How to build a barrel bath

Bath barrel Table of contents:

  • 1 How the barrel bath is arranged
  • 2 Why bath barrel?
  • 3 Materials and components
  • 4 Stage 1 – preparation of the foundation
  • 5 Stage 2 – assembly of the end walls
  • 6 Stage 3 – assembly of the frame
  • 7 Stage 4 – internal work
  • 8 Step 5 – roofing
  • 9 videos
  • 10 Photos
  • 11 Schemes and drawings

The Russian people love to bathe and can think of everything so that and save money, and the construction did not take up much space on the site, and to transport it was possible with you. It’s about a barrel bath, which is gaining more and more popularity thanks to its characteristics and design. According to many owners, such The design is comfortable, economical, beautiful and mobile. There is only one caveat – a finished bath in the market can be bought for 200-250 thousand rubles. The price is decent, but all costs can be reduced, because such a structure is built easier and faster than structures of a similar destination of cinder block or brick. You need to spend only on material and stove. If you are a layman, this article will help you learn how to build such an unusual structure.

How is the barrel bath

The device of the bathBath device

What is such a bath? Most likely you submitted ordinary wooden barrel. And you will be right because the design looks like a barrel lying on its side. Its height, and therefore diameter, ranges from 2 to 3 m, depending on desire the developer. The length is also chosen according to your needs. If you have a big family, or you want to bathe with by your friends, the length can reach 6 m. And when you need to steam it 2-4 people, 3 or 4 m will be enough.

Such a bath can consist not only of the steam room. Her often equipped with a washing room, shower, lounge, veranda or locker room. Outside these sections will not be visible, separation construction occurs inside, due to additional partitions. If there is a washing room, be sure to bring water supply and sewerage.

The material from which such baths are made is wood. But not each wood species is suitable for such work. To provide comfort, it is important to immediately decide which wood to choose and how build out of it. After all, if an ordinary bath can be made of what anything, and inside sheathe wood or other environmentally friendly material, then this design has material both inside and outside will be the same. For example, you cannot use conifers. The resin that is inside the tree will stand out actively. Heated resin can even burn your skin.

The only kind of conifer that is suitable for construction – cedar. Its wellness and aromatherapy properties have a beneficial effect on human health. Also cedar resistant to moisture and various microorganisms, does not deform, does not shrinks and does not crack under the influence of temperatures. A a variety of textured patterns and shades is important for aesthetic design clearance.

When choosing a tree, they often stop on oak, which known for its strength and hardness of structure. Such a bath will be serve you for many years. Linden is another breed that is often use. Vapors of linden have a beneficial effect on the skin, rejuvenating it, and the building itself will quickly warm up and keep warm.

A budget option can be called aspen construction. Her properties are very similar to those of linden, only aspen publishes bitter smell and less durable.

Why bath barrel?

Bath on wheelsBathhouse on wheels

This question may arise immediately. After all, you can do the usual a bathhouse made of wood or brick, as everyone does. But such a design has a number of advantages, thanks to which it is very popular.

Advantages of this option:

  1. Compactness. Due to its design, such an engineering creation can be placed on almost any site. After all often the average bath is only 8-10 m2, which useful for owners of small plots. But with all this, the internal space is used to the maximum, and in such a steam room can fit six people.
  2. Mobility. If you need to move, or you sell your summer cottage or house, just take it with you. Its easy transported to another place in a truck, and if it is small, then can be adapted for its transport trailer car. A all due to the fact that it does not have a rigid connection with the foundation, and just mounted on its surface. You can also do this bath on wheels.
  3. The rate of heating the room. Since the structure has no corners, it warms up quickly. Many experts agree that it takes 20% of the total time to warm up the corners. With a barrel of such there will be no loss of time. In the summer, you can heat up to 100ºC for 30–40 minutes in winter for 1 hour.
  4. Profitability. To build a regular bath you need much more money, while this one will cost you much less but it should be noted that its capacity is from 3 to 6 people.
  5. There is no need for a capital foundation, as due to its light weight, it is simply not needed.
  6. Unusual and modern design. Shape and appearance of the structure attract attention. In addition, psychologists have proved that rounded forms contribute to relaxation.
  7. Easy service. No dirt accumulates in the corners, just because there are none, and the area is small, so clean will have less.
  8. The effect of a thermos. It provides thoughtful thermal insulation and the form. Thanks to this, you can save on fuel and electricity. According to experts, the round shape helps spend 23% less resources than a simple bath.

As you can see, the merits are enough. Therefore, analyzing them and their opportunities, most developers choose this option. If you read this article, then you are also convinced practicality of this form.

Materials and components

Preparations for the construction of the bathBlanks for building a bath

The first thing you need to decide on the material from which to make bath, as well as with its design. To have an idea of future construction, you can look at various drawings and plans, to choose the one you like. It should be all data are indicated: length, width, diameter, etc. Then, based on sizes, you need to prepare the following material:

  • Grooved boards 90 mm wide and 45 mm thick. Length It is selected depending on the size of the structure. Do not take boards with a larger width, since in the future when laying them it will be difficult dock on a round surface.
  • Edged boards 200 mm wide and 50 mm thick.
  • Window and wooden blocks.
  • Canopy.
  • Coupling metal hoops.
  • Wood, electric stove or stove.

Before performing work, all wooden elements must be covered antiseptic, so that the tree does not rot, and it does not start microorganisms, mold and fungus.

Due to the round shape of the bath, the wood needs to be prepared and to cut out. And to connect the boards to each other will be a spike in the groove. If you do not have the appropriate equipment to do it is better to order such processing from specialists. Just show to them drawings with dimensions so that they cut everything as it should. And so save material, time and effort, you can get ready-made a set of materials that will only have to be assembled and installed, but it will cost a lot more. When you have prepared everything, you can proceed to construction.

Stage 1 – preparation of the foundation

Creating the base of the bath barrelCreating the base of the bath barrels

As already mentioned, you do not need to dig a pit and fill the foundation. It is enough to install it on a flat surface so as to exclude tree contact with soil. To prepare such a site is quite simply, if you tamp and level the area and cover it with gravel or gravel.

The basis for such a bath can be made of floor slabs.

If there is no such flat area, you can make the base of concrete. To do this, remove the topsoil, with a depth of 15–20 cm. Install the formwork, pour sand into the base, making a pillow 5-10 cm, and tamp it. Then lay the fittings and fill everything concrete. After 3 weeks, you can collect the bath, just then the solution will fully get stronger.

Now you need to make a wooden base. From edged boards 200 mm wide transverse parts will be made. If you decide cut them yourself, then cut a rounded notch in them, repeating the contours of the barrel. To keep everything smooth, use a pattern as a sample. Cut the workpiece should be no more than half the width, i.e. 100 mm. The number of such boards is determined by the length of the bath. As professionals advise, you need to install them in increments of 1–1.5 m

For reliability, the transverse parts can be connected by boards, which are screwed along the mortgage boards with wood screws.

Stage 2 – assembly of the end walls

Assembly of end wallsEnd assembly partitions

Now you need to assemble the end walls. Their height and The circumference depends on your plan. Put together prepared boards, pressing them close to each other on a flat surface. To fasten them, use the transverse bars. Lock each board with screws to the transverse beam. Also do not forget about the openings. Indeed, in the partitions there should be doors and windows in the right places. Therefore, when fastening the transverse bars, pay attention to so that they do not interfere with the installation of window and door blocks. After Once the desired number of partitions is assembled, you can go to the next step.

Stage 3 – frame assembly

Frame AssemblyFrame assembly

Next, lay mortgage boards on the prepared base. All elements are connected in a spike-groove manner.

Planks cut in advance to the desired size are laid to the bottom. Fasten them in the required circle until it is sufficient to install end walls. Boards need nail to the base or fasten with screws.

Once this height is gained, install the end walls to the right places and continue to assemble the structure, securing the boards around the partitions. Each board needs to be nailed or screw with screws to the end of the partition.

To simplify the task of installing partitions on the inside the side of the mortgage boards, where the partitions will be installed, need cut out grooves whose width is equal to the width of the partition. Then Installing it will be much easier and faster.

The barrel is pulled together with clampsThe barrel is tightened with clamps

After you have laid the last board, you must provide structural rigidity. To do this, tightly tighten the barrel with iron hoops. To connect the ends of the hoop, use the iron clamps. After a long life when the tree is a little will dry out, the clamps need to be tightened so that the cracks are minimal.

Stage 4 – Interior Work

Interior decoration of the bathInterior decoration

It’s time to do the interior design of your bath. Work there is no less, since we still have to make a floor, shelves, put a drain, prepare a place for the stove, etc. But now everything is in order.

  1. The first step is to bring down the shelves and install them inside. It is recommended to collect them from aspen or linden.
  2. After that, start installing the floor, which will also be made of wood. Floor should be at a small angle in side of the drain, then the water will not be forced. To provide air circulation, the floor can be made in the form of a wooden grill, so that the distance between the boards is at least 1 cm. Then your feet will not freeze and will be dry, as all the water will be to flow freely.
  3. Take care of the water drainage system. Where to take it depends from you. If the site already has a sewage system, you need to organize the flow of water through pipes into the sewer and put a siphon, so that in the process of bathing procedures do not inhale an unpleasant odor. Another option is to dig a drain hole, where it will drain water.
  4. If you want to equip the bath with electrical wiring, do it need at the assembly stage. In this case, ordinary wires do not will do. Need to purchase a special wire in non-combustible insulation and fixtures that are designed for saunas.
  5. When you have plans to soar only in the summer, then do not warm necessary. But if you have a great desire soared all year round, a bath need to be insulated with roll material. Additionally necessary lay a vapor barrier and finish the room.
  6. Remember to install the doors and windows in the right places.
  7. The most important element of the inside is the stove – key element. You need to choose which stove to buy – an electric stone stove or a small wood-burning stove. Here already choose from your own preferences. Install the stove in the last section where the steam room will be. The place where she will stand it is important to protect. Walls, floor and ceiling near the stove should be covered refractory material such as tiles or metal screen. If your stove is wood burning, you need to make a place in the ceiling for the chimney.

Now your bath is almost ready. In general, you can already exploit her. To protect against rainfall, it remains only to do the roof.

Stage 5 – roofing

Installation of the roofRoof installation

The final stage to be completed is to make a roof. There are several options:

  • simple rafter system with a gable roof;
  • soft roof (bituminous tile or roofing material).

The soft roof is mounted directly on top. But before installing the barrel you need to cover with waterproofing material to water did not penetrate the boards. After that, you can lay the roofing material. To make a rafter system, you need to prepare wooden beam with a section of 50 × 50 mm and make the frame, and roofing the material will be metal tile or corrugated board.

The last thing to do is process inside and out linseed oil or a special composition for baths. That’s all the work is ending.

Bath barrel on the siteBath barrel on the site

It will take several days for all the work, but the bath barrel will be long to please you, your family and friends. Staying in the steam room beneficial for blood vessels, nervous system and respiratory tract. Besides Moreover, such treatment is not only useful, but also pleasant!

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A photo

Such a bath can be installed anywhereSuch a bath can install anywhere

The stove in the bathStove in the bath

Mini bath on the siteMini bath on the site

Bathhouse by the poolBathhouse by the pool

Bath between the trees in the gardenBath between the trees in the garden

Bath barrel fits into the designBath barrel fits into design

Two baths on one siteTwo baths on one plot

Bath barrel on the pierBath barrel on the pier

Schemes and drawings

Device baths barrels with a showerThe device baths barrels with shower

Drawing of the bath 2.5-5 mDrawing of the bath 2.5-5 m

Drawing baths barrels 5-2.4 mDrawing baths barrels 5-2.4 m

Drawing 5679-2040Drawing 5679-2040

Drawing 3529-2040Drawing 3529-2040

Drawing 3000-2500Drawing 3000-2500

Bath 5-2.5 mBath 5-2.5 m

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