Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling

Beautiful floor tiles

Stylish floor tiles

The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the house – it’s going to the whole family at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also this place is often used to receive guests. Therefore, it must be made cozy and functional at the same time. Think carefully about every detail. interior, given that in the kitchen you need to organize not only attractive appearance, but also maximum comfort. Not the last role in the arrangement is played by the flooring. From him quality depends on the safety of all family members and first of all directly to the hostess herself, who will spend a lot there time.


  • How to choose a tile?
  • Style
  • Materials
  • Stacking

Kitchen design in beige tones

Kitchen design in beige tones.

How to choose a tile?

When choosing a floor covering for the kitchen, consider the features of this rooms. The main thing is that this is where cooking takes place. Even the most tidy and attentive hosts cannot be ruled out food particles getting under your feet. Most processes involves the use of boiling water, which can also to spill. In this case, we must not forget that this place is created for eating, during which the floor is also contaminated, especially if there are children in the house.

Advice! It is necessary to consider the functionality of the kitchen, therefore A constant requirement is the cleanliness of the room. The main thing is to reduce the amount of dirt, dust and germs to a minimum, as they are major sources of bacteria and disease.

A bright pattern on the floor will help to dilute the plain interior

A bright pattern on the floor will help to dilute the plain interior

Tile with a contrasting pattern

Tile with a contrasting pattern

14 Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling

Many kitchen appliances, such as, for example, a hammer for chops, cast iron pans and others, quite heavy on weight. It is not superfluous to take into account the likelihood of them falling to the floor.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that gender in Ready-made should have the following advantages:

  1. moisture resistance;
  2. resistance to temperature extremes;
  3. strength;
  4. ease of care;
  5. resistance to sunlight;

Beautiful interior in modern style

Beautiful Art Nouveau interior

Comfortable bright armchairs

Comfortable bright armchairs

If the material has such properties, it will serve you for a long time. Tile is most suitable for these criteria.

Attention! The surface should not be slippery, especially if wet. This is what ensures safety in this room.

Spacious loft style kitchen

Spacious loft style kitchen


Important! Not the last role in organizing this space plays not only functionality, but also its aesthetic appearance. Important remember that a woman who spends a lot of time in the kitchen should feel cozy and comfortable, and no little things should distract her attention and annoy.

The same applies to other family members, who often look into the kitchen and it is here that they gather together for a meal. Therefore, it is better to work out every detail of the interior, including its lower part – floor It should be in harmony with others. elements. In this case, it is also better to give preference to the tile. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of products, from which every buyer can find for himself something suitable. Tiles vary in shape – they can be large or small squares and even rectangles.

The main difference between the design is the color scheme. Available for sale meet classic colors:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • brown.

A tile in the form of honeycombs looks very stylish

The tile in the form of honeycombs looks very impressive

Zoning space with different flooring

Zoning space with different floor coverings

Successful placement of the dining table near the window

Successful placement of the dining table near the window

Bright colors are no less popular. Background may be plain or have stains of a different shade. Can be found different types of ornaments and images. Also, manufacturers produce products imitating bricks, different types of wood and stones. The choice design corresponds to the style of the room.

Effective ceramic tiles with wood imitation

Imitation wood ceramic tile

Styling materials

If you decide to use tiles to decorate the kitchen floor, then in addition to it you will have to purchase a number of tools and tools, which will be needed for installation. Buy first special adhesive with which they will be attached fragments to the base. Manufacturers in a competitive environment strive to make special products. But each of them achieves this in many ways. Some focus on quality, and others are for the price.

14 Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling Floor tiles for the kitchen: we understand the types, materials and styling

Advice! So that the work done will serve you as much as possible longer, do not save on masonry glue. But also to chase the most expensive brands are also optional.

The glue you use must have the following properties:

  1. moderate ductility, which is independent of density and allows you to form an even layer;
  2. consistency ensures the filling of voids between the plates and foundation, which certainly extends the life of the tile;
  3. resistance to the effects of different masses;
  4. high level of drying, especially when choosing large squares.

Living room combined with kitchen

Living room combined with kitchen

White kitchen interior

Kitchen interior in white color

These features will simplify the masonry process. With such means your work will be more accurate and accurate.

Tip! The mixture is not only placed under slabs, but also fills the seams between them. Therefore to cover lasted longer and it was easier to care for him, pay special attention to resistance to temperature extremes and moisture, as well as the presence of antifungal properties.

Necessary tools for self-laying tiles

Tools necessary for self-laying tiles

In addition to glue, you will also need a minimal set of tools for repair. You can buy them at a hardware store.

Небольшая зона отдыха возле кухни

Also, you better prepare a container for mixing the ingredients, work clothes, water and other improvised materials.


Tile with 3D-pattern

3D tile

Advice! The tile can be called universal for the floor in the dining room and cooking areas, but its main drawback is high price. In this regard, the services of a specialist in its laying are not cheap. Therefore much more economical to do it by yourself.

In order to facilitate this process, we consider in detail how to install.

Preparatory work

If you do not work in the new, just built indoors, it is guaranteed to already have some kind of floor. In connection with what the first step is its dismantling. How is it carried out depends on the type of coating. If this is parquet, then you may need nail puller, if linoleum is a construction knife, and for tile you will need a hammer and a chisel.

Dismantling the old coating

Dismantling the old coating

Important! As a rule, the base has certain irregularities. This may be due to the remains of old mixtures, which It is impossible to remove, or with the resulting cavities and grooves. Therefore, surface leveling is further performed.

You’ll also need a level – a long flat tool, resembling a large line. It can be made of wood, plastic or iron. With this tool, the solution straightens and put a smooth layer. After drying, the area is covered primer.

Leveling the floor

Floor leveling

Primer coating with a large brush

Primer coating with a large brush

When the base is ready, you can knead the solution. For this you need the glue itself, the liquid and the mixer (drill with a special nozzle). The ratio of dry to liquid is indicated, as a rule, in the instructions on the package.

Preparation of adhesive solution

Adhesive solution preparation


The masonry process is very important, so do everything carefully necessary steps to make the area come out perfectly flat. how as a rule, it is put on glue, but in some cases it can used mastic.

Important! The adhesive substance is applied to the base with medium layer with a notched trowel. It is also applied to the reverse. side.

Glue application

Glue application

Next, an element is applied and aligned with a hammer along level indicator. When installing the following fragments between it and the previous crosses are inserted.

The glue should protrude in the joints, the width of which is at least 3 mm, but be in the same plane with the main platform. If a it turned out to be more, then the excess is removed using rubber putty knife.

Laying tiles

Laying tiles

Using a grinder for cutting tiles

Using a grinder for cutting tiles


Auxiliary marking

Advice! So that ceramics do not take over excess moisture from the glue, before use it can be briefly soak in water.

Step-by-step tile laying process

Step-by-step tile laying process

After everything dries up and takes its form, is carried out thorough grouting and grinding of joints. Next is wet cleaning.



Ceramic tiles on PVC are laid in the same way. Note what today manufacturers offer self-adhesive options where the protective layer is simply removed from the wrong side, and the desired fragment is applied to the destination.


Most beginners make the following mistakes:

  1. uneven and brittle base;
  2. rejection of the primer;
  3. the formation of voids;
  4. non-compliance with temperature parameters;
  5. the use of low-quality glue.

Mediterranean style kitchen with high ceilings

Mediterranean-style kitchen with high ceilings

Advice! By eliminating these oversights, you can create beautiful a coating that will last long, reliably and safely you!

Wall painting in the interior of the dining room

Wall painting in the interior of the dining room

Tiles are best suited for kitchen flooring

Tile is best suited for kitchen flooring.

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