Hitachi circular (circular) saws: an overview lineup

Japanese sawing technology was originally associated with quality, reliability and durability. The circular is no exception. Hitachi saw, which successfully competes with similar products leading European brands.

The basis for the growing popularity of the brand saw range is this is the application of the latest manufacturing technologies, constant work on the improvement of products.


Hitachi circular saws are in demand in construction, furniture production, a significant part of the implementation of budget models accounted for by the private sector.


  • 1 Features of corporate functionality
  • 2 Comparative review of rating models
    • 2.1 Hitachi C6SS
    • 2.2 Hitachi C6U2
    • 2.3 Hitachi C7SS-NA
    • 2.4 Hitachi C7MFA
    • 2.5 Hitachi C9U3
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 4 Owner Reviews

Brand Features

Technically advanced developments in recent years provide for the use of modern technical equipment, expansion of functionality, increase of safety level at operation of models of professional and household level.

Hitachi branded mid-range circular saw range equipped with:

  • reliable electronic start and stop devices engine;
  • effective overload protection and stabilizer revolutions;
  • systems of local illumination and cleaning of the working area from wood dust.

Comparative review of rating models

Hitachi circular saws can work equally well on wood, polymer materials, and in the presence of replaceable equipment with copper, aluminum and other relatively soft metals. For productive work, it is enough to choose a model of the required power and drive with specified performance.

Hitachi C6SS

Hitachi C6SS

Hitachi C6SS Series Circular Saw Designed with taking into account the recommendations of modern ergonomics and industrial design. A manual tool with a value of 4200 rubles or more differs from similar models with improved traction and high efficiency full-time 1050 watt electric motor.

  • Saw blade with a diameter of 165 mm at angles 45 and 90 degrees, provides a cutting depth of 38 and 57, respectively mm
  • The tool with the minimum expenditure of time is tuned to execution of longitudinal, transverse, diagonal and angular cuts.
  • The use of lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloys allowed stabilize the weight of the saw at 3.2 kg.

Hitachi C6U2

Hitachi C6U2

Traction capabilities of 1100 watt circular household motor C6U2 series saws with a margin is enough for working with wood and plastic blanks up to 54 mm thick. 3.5 kg tool works with saw blades with a diameter of 165 mm, allowing with great accuracy to perform straight and angular cuts.

Die-cast aluminum base plate to enhance strength and corrosion resistance received a chrome coating, and handles – anti-slip rubber pads. There is a fitting for connecting a vacuum cleaner. The price of a circular saw in the range of 6800-7000 rubles.

Hitachi C7SS-NA


Hitachi lightweight and easy-to-use hand-held circular saw budget level 4700 rubles, equipped with powerful enough 1050-watt drive accelerating the saw blade with a diameter of 190 mm to a speed of 5500 rpm. Cutting depth under direct angle not less than 68 mm.

Lightweight alloy tool 3.5 kg is equipped with:

  • additional handle;
  • two protective covers;
  • device for the operational installation of the angle of cut.

Hitachi C7MFA

Hitachi C7MFA

The success of low-cost household circular saws initiated development of new models. The tool of the C7MFA series is improved in terms of increase reliability and increase the real resource loaded parts and assemblies.

In the new development, costing from 4800 rubles time-tested advantages of engine power are used 1050 watts:

  • saw blade with a diameter of 190 mm;
  • lightweight aluminum base;
  • possibilities of bilateral installation of guides.

Consumer Reviews Posted in the Information Field praised the appropriateness and effectiveness of design changes and improvements.

Hitachi C9U3

Hitachi C9U3

The operational capabilities of this model weighing 7.2 kg improved by increasing drive power up to 2000 watts and productivity of a branded disk cloth with a diameter of 235 mm. Cutting depth at an angle of 90 ° – up to 86 mm.

The design of the tool takes advantage of the proprietary electric brake Hitachi C9U3. Table saw professional class worth from 11,000 rubles finalized in plan design and safety of sawing work at different levels difficulties. It is possible to install a guide rail, a dust bag and an adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Advantages and disadvantages

The list of indisputable advantages of the entire model range Hitachi circular saws:

  • reference quality of the raw materials used;
  • meeting current standards reliability;
  • optimal ratio of weight and traction parameters electric drives;
  • build quality, eliminating the appearance of backlash in the joints on the entire length of the assigned work resource.

The characteristic shortcomings of the release models of past years are insufficiently hardening plastic sheath of the cord dust protection of the rear bearing, lack of soft start systems electric drive.

Owner reviews

Hitachi C6U2 saw blade has been in operation for three years. Despite the budget cost, the machine produces a resource without special problems. 1100-watt declared by the manufacturer drives for working with hard wood or viscous plastic sometimes insufficient, you have to take long breaks for its cooling. Price of a branded saw blade within 1/3 the cost of the entire tool, the same awkwardly expensive branded spare parts. Repair all Hitachi is not profitable, cheaper to buy another brand’s tool, especially since the choice is large and price available. Tolyan

Japanese saws respect for high quality and durability. I already the second owner of the HITACHI C7SS-NA model, which I bought from a neighbor after the construction of a country house. Tool in normal working condition and I hope that will serve more than one year. Lack of soft start and other electronic bells and whistles Compensated by a simple design, breaking almost nothing. Gennady Nikolaevich

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