Hitachi Chainsaws and Electric Saws: An Overview lineup

In a relatively short time petrol and electric equipment Hitachi brand began to compete successfully with a similar products of such well-known manufacturers as Makita, Calm and Husqvarna.

Hitachi Chainsaw

  • Hitachi household and professional chainsaws are equipped new generation power units with NewPureFire technology, giving a 20% increase in power and reducing the amount of toxic emissions by 50%.
  • The list of operational advantages can be noted the best-in-class Valbro carburetors the efficiency of two-stage air purification schemes.

Chainsaw brand products, different from the same type developments in the quality and durability of materials, high-precision assembly, modern design, perfect safety in operation.


  • 1 Design Features
  • 2 Chainsaws – An Overview
    • 2.1 Hitachi CS33EB
    • 2.2 Hitachi CS38EK
    • 2.3 Hitachi CS40EA
    • 2.4 Hitachi CS40EL
    • 2.5 Hitachi CS51EA
  • 3 Benefits of the electric sawmill assortment
  • 4 Operating parameters of high-demand electric saw models
    • 4.1 Hitachi CS35Y
    • 4.2 Hitachi CS40Y
  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 6 Owner Reviews

Design features

Hitachi’s compact and easy-to-operate chain saws different versions are equipped with:

  • a primer;
  • headset automatic lubrication system with adjustable oil pump;
  • reliable emergency stop brake and saw catcher chains.

The new generation chainsaws have successfully implemented the original technical solutions. In particular, horizontal arrangement cylinder allows you to raise the center of gravity, minimize gyroscopic moment, in new brand models it is planned increase real life by 500 hours.

Chainsaws – A Short Review

This section provides comparative information. most popular models.

Hitachi CS33EB

Hitachi CS33EB

Universal household saw medium power equipped carbureted engine with a cylinder volume of 32.2 cm3 with a capacity of 1.68 hp The tool is intended for the mechanization of chores a pile of wood dead wood with a diameter of up to 300 mm, logging, kronirovanie trees.

The length of a compact saw set 350 mm long defines the possibility of using chainsaws in construction and forest parks utilities.

The advantages of this model:

  • optimal combination of power and weight, work comfort high-performance operator;
  • easy access to adjustment points and gas stations capacities;
  • increased resource of component systems and assemblies;
  • the presence of an inertial brake switch emergency stops;
  • wardrobe trunks for transportation and storage.

Hitachi CS38EK

Hitachi CS38EK

Hitachi carburetor saws of this series have semi-professional status, although for a number of operating parameters identical to professional models. Dead weight tool up to 4 kg driven by 38 cc engine 2.4 h.p.

  • Features of a saw set with automatic lubrication system chains allow to saw wood with a diameter up to 300 mm
  • The saw is able to work for a large temporary interval, with short breaks for refueling.
  • Offline operation of the tool is provided by the stock fuels and oils in tanks of 400 and 260 ml.

The list of design features – widespread use durable and lightweight magnesium alloys, two-stage air purification Clean air and extended engine life. Lack of lung system start is compensated by the presence of a decompressor.

Hitachi CS40EA

Hitachi CS40EA

The technical base of the previous model served as the basis for create chainsaws series CS40EA. In the list of improvements – installation 40 cc ICE, 16-inch saw headset, lightweight system S-Start and a more efficient vibration damper.

In terms of technical and operational equipment, a new The semi-professional saw is identical to the CS38EK.

Hitachi CS40EL

Hitachi CS40EL

A professional tool that has no restrictions on duration of continuous work.

  • Regular, 43 cc engine, 2.86 hp characterized by stable traction and sufficient for Compensation of additional loads by rotational reserve moment.
  • Even with increased power, vibration and noise parameters are at a comfortable level.
  • The saw is equipped with a soft starter, wear-resistant 400 mm bus, winter-summer mode switch.

Hitachi CS51EA

Hitachi CS51EA

The brand new CS51EA series chainsaw brand has semi-professional functionality that allows you to use tool in construction and logging technologies.

In the design of this model 50 cc ergonomically fit in, 2500 watt motor equipped with modern devices trouble-free start-up, fuel-efficient fuel equipment and chain oil-controlled chain lubrication system mechanism.

In the list of operational features:

  • reduction in fuel consumption by an average of 30% and toxic exhaust connections are almost half;
  • successful implementation of new design and decorative decisions;
  • reduction of overall dimensions of the tool due to the original power drive layout and weight reduction of up to 5.1 kg.

The advantages of the electric sawmill range

The periodically updated official website of the company provides technical and operational parameters of the entire model range Hitachi saw equipment, which includes a section with overview of the characteristics of household electric saws.

The manufacturer pays attention to improving compact and reliable in work saws of a household class with an electric drive.

  • Simple in design and reliable in everyday use Hitachi power saw has no problems typical of chainsaws cold start, fuel equipment adjustment, maintenance and repair;
  • electric saw technology compares favorably with carburetor analogues, high efficiency of power units and economical content;
  • light weight, compact size, low noise and vibrations contribute to more comfortable working conditions.

Limited power tool range compensated by connecting to a fairly powerful mobile electric generator.

Performance Parameters of High Demand Electric Saw Models

Hitachi CS35Y

Hitachi CS35Y

An electric saw with a dead weight of 5.6 kg is activated longitudinally located electric motor with a power of 2000 watts. Length a 350mm headset is fully sufficient to carry economic and construction works.

The advantages of this model include:

  • efficient cooling and lubrication of the saw chain with integrated automation and pump with adjustable capacity;
  • toolless chain tension;
  • stability of revolutions during power surges and full overload protection;
  • availability of SoftStart soft start system.

Hitachi CS40Y

Hitachi CS40Y

Popular Hitachi CS40Y Series Chain Saw by Worker parameters identical to the CS35Y model. The tool is improved in terms of increase productivity and operational safety. Measures taken to extend the working resource, increased reliability of overload protection.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hitachi carburetor and electric chain saws in all relationships have proven themselves in private farming farms, logging and woodworking technologies different degrees of difficulty.

  • The popularity of the entire model range contributes to reasonable price, high reliability and long life accessories presented in the right range branded spare parts, motor and chain oils.
  • The instructions included with the kit help users. develop the right startup, maintenance, troubleshooting typical of a chainsaw technicians.
  • Using the recommendations in the instructions, the owner tool can repair or replace by itself defective parts.

Significant design flaws for all brand models Hitachi users not identified. Critical Reviews Initiate the high cost of spare parts and after-sales repairs in service centers. Before choosing, compare this manufacturer with Interskol chainsaws.

Owner reviews

Due to the imperfection of the Chinese assembly, many of my colleagues trust in the products of chainsaw fashion legislators disappears – Calm and Huskvarna companies. As a result of legitimate doubts, opted for the Japanese Hitachi CS40EA chainsaw. In track record The tool list has two years of flawless operation. Only the disadvantage is the lack of branded tires and saw chains. Accounted for select analogues in quality and durability, not inferior accessories for headsets. Ruslan

Our stores are crammed with budget chainsaw consumer goods Chinese assembly, so the result of a trip to the regional center was purchase of a 3-strong Japanese Hitachi chainsaw. This is truly modern machine, economical, easy to maintain and comfortable in work. The engine thrust is enough for quick cutting dense and even frozen wood. For trouble-free system operation chain lubricants at low temperatures, I advise you to fill winter oil or dilute with gasoline what is available. Farid

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