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  • 1 Methods for removing air jams
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  • 3 with aluminum batteries
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During the operation of heating systems often arise situations when normal battery operation is interrupted by the reason for the formation of air jams in them. To undesirable the consequences of such a violation should include the appearance of outsiders noise in radiators, as well as a sharp deterioration in the quality of heating. IN article we will tell you how to bleed air from a heating battery in apartment without assistance.

Before starting work, it is advisable to deal with the reasons formation of traffic jams, which are most often explained by defects radiator designs or their improper operation. Only after their elimination it will be possible to proceed to the immediate removing air from the system.

Ways to remove air jams

Removal through the expansion tankDelete through expansion tank

Choosing a method for bleeding air from the heating system determined by the type of coolant circulation in the batteries you are dealing (natural or forced). With natural coolant circulation air accumulating in the upper wiring pipes, it is easily removed through the expansion tank installed in the highest point of the system.

In systems with forced circulation at the top of the wiring a small air intake designed specifically to remove traffic jams. It is only possible to release air from such a system in the case when the feed pipe is laid with a slight rise in the side of the coolant; while rising along with air plugs are removed through special valves, installed at the highest point.

ReturnReturn slope

With any method of circulation, the return pipe branch (so called “return”) should be laid with a slight slope in side of the drain, which allows you to quickly drain if necessary media from the system.

Types of bleeding mechanisms

BatteryBattery valve

Known mechanisms used to bleed air from heating systems, it is customary to divide into manual and automatic. Hand tools (or Mayevsky cranes) are small dimensions and are installed, as a rule, on the end cut radiator. Tap control for air bleeding carried out using a special key, a simple screwdriver, and sometimes by hand.

You can use a flat screwdriverCan be used flat screwdriver

Air bleeding using a Maevsky crane should produced after the coolant has completely cooled in the system (i.e. e. when the batteries are cold). Due to their small size, appliances Mayevsky are not distinguished by high performance and are used usually only for local troubleshooting.


Automatic air vents are used in systems closed heating and work without direct involvement person. Featuring high performance, they are pretty sensitive to the content of impurities in the coolant and mounted together with the filters installed both on the giving, and on return branch of the heating system.

To increase the efficiency of automatic bleeding systems, they are made multi-stage, which provides an opportunity separate air discharge in each group of devices. In that case, if the pipes are mounted with a slight slope in the direction water movement – air descent in them is accompanied by increased coolant flow, which leads, as a rule, to a gradual increase pressure in the system.

With aluminum batteries

Air releaseAir bleed

Now many people began to install in houses and apartments aluminum batteries, therefore, quite reasonable the question is how to lower the air. There are also no difficulties will occur, since in most cases the battery is already installed familiar to us Maevsky crane, so the process of bleeding air happens exactly the same as with cast iron batteries.

We also note that a decrease in pressure in the pipes is a sign leakage of the system, and the appearance of a noticeable difference temperature indicates the presence of air jams in radiators.


An example of work to remove an airlock:

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