How to change the switch?

Lighting switches do not fail as often as sockets, although operated several times a day. Usually term circuit breaker service is 8-10 years. Faulty circuit breakers can be divided into subcategories: mechanical malfunctions and electric. The first are associated with abrasion of parts, breaking of springs and plastic elements, means of attachment to the socket box. The second – with the burning and destruction of contacts, relaxing electrical clamps. If the breakdown fails to eliminate, a decision should be made to replace the entire product.


  1. Varieties of light switches
  2. Single-key light switch
  3. Two-key light switch
  4. Three-key light switch
  5. Combination switch
  6. Replacing a failed light switch

Varieties of light switches

The switch can be single-key and control one a lamp. If it is two-key, then two options are possible: either two light devices are installed in the product, installed in different premises (toilet, bathroom), or in a multi-lamp fixture Separately controlled by two groups of lamps, such as a chandelier. Also there are more complex three-key switches and Combined switch blocks with socket.

Single-key light switch

single-keysingle-keysingle key switch

Two-key light switch

two-gang switchtwo-gang switchtwo-key switch

Three-key light switch

three-key switchthree-key switchthree-key switch

Combination switch

combination unit - switch plus socketcombination unit - switch plus socketcombination unit – switch plus socket

Replacing a failed light switch

circuit breaker replacementcircuit breaker replacementcircuit breaker replacement

Repairing or replacing a circuit breaker is most qualified and safely carried out by an electrician authorized to electrical work. In any case, the room where It is supposed to replace the installation product, should be de-energized. Disassembly of the old-style switches by unscrewing the fastener holding the protective cover. At new European products, first of all, it is necessary to separate the key to the case, using a screwdriver inserted in the middle part of the side clearance.

After visual inspection, determine which side (top or bottom) wires are suitable for current-carrying clamps. To not have unnecessary problems, the new switch should have a similar design. It may vary in that the terminals will be located on a different parties to reach which wires would not be possible due to insufficient length. The product will have to be installed in upside down, and from this the usual standard will change inclusion. To turn on the light, you will need to click on the bottom keys and vice versa. Through the light conductors flow not large currents, so if you want to leave the usual standard: lighting on / off is possible using spring terminals build up wires that easily fit in the box along with switch.

How to change the light switchHow to change the light switchHow to change the light switch

For a single-key switch, there will be no difference how connect the wires. The two-key and three-key options have one the wire should be common (supply), and the rest will be powered matching lights. For three-key switch you will need a four-wire conductor. Common wire (supply) cannot be changed with other conductors, otherwise the switch will not work correctly. In addition, the common (supply) wire must be phase. That is, all the switches in the house should work on the gap is not the neutral conductor, but the phase of the mains voltage. IN otherwise, replacing a person’s light bulb may strike when touched at the same time, for example, a riser hot or cold water, even if the switch is turned off. For complete safety during lamp replacement or lamp repair, will properly de-energize the line using automatic circuit breaker in the electrical panel.

circuit breaker replacementcircuit breaker replacementcircuit breaker replacement

Checking for the correct connection of the phase to electrical installations a specialist can do it using a screwdriver indicator or using a multimeter.

switch - power supply controlswitch - power supply controlswitch – power monitoring

Dismantling a faulty switch is done by relaxing fixing clips and removing it from the box. If you want to, strip the ends of the wiring and isolate hazardous locations. New product install in the reverse order, fixing the necessary fasteners elements. After applying voltage, check the accuracy of operation products, correct switching.

light switchlight switchlight switch

Replacing a failed electrical switch is not more difficult, than an outlet. Lighting supply lines in apartment wiring have a lower maximum current value, made of thinner wire, approximately 1.0-1.5 mm in diameter. This is enough to power a large chandelier in a hall having 5 bulbs with a power of 75 W each, and even more so a 100-watt lamp in the hallway or in the kitchen. If the house is used energy-saving lamps, then the load on the lighting wiring will be even smaller.

checking the correct switching of the circuit breakerchecking the correct switching of the circuit breakerchecking the correct switching of the circuit breaker

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