Fitzgerald era luxury: private interior Homes at Bowmont Drive in Beverly Hills


Private house located on top of a mountain, in one of the most prestigious areas of Los Angeles, from its windows opens breathtaking view of Beverly Park with a viewing angle of 270 degrees. IN the house has more than 45 rooms: including six bedrooms, cinema hall, billiard room, conservatory, wine room, two garages on eight cars.


Given the specifics of the region and the stylistic preferences of residents Los Angeles, designers at Neumark added architectural and developed a complete interior concept for modern open space. A distinctive feature of the project was the use of expensive and carefully selected materials – precious wood, marble, onyx, glass, as well as a selection of exclusive items the interior. 10506676_1474358409478910_7974435225298155122_o

Getting into the house through the huge glass doors, we find ourselves in majestic living room with high ceilings. Its centerpiece the element was a monumental light installation from the Bohemian Crystal Glass from Preciosa Lighting. Next to the living room the so-called family room is located, it is decorated even more spectacular installation of the same brand, which is a kind of semblance of a wave. 10497381_1474359009478850_7008351596279373025_o

The dining area, located on the ground floor, is combined with a spacious and open kitchen, where the hosts gather at the table, enjoying stunning views of Beverly Park. And parting panoramic doors, you can move to a full terrace with large pool. 10547293_1474360589478692_8783315162423589542_o

On the other side of the living room is the owner’s office. Interior designed in dark colors using contrasting details. The emphasis is on expensive decoration materials and decorating. cabinet sculpture famous american художника.10432978_1474358529478898_6639288667276789748_n

Кроме того, на первом этаже расположились 2 гостевые комнаты,a bedroom for staff, as well as a couple of bathrooms, one of which deserves special attention thanks to the original design Siberian marble finishing solutions and mirror arrangement, creating the visual effect of infinity. 10517381_1474359019478849_7030796918400981380_o

On the second floor, where there is a staircase with transparent railing and marble steps, the master and children’s bedrooms are located, from which offers panoramic views. There is also gym, and amazing winter garden with glass floor.

Интерьеры хозяйской спальни заполнены мягким светом.53752_1474358449478906_5086755945137997931_o

Рядом с ней — ванная комната, в которой царит атмосфераabsolute harmony. Onyx finish, large shower with a fantastic view of the valley, a spacious bath – all this emphasizes the sophisticated luxury of the setting.

The spa area includes a hammam, sauna and relaxation area, the decor of which is furniture decorated with the initials of the hostess at home. As decoration for this space was chosen Natural striped marble in beige shades. 10448502_1474358992812185_174888613983586819_o

In the interior design of the cinema, designers preferred matte black wall surface and comfortable upholstered furniture, custom made according to own sketches.

Remaining true to the direction so natural to the region, NEUMARK designers boldly stepped outside the traditional open space, filling it with exquisite decor and unique details, thereby emphasizing the exclusivity of the project.


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