks about how look after your lawn. Mainly concern due to the fact that the grass under the warm sunlight is very torn up. And if you don’t put it in order in a timely manner, your lawn quickly grows and completely turns into a jungle. Today everyone the summer resident has the opportunity to purchase a variety of types lawn mowers. They have different shapes, sizes and even destination. This will help you figure out how to choose a lawn mower. article. In this case, we will tell you what types of this unit exist and which one to give their preference.

Big choice

The term “lawn mower” today means that an object that easily copes with thickets and stormy vegetation. Among the variety, several main types, namely: brushcutter, trimmer and lawn mower. Each of which has its purpose.


The shape of the trimmer and motokosa are quite similar. They have special rod, cutting part and motor. To hold equipment a special belt is used, which is hung on the shoulders, and for holding hands fitted with a special handle. However they have differences.

For example, scythes have more power. Therefore they able to cope with large thickets, such as burdocks, nettle and the like. Their cutting part has knives, although you can use a special fishing line if you wish. However in the process work they give a big load on the hands, moreover, in the process works make a lot of noise. As for trimmers, they have less power, and the cutting part is only fishing line. Usually they are used for mowing weeds and grass under trees, and also on uneven reliefs. But their advantage in economy, so how they consume significantly less fuel.

Grass trimmerGrass trimmer

The most massive unit in this category is a lawn mower. In shape, it resembles a trolley that is equipped with a motor. Her the movement is carried out using the built-in wheels, and the grass cut off with knives. A special handle is equipped for its control, therefore, it is very easy to manage. To be honest, this one the option is not the best, since it requires a perfectly smooth surfaces where shrubs and trees are completely absent. because of his size, he will not be able to mow the grass close to them. TO the disadvantages of this device include the danger from stones.

If a stone hits a knife, it may break. therefore if you are a prudent summer resident, then it would be nice in your having a trimmer for hard-to-reach spots, as well as lawn mower for a smooth lawn.

Electric or petrol unit

Now consider the five features of this device. Which is a lawn mower better petrol or electric? This information help you decide which lawnmower to choose Total.


Noise level and power. In any case a gas mower that will always be more powerful electric. Electric lawn mowers are powered from the network 220 Tue Accordingly, a powerful engine will be installed on it. impossible, since the network simply can not withstand the load. To at least somehow increase power, some models are additionally equipped a battery that can work for two hours. However, the electric lawnmower is much quieter. IN unlike it, gasoline create a big roar on the mowing plot. For this reason, complete with a gas mower Headphones are coming.

LawnLawn mower

As for power, when choosing a lawn mower should consider one important factor. Maximum power can provoke premature failure of the unit. How is this possible? If you mow a section oblique, which has medium power, and under the knife accidentally hits a small stone or other object, then the motor instantly stalls. The stone goes and work continues. But if the same stone falls under the scythe of a more powerful lawn mower, then a serious problem may arise here. Engine power enough to turn the stone and subsequently wedge knife. As a result, the cutting mechanism is bent, the shaft is deformed, and the sleeve is also broken. You will have to take your faithful repair assistant. Because of this, when choosing a gas mower focus on 6, maximum 7 horsepower. And better just pre-examine your lawn. There is a large number of stones or not.


Performance Level productivity directly depends on the power of the mower. For example, medium or large areas are best treated gasoline models. This is due to the fact that they are capable of long time to work without stopping. Quite another thing with electric engine. He simply can not stand the big and long load. To prevent engine overheating, it is recommended work fifteen minutes, and then give him a break. Therefore if you have a lawn of ten acres, then such a lawn mower you hardly enough.

When choosing an electric lawnmower, consider the distance power source. The standard cord length is 25 meters. If the distance to the plot is fifty meters, then you have to additionally buy thirty meters of extension cord.


So, if you count this whole purchase, namely a quality cable, automation, the price of the device itself, it turns out the price is average power gasoline counterpart. So think a few times Is it worth choosing an electric lawnmower when for the same amount You can buy free of wire!

Service: Regarding this factor, then with electric lawn mowers here is much easier. For their stable operation no need to constantly monitor oil or gas level. Therefore, if you are poorly versed in the intricacies of such a service, it is best to purchase a simple option is an electric lawn mower.


Safety. Both types of units have their flaws. Petrol models throw a large amount exhaust gases during operation. In any case, one inhales them that mows, as well as others. Especially it can be felt if a small area is mowed. Electric braids have exhaust fumes absent, but in wet and damp weather their use prohibited. There are cases when, due to carelessness, the knives ran into on the cable and cut it. This is extremely dangerous!

Weight. Weight is an important indicator. which must be taken into account based on who will work. If you chose a model with a powerful motor, then the weight of the lawn mower increases. This can not be said about electric lawn mowers that even older women and teenagers. Due to their low weight, they are more maneuverable. The mower is very easy to control and steer.

Given all of the above items, you can choose one a lawn mower that will fully match your needs.

Self-propelled lawn mowers

Self-propelled lawn mower with a seatSelf-propelled lawn mower with seat

Self-propelled lawn mowers are not so called because they can mow the grass yourself, but for the reason that the manufacturer added drive to one of the axles. It allows with great comfort. to mow the lawn. This is extremely convenient, since not everyone will be able to pull half a centner of the load on his hands. From conventional lawnmowers self-propelled are practically no different. They have differences in the type of engine and drive. Consider some features of this technique that will help you choose a self-propelled lawn mower.

The minimum weight of such an aggregate is twelve kilograms. There are models that weigh all forty kilograms. To just be to cope with it, the manufacturer specially equipped it with a drive. In this case, the drive can be both rear and front. it lets the mower go, you just have to steer it. Which drive is better to choose: front or rear?

Lawn Mower DesignDesign lawn mowers

The difference between these concepts is great. If you need to the device was maneuverable, then it is recommended to choose front wheel mower. Here you should pay attention to two important factors:

  1. If the structure has a grass catcher, then the center of gravity will be transferred back, and drive wheels will simply slip.
  2. Such an indicator as maneuverability is not for a lawn mower is important. This is due to the fact that when turning a self-propelled lawn mower The drive shuts off automatically.

GrassGrass catcher

Quite a different thing, rear-wheel drive. They have great advantage, since in the process of work it is the rear axle that receives the greatest load.

This technique has both advantages and disadvantages. Among The advantages are an obvious plus in that you do not have to push it. Moreover, use both gasoline and electric self-propelled lawnmowers can easily pensioners and teenagers. As for the shortcomings, then right in the eye high price rushing. It’s better to use this kind of mower. total over large areas. If you have a small plot of lawn, then its use is irrational. If the unit has gasoline engine, then most of the fuel will go into rotation wheels, which is an additional expense. So the conclusion is obvious choose a gas or electric self-propelled lawnmower best for large areas.

If you are satisfied with such a device, then when choosing it is worth pay attention to the following points. Such a lawn mower should have a height adjustment for mowing grass. Also pay attention on the material used, it can be plastic or metal.

Additional features

Regardless of the choice of type and type of lawn mower when you purchase it you should pay attention to some functions and features, which can make lawn care better.

With soft grass catcherWith soft grass catcher

Grass catcher. The grass catcher collects grass. which is cut with knives. The advantages of this device are that after mowing the grass you don’t need to clean lawn from mowed grass. However, from time to time you will have to stop work to clear the grass catcher from accumulated herbs. There are two types of grass catchers: hard and soft. Hard made of plastic, while soft ones from mesh or dense fabric. Using a soft grass catcher is much easier. Without taking off grass catcher can easily check its filling. Once the air stopped inflating it, which means it is full. If the grass catcher made of plastic, this test cannot be completed. Will have to stop work and check from time to time. However plastic grass catcher for mowing wet grass fits best. If there is a net, small parts of the grass will stick to the net, and after each mowing you will have to wash and wash it.


Mulching. Some lawn mowers additionally equipped with a device that grinds everything what gets inside. After the mass in the form of mulch is thrown on lawn for top dressing. At first glance, it might seem that this useful addition, but there is one thing, but! Get good Mulch is only possible when mowing dry and soft grass. If the lawn wet, then the mulch rolls into lumps that are scattered around grass roots and clog the lawn, thereby hindering its growth. Thus, bald patches may form on the lawn. More in addition, if there is an excess of mulch, felt can accumulate, which will interfere with the normal growth of grass. To to clean the lawn, you have to constantly rake over it.

Scheme of lateral ejection of grassSide discharge pattern herbs

Side discharge. If mowing grass necessary on the sidelines, this is a very useful addition to The mower you have chosen.

Front and rear wheel drive. gas mower, pay attention to drive availability. ABOUT advantages and disadvantages of self-propelled lawnmowers with front and rear-wheel drive, we have said above. Therefore, each for himself decides which model he chooses.

Cutting height adjusterHeight adjuster mowing

Cutting height adjuster. the function will be useful in cases where you have to mow different types of lawn. Height adjustment is very fast. If you want your lawn to have the same mowing height, then the regulator is fixed in one place. If so then no sense to overpay money for this function.

Also pay attention to the diameter of the wheels. The more he will be the easier it will be to move the mower around the lawn. Separately pay attention to the quality of the knives. They should always be sharp, so the grass will look much healthier and have natural green color. If you will mow the lawn with fishing line or cable, the quality of the mowing will vary significantly. Choosing one or another model, pay attention to the cutting width. Can pre-divide the section by width so that you can find out how many times you need to go through the site for the entire process mowing.

The area of ​​the lawn and the width of the lawn mowerLawn area and lawn mower width

If you have already bought a lawn mower, we will be glad to know your experience work with one or another model. Leave your comments at the end this article.

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