How to attach a baseboard to a countertop

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When arranging kitchen furniture along the walls in their places contacts usually form gaps, which can be hidden only with the help of special skirting boards that provide smooth transition from walls to countertops. Such items are most often are made in the form of a prefabricated structure consisting of a strap and guide fixed to the furniture base. Attach baseboard – it means to fix a decorative level on previously fixed guide.

Channelless kitchen baseboardChannelless kitchen skirting board

Installing such a kitchen skirting board will allow you to realize following features:

  • protect furniture elements from water entering the joints with a wall;
  • hide all irregularities of joined surfaces;
  • use the cavity as a cable channel for laying electrical wiring.

Kitchen baseboard for laying wiresKitchen baseboard for laying wires

The last opportunity will allow you to reliably hide electrical wires to outlets and provide easy access to him.

Since the baseboard is also a transitional element, then pay special attention to its color scheme, which should match the color of the walls and countertops.


Installation FeaturesInstallation Features

Before starting installation work, it is necessary to calculate in advance the length of the strip used to close the gap along its entire length. Many users, based on their own experience, recommend purchase this consumable with some margin.

As for fixing the baseboard, in addition to the one we examined how to install it on the guide, the following are possible options:

  • the use of nails or screws;
  • “rigid” installation on glue.

Aluminum kitchen baseboardAluminum kitchen skirting board

Self-tapping screws are used only in those rare cases when installed products are made of materials other than from plastic. The reason is that when you use them, you can easily may damage the mounted plastic workpiece. Well, “tough” glued skirting board makes it difficult to replace if necessary Updates of a decorative level.

In the case when regular reinstallation is supposed (for cleaning or replacing dirt, for example), then you are best off use the previously mentioned construction with a central guide and decorative strip.

Mounting Procedure

Kitchen skirting board from plank and railKitchen baseboard from the bar and the guide

Let’s get acquainted with the general procedure for installing a prefabricated skirting board, produced, as a rule, in the following sequence:

  1. Before starting installation, in the kitchen, take accurate measurements of all prefabricated workpieces pre-assembled and Decide on the number of plugs and corners to install.
  2. Prepare the joint (having cleaned it from dust and dirt before), and then degrease the joints.
  3. Now you can take the plastic base and glue both its surface, abutment. Latch-on trim set aside for a while. You can also lubricate with glue appropriate sections of the wall and countertops.
  4. After that, the base of the baseboard is pressed against the gap in the zone sealing and fixed in this state for a time which usually indicated in the instructions for use of adhesive composition.
  5. Immediately after this, accurate measurements of the length of the invoice panels taking into account the fact that it should start about 5 millimeters to the corners.
  6. Based on the foregoing, cut off the decorative blank, and after putting it under the corner, click, gently pushing on her.
  7. Repeat these operations for all strips and install in place end caps (on both sides).


The following video presents a variety of shapes of aluminum Skirting boards for countertops:

And it looks like an installed baseboard with a guide:

A photo

Narrow aluminum baseboardNarrow aluminum skirting board

For kitchenFor kitchen

Features of kitchen skirting boardsKitchen Features skirting boards

Kitchen set with aluminum baseboardKitchen headset with aluminum baseboard

Aluminum skirting board attached to the countertopAluminum skirting board

Aluminum edging for kitchen countertopsAluminum edging for kitchen countertops

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