How to build a summer kitchen with your own hands

How to build a summer kitchen Table of contents:

  • 1 Kitchen variations
  • 2 Where to build
  • 3 Open kitchen
  • 4 Closed
  • 4.1 Foundation
  • 4.2 Wall construction
  • 4.3 Roofing
  • 5 videos
  • 6 Photos
  • 7 Schemes

Cooking is an integral part of our lives. Therefore, for this process it is necessary to create comfortable conditions. For example, imagine how hard it is to cook food in a roast time, especially if a big reception is approaching. To facilitate this process, the kitchen can be moved to the street. Option equipping a summer kitchen is a great solution to give the process of cooking, as well as making it more enjoyable. If you are looking for original solutions, then from this articles learn how to build a summer kitchen with your own hands. we We suggest that you consider open and closed kitchen.

Kitchen variations

Variations of kitchens

First of all, consider kitchen options. Remember that that such a construction is done once and for a long time, therefore, to the choice Designs come up carefully. After all, if some defect in it will be possible to fix the work, then to change the design, form and Sized kitchens will be an expensive pleasure.

Summer kitchen can be frame. Advantage of this construction – speed, simplicity, and quality. Although at the core the construction is a wooden frame, it can be combined with all kinds of finishes, siding, masonry and even a log house. Unlike use of brick or cinder block, the total cost of construction will be much cheaper.

When designing, connect your imagination. Also to help you The photo gallery at the end of this article can help.

Where to build

Where to build

Another nuance that should be considered when building a summer kitchens – location. Perhaps you decide to build it not far from the main kitchen. This has its advantages, especially if there will be no additional kitchen communications. Moreover, you have to find a lot of meters if you will need to take some dishes, but what if you forgot something. These nuances should definitely be considered when choosing a place.

Another important factor is the choice of a comfortable place. Observe where you most often have shadows on your site. After all, if to build a summer kitchen in the sun, then the desired effect you do not reach. Therefore, choose the appropriate place.

In some cases, the restriction may impose a supply communications. If it will be necessary to let the sewers water supply, electricity, etc., then the location of the building must be appropriate. If the kitchen is far from home, then you have to spend money for laying pipes or cable.

There is also an option to extend the kitchen to the house. In such In case it can be made closed and use it all year round.

Summer kitchen with the necessary communicationsSummer kitchen with necessary communications

To summarize, the chosen place should be convenient for location, as well as harmoniously fit into the exterior of the house. The building itself should not impede movement or create difficulties for carrying out certain communications. In all of this, Drafting or blueprints will help you. You can view them in the drawings section at the end of this article.

Open kitchen

Open kitchen

The term open kitchen means installing a canopy and located below it is necessary inventory. Construction process It is very simple and consists of several main stages:

  1. The construction of the canopy. There are many materials from which You can make a canopy, for example, from polycarbonate, metal, wood. IN in any case, it is necessary to concrete the pillars of the support on which installed roof. Pillars can be made of metal pipes and lined with brick under the lining. When the pillars are installed, jumper beams are laid on top. After the crate is laid and roofing material is attached. The easiest option is to build pent roof. You can use ondulin for its flooring, slate, metal tile, polycarbonate, etc.
  2. After that, you need to do the arrangement of the site, located under the canopy. It can be concreted, laid out paving slabs, make it of wood. Before starting work, Decide which communications will be brought to the kitchen. Perhaps some of them can be laid underground, so in the first thing to do is work.
  3. When the base is ready, it remains to complete the furniture and decoration. Be sure to take care of the availability of necessary shelves and cabinets, if you plan to store part of the inventory on summer kitchen.

Very often in combination with an open summer kitchen, a brazier, barbecue or a stove is arranged. It will allow You cook delicious dishes on the fire.



If the open summer kitchen can be used in the warm season year then closed year round. Similar capital construction can be made of different building materials. If the construction will be carried out by frame technology, then the pillars supports are installed in small increments. After that, on both sides they are sewn up with boards. Between them you need to lay a heat-insulating material by filling the void between the boards with mineral wool or polystyrene foam. From the inside, in order to save, you can sheathe sheets OSB, DVP or GVL.

As for the foundation, there is also a choice. It may be tape or columnar. It is such a foundation device will be suitable for frame construction.

You can build a closed kitchen using foam blocks, aerated concrete, brick, cinder block and the like. Each building material has its own masonry technology. We offer you, familiarize yourself with the basic principles of construction.



The type of foundation depends entirely on the chosen project. If the walls will be laid out of brick, then the foundation should be durable and recessed. If foam blocks or gas blocks, then enough will build shallow. Moreover, the choice affects nature of the soil.

The following is a series of materials on different technologies. foundation construction:

  • foundation construction on planting soil.
  • construction in the swamp.
  • construction of a strip foundation.
  • construction of a shallow foundation.

Wall construction

Wall construction

As a material for the walls can be very different construction material. It can be aerated concrete, stone, brick, tree and the like. Wall construction required consider the location of doors, windows. Moreover, consider location and wiring of communications, such as ventilation, water supply, sewerage.



As for the roof, it can be single-handed or gable. Each of them has its own characteristics. For instance, Sling is a simple design. For her manufacturing will require not many materials. Gable the design is more complex, its manufacture requires special skills.

In conclusion, it remains to produce interior decoration. On the floor You can put laminate flooring, decking, tiles. If the walls are made of wood, then they should be varnished. Do not hide the unique wood structure for a different finish.

So, we learned with you the features of how to make summer kitchen in the country on their own. If you have fresh ideas, then write to us and our readers at the end of this article.


A photo

Bar counter in the summer kitchenBar counter at summer the kitchen

Country styleCountry style

Well-lit kitchenWell lit kitchen

Summer kitchen in the backyardSummer kitchen in the back the yard

Summer kitchen with barbecueSummer kitchen with barbecue

Equipped with modern equipmentEquipped with modern equipment

With comfortable furnitureWith comfortable furniture

With a verandaWith veranda

In the rustic styleRustic style

Arrangement of wooden summer kitchenArrangement wooden summer kitchen

Original summer kitchenOriginal summer kitchen

Open designOpen construction

Summer kitchen made of glassGlass summer kitchen

Art Nouveau styleArt Nouveau style


Drawing of a rectangular summer kitchenDrawing rectangular summer kitchen

Summer kitchenSummer kitchen

Drawing of a small kitchenDrawing of a small kitchen

Project of a summer kitchen with a garageSummer kitchen project with a garage

Scheme frame summer kitchenSummer frame diagram the kitchen

Scheme of summer kitchen and garageScheme of summer kitchen and the garage

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