High-tech home safes: style, conciseness and luxury


Modern life is full of various events, sometimes risky. The risk of losing money, jewelry, documents and securities. Possible losses will be minimized. if you take advantage of one addition to your decor dwellings.


No matter how elegant, fashionable the interior, the house of a successful a person should be equipped with a reliable, loyal assistant – high-quality safe.

The world of safes is rich. Their technical characteristics are diverse, design, structural features. One of the important conditions for choosing – Compliance with the safe interior.

Safes for high-tech style

In the spacious surroundings of metal, glass, open beams, among an abundance of shine for chrome furniture elements, built-in shelves, complemented by original lighting, a home safe will fit organic and perfect. What is the interior of High Technology famous for?

  1. Quality materials (premium leather, eco-friendly plastic, chromed metal, tinted, matte, transparent glass).
  2. Reliable installation of elements.
  3. Extra strong fittings.

“High technologies” in the world of design dictate their conditions in the choice of environment: strict functionality, thorough ergonomics, priority of straight, uncomplicated lines and geometric shapes. What will be the ideal safes in such a the interior?



Embedded Models

One of the most popular safe modifications is secret guards, securely hidden from prying eyes in the walls. Safes such models do not violate the ergonomics of space – they support it, which is high-tech priority.

The main point in the arrangement of built-in safes is wall thickness. It limits the depth of the structure (taking into account 10 cm stock required during installation).

Important advantages of such models:

♦ Affordable price. Recessed side walls safes are made of thinner sheets of metal, which is essential reduces the cost. It should only be particularly durable frontal part.

♦ Increased reliability. Invisible safes practically impossible to detect by strangers, especially dismantle from walls and take to the street.


An important point for embedded Hi-Tech safes – selection decorative part-cover. Camouflage panel should be easy move away, do not interfere with access, do not catch the eye and ideally match the overall style.

As a rule, its role is played by any appropriate in the interior subject. It can be a photograph, a picture, or a clock.

You can successfully complement the high-tech style interior with a variety of built-in model – hidden (or furniture) safe. He is small size and successfully hiding in the bowels of furniture sets, secretaries and desks. This modification is very practical, easy to install and mobile (it can be easily installed in another location). But furniture safes are inferior in reliability to their built-in to colleagues.

Safe as a separate element of decor

Hi-tech is laconic and laconic. To complement the elegant, cold shine of the interior created from chrome, steel, glass and aluminum will be ideal freestanding safes in the classic performance.



Refractory steel of the highest quality, thickness from 2 mm, machined wear-resistant paint, special devices for reliable installation on a horizontal or vertical surface – such the safe will be optimal in a high-tech furniture set where corrugated and perforated metal sheets prevail.

The surface of safes does not have to have The usual gray color of steel. For high-tech interior powder can be used white, burgundy, khaki, camel (brown-red) and metallic.

High-tech allows bright, attractive attention is the only highlight that contrasts sharply among cold kingdom of metal. An accent spot may be a safe. Spectacular scarlet gloss adds nobility to the room.



Hardware handles of safes strictly metal, her dazzling brilliance brings purity, conciseness and practicality to everything the appearance of the Hi-Tech room.

Laconic, most comfortable furniture, upholstered in natural skin of dark shades, willingly accepts a keeper in its ranks values. Especially if its appearance completely repeats style of furniture sets. For this, safes additionally trimmed with leather of the same texture.




♦ Exclusive models. For rational The interior can pick up the original elite modifications. For example, a safety case made of laminated glass with built-in backlight. This model will perfectly complement the metal high-tech racks and racks with glass shelves. IN mostly elite safes are provided for storing weapons.

Current legislation has left no choice for owners weapons – for them having a home gun safe is duty.


As a rule, elite models are made of ebony, or solid wood of valuable species. For designs conceived under the hi-tech style, wood parts are painted or fitted with genuine leather. Additional external decoration with brass. Models themselves can be single or bivalve, corner, or freestanding.


The exclusiveness of elite models is that the external and the interior design of safes varies according to desire the customer. And sometimes it’s even impossible to guess that under the guise of a strict cabinet hides a powerful storage with ingenious locks, the secret of which only the owner knows.

Large selection of high-tech and non-safe models of safes only, as well as specialist advice awaits you STILSEIF online store: +7 (495) 764-35-50

Successful choice!

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