Furniture from pallets (photo): environmentally friendly and original

Furniture from pallets can be stylish and fashionable.

Furniture from pallets can be stylish and fashionable.

Furniture sets can sometimes be quite expensive, but There is an interesting alternative to this design method – furniture from freight pallets or pallets. Country and garden furniture from pallets has its own color, suitable for a suburban area. it unsurprisingly – wooden pallets are environmentally friendly product, and with the right approach to decor, you can create unique author’s furniture. Garden furniture and furniture for summer cottages pallets will create a special country style atmosphere or provence – depending on the design of wooden blocks.


  • How to make furniture from pallets
  • Selection and processing of materials
  • Garden furniture from pallets – examples

Beautiful bed of pallets

Beautiful bed made of pallets

How to make furniture from pallets

Furniture from cargo pallets (pallets) can be made in various options – sofas, tables, children’s desks, armchairs, shelves, racks, etc., depending on the imagination. The designs of such furniture are extremely simple – stacked on top of each other. pallets form a table, and if you attach rollers to a pallet, you can get a mobile coffee table. Therefore, deciding to do do-it-yourself furniture from pallets; you won’t need a lot of skills and effort.

Mobile coffee table from cargo pallets

Mobile coffee table with cargo pallets

Partition with built-in lamp from pallets

Partition with integrated palleted luminaire

The only condition is as the basis for a country or garden Furniture is worth choosing pallets of foreign manufacture. They are not will abound with protruding nails and they will not have to be diligently to grind.

A panel in the country style of pallets will add zest to the hallway

A country style panel made of pallets will add a highlight to the hallway

Bedside table made of pallets with drawers

Drawer with drawers

A clear plus when creating such headsets hands will be the fact that pallets are an assembled element, and they just need to be put together correctly. Pallets are made from wooden beams that can be painted, varnished and decorate with various elements or work with the texture surface.

Small things are easily placed in shelves from pallets

Small items easily fit in shelves from pallets

Writing pendant table

Writing pendant table

Advice! Buy the right pallets quantity is possible at any production or commercial an enterprise using pallets for transportation cargo.

Selection and processing of materials

Having set the goal to create your own designer headset, you need to decide – as? You can make furniture from pallets using the standard a set of tools – a hammer, nails, sandpaper. Some items will need to be bought – depending on the complexity of the work and general ideas. First you need to process the base. Solution putties cover the entire surface of the pallet.

A cabinet of pallets will harmoniously fit into the loft style

The pallet cabinet fits harmoniously into the loft style

White cabinet from pallets under the sink

White pedestal cabinet under the sink

After complete drying, material must be processed. sandpaper and apply the desired color to the surface. Better to prefer neutral colors that fit almost any decor – gray, black and white, brown and cream. Silver and gold will also look original. shades, giving homemade furniture headset

Beautiful furniture from pallets can be purchased at IKEA

Beautiful furniture from pallets can be purchased at IKEA

After complete drying, the paints begin to manufacture directly to the piece of furniture. For this, pallets are fastened nails, if necessary, you can attach additional parts – wheels or handles. Also, if necessary, the basis reinforced with additional pallets, which we connect into a single construction.

Deciding to make furniture from pallets with your own hands, you need remember that you should not limit yourself to fantasy – than the more original the headset is, the better. Made from pallets furniture for a summer residence sometimes does not even require putty and application on them paints. To achieve an authentic country look, you can simply sand the surface of the pallet with a grinder, apply a drying oil, give dry and then varnish.

Hanging bed of pallets in the garden

Hanging bed of pallets in the garden

Advice! Definitely needed treat with wood-special solutions that impede rotting wood. It can be all sorts of primers.

Pallets can be used as flower beds for garden flowers

Pallets can be used as flower beds for garden colors

A refined table of pallets in the hallway

An exquisite pallet table in the hallway

Garden furniture from pallets – examples

One of the simplest items of garden or country furniture from pallets are a bench. In addition to pallets and tools, you will need metal corners, wooden bars for legs, plywood or boards, and hinges. The sequence of actions is simple:

  • It is necessary to cut the pallets into two parts of different widths. More the wide part will become the seat, and the narrower – the back.

Garden sofa on castors from pallets

Garden sofa on castors with pallets

  • To the lower corners of the seat you need to attach the bars-legs. Fasten with screws and reinforce with metal corners.
  • Fasten the backrest to the top of the seat. Also using screws and metal corners. Additionally with loops You can attach a plywood sheet or board to the back, so that the resulting space was used to store things.

Furniture from pallets of rainbow colors

Furniture from rainbow colored pallets

You can make whole country corners of rest. For this need: 10 pallets, a sheet of plywood, foam rubber (or other filler) 10 cm thick, furniture fabric, screwdriver, hammer, stapler, nails, screws and staples. Followed by:

  • Take 3 pallets and arrange them in the shape of the letter “G”. Overlay on top of 3 pallets in the same way.
  • Put 3 pallets on the base of the resulting structure – this future back of a soft corner.
  • Fasten the back and seat with a sheet of plywood. Attach to the back foam rubber (or other filler) and cover it with furniture material.

Soft corner from pallets

Soft corner from pallets

  • Secure the material with a stapler. Last of all attach the legs to the base of the seat. For this, any whetstones.
  • The last pallet can be used as a table near soft corner.

A table made of pallets made by hand

Do-it-yourself pallet table

These are not all examples of furniture from cargo pallets. Such original headsets can be used not only for giving. Furniture sets from pallets are suitable for any ethnic style interior and give it an atmosphere of comfort.

Pallet chair with backrest and side supports

Pallet chair with backrest and side supports

A tabletop made of pallets - an economical option for a country bar table

Worktop from pallets – an economical option for a country bar table

Kitchen shelf made of pallets

Pallet kitchen shelf

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