How to attach an extension to a box

How to fix the extension to the box Table of contents:

  • 1 door frames
  • 2 Selection of add-ons
  • 3 Installing extensions with a groove
  • 4 Installing extensions without groove
  • 5 Benefits of Using Extras
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When installing door frames, it is often necessary something to close the rest of the slope. Most often for these purposes used “extras”, which can be purchased with the door cloths and platbands. However, in most cases, such additional elements require adjustment, since fixing the additional to the box should be as tight as possible, and always strictly according to the size of the visible parts of the slope.

Door frames

Installation of an extensionInstallation of the extension

There are two options for door frames, which are usually attached extras:

  • with a groove for him
  • no groove.

In the first case, the additional element is inserted into the groove of the box of one (long) side, while the second side is unattached.

In the second option, the extension will need to be fixed to the slope, without fixing to the door frame.

Selection of add-ons

Types of add-onsTypes of extensions

Extras are planks made of laminated MDF. Color these items usually matches the color of the door frame and platbands. But if you wish, you can always buy additional different colors, if this option is more suitable for design your premises.

Do not forget that the extras close the slopes on three sides – from above and from two sides. In this case, it is desirable that the upper extension be longer than the width of the door, and vertical extensions rested against it under right angle.

The various width of the extensions allows you to choose them for slopes almost any width. The main thing is that the additional element is not turned out to be already than necessary. If you can’t select the exact option in size, it can be trimmed. For this, it is recommended to contact in furniture workshops, as additionally follows order there also a sticker of an edge tape on one or two ends good.

Installing extensions with a groove

Door frame with a grooveDoor frame with groove

First we’ll look at how to attach the extensions to the door, if at the door Boxes have a special groove:

  1. Install and secure the door frame in the opening. You can even to hang a door – this will not affect the installation of additional elements.
  2. Cut the lengths to the required size.
  3. Measure the distance from the outer edge of the wall (on the slope side) to the door frame in at least three places. If these distances do not match, then the extension will have to be cut in the furniture workshop. At the end of the extension, to which the platband will be attached, in the same place stick on the edge tape.
  4. Insert the extensions into the grooves of the door frame: first, the top horizontal, then lateral vertical. Extras must located strictly at an angle of 90 degrees to the plane of the door boxes.
  5. Check their horizontal and vertical.
  6. Stick masking tape in 4-5 places along the length of the extension so way to use it to fix it in the right position.
  7. Fill the space between the wall and by extension.
  8. Wait for the foam to harden, cut off the speakers surplus.
  9. Attach the platbands.

Installation of grooves without groove

MountedMounted Extras

After installing the door in the doorway, you must measure the remaining unclosed part of the wall (slopes). If you have to dobory trim along the long side, then do it better also in furniture workshop. In the same place, order the sticker of the edge tape with two ends of the extensions (and from the side adjacent to the door frame, and from the platbands).

If the slopes are not plastered, then install the extension as follows way: take a wooden plank or a small bar and attach it to the slopes so that from above on this bar it was possible to consolidate the extension, while maintaining its verticality (horizontality – for the upper extension) and the right angle between it and door frame.

With even plaster slopes, you can do without additional wooden plank, provided that between the extension and the wall does not need to leave any space.

Installing the top extensionInstalling the top extension

  1. Attach an extension to the bar.
  2. Fill the remaining space between the wall with foam. and by extension. To freeze foam faster, spray it with water.
  3. Cut off excess hardened foam.
  4. Fasten platbands.

Benefits of Using Extras


As you can see, the technology of fixing add-ons allows you to avoid such a tedious procedure as plastering slopes. A properly selected additional element makes the slope even and beautiful no matter how bad the slope looked before by this. However, if the space between the extension and the wall exceeds 3-4 centimeters, it’s better to additionally fix the extension using small wooden bars bolted to the wall.

In cases where you do not have the opportunity to use factory extras, you can make their man-made “analog” of laminate or MDF panels. Such a solution will allow “diverging” slopes (located not at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the door frame).


Useful installation instructions:

Below you can see how dobors are installed:

Below you can see how dobors are installed:

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