Eucalyptus: photo review of various varieties and tips for landscaping

Euonymus - deciduous and evergreen shrubs or small trees of the euonymus family

Euonymus – deciduous or evergreen shrubs, as well as small trees of the euonymus family

The euonymus plant has over 200 species and is common mainly in the northern hemisphere. Cultivated more often as ornamental plant, used in landscape design for decorating fences and alpine slides, and meets indoor content.


  • Description of euonymus
  • Features of growing and caring for euonymus
  • Varieties and varieties of euonymus
  • Indoor type of euonymus
  • Landscaping plots

The euonymus shrubs have become popular among gardeners and landscape designers.

Euonymus shrubs are popular among gardeners and landscape designers

Euonymus: photo - colorful leaves of euonymus look amazing

Variegated euonymus leaves look amazing

An elegant euonymus tree will decorate a personal plot not only in summer but also in autumn

The elegant spindle tree spruce will decorate the infield only in summer and in autumn

Бересклет Форчуна "Emerald Gold"

Eurald Gold fortune euonymus

Description of euonymus

Sometimes the height of this plant reaches 4 m. Foliage dark green, shiny, sometimes with creamy silver specks in the center. Flowers with a not very pleasant smell, collected they are in inflorescences, brushes. Fruits poisonous fruits, the rest Parts of the plant should also not be eaten. View photos of all types of euonymus and description can be found on our website.

14 Eucalyptus: photo review of various varieties and tips for landscaping Eucalyptus: photo review of various varieties and tips for landscaping Eucalyptus: photo review of various varieties and tips for landscaping Eucalyptus: photo review of various varieties and tips for landscaping

If you have chosen an euonymus for your garden, you need to know that it lands in early spring, sometimes in the fall. Do not forget to carefully examine the euonymus, find out about landing features, see the photo of the process. He loves being in partial shade, the soil should be fertile, with good water permeability, easy. The important point is that the plant grows strongly in width and sometimes in height, therefore, it should be planted away from trees, providing a sufficient distance between bushes and buildings on the site. Indoor varieties are planted in pots and drawers large sizes, in the summer it is better to leave them on the street, and in the winter need to bring in the house.

A spindle tree with pink leaves looks just amazing.

The euonymus with pink leaves looks amazing!

Euonymus can be grown in a pot

Euonymus can be grown in a pot

It is necessary to prepare a pit for planting in advance, weeks for two. Make sure that it is 1.5 times larger than the root in volume a system of seedlings. At the bottom of the recess pour sand or special composition for drainage, cover with a layer of compost mixed with soil, then lower the seedling of the plant, spreading the roots, pour the mixture soil and compost, lightly tamping it. If the euonymus will be serve as a hedge, it is better to plant it in a trench. Naturally, after planting the plants, water them and do not forget to do it during the first week.

Features of growing and caring for euonymus

This plant does not like excessive moisture, which can damage its roots. Therefore, if it rains heavily, then in irrigation it does not needs. If there is no precipitation, then water the euonymus as the need. You also need to remember to loosen the soil around – how at least three times during the season. In addition, it’s worth feed the plant twice a season with mineral fertilizers and organic matter.

Landing of the euonymus

Landing spindle tree

Fortune euonymus

Euchrald Fortune Emerald ‘n’ Gold

Young shoots of spindle tree

Young shoots of spindle tree

We can say that euonymus loves a haircut, so it’s worth it crop more often. To form a crown, shear it in early spring or late fall. There are several types of crown in shape – conical, ellipsoidal or stump tree shape.

Euonymus bushes need periodic pruning

Euonymus bushes need periodic pruning

A small neat little euonymus tree

Small neat spindle tree

Do not forget about pests that affect plants: spider mite, aphid, caterpillar, mealybug. To get rid from these pests, it is necessary to treat the euonymus with a special solution. The diseases that plants suffer are rot of the trunk or powdery mildew. For prevention, it is worth treating euonymus special preparations, and cut off the affected parts of the plant and burn.

The spider mite is very dangerous for euonymus

Spider mite is very dangerous for euonymus



There are some ways to reproduce euonymus: cuttings, layering, seeds, dividing the bush. Explore Options for the euonymus breeding, especially planting and care, photos can look at the site.

  • If you carry out propagation by layering, in the spring you need omit the shoots of the mother plant on the ground in a special groove, covering the top with soil.

The principle of propagation by layering

Principle of propagation by layering

  • For propagation by cuttings, it is necessary to cut from the top plants no younger than 5 years old. After this, the stalk is planted in a mixture of peat and sand, left in a bright, cool place to root.

The principle of propagation by cuttings

The principle of propagation by cuttings

  • By dividing, mainly dwarf varieties are propagated. Neatly cut off the root shoot with a part of the rhizome from the main plant, the resulting part is deposited on an empty place.
  • Euonymus seeds need to be sown in the soil in the fall, covering for the winter foliage or straw. If you decide to sow it in the spring, pre-soak the seeds for several days in water.

Reproduction of the euonymus with their own hands will not be particularly difficult

Do-it-yourself spawning of a spindle tree will not be special difficulties

Разновидности и сорта бересклета Euonymus has more than 200 species

Бересклет насчитывает более 200 видов

There are a large number of species and varieties of this plant as in nature and cultivated. One of them is European euonymus, photo can be seen below. This kind It is shrubby or represents the shape of a tree. Tall reaches 2-5 m. In summer it has a saturated green color of leaves. The flowers are small, collected in inflorescences. Plant begins to bloom to end of May. Closer to autumn among green foliage appear multi-colored pink, orange, yellow, red, sometimes white and purple spots. There are even several colors on one sheet. To varieties of Euonymus euonymus, photo and description of which can be seen on our website, include: “red cascade”, “Nana”, “sideshow”, pendula.


Another species is winged euonymus, photo presented below. It is found in nature both singly and in groups. Grows in rocky areas, in river valleys, among shady forests. It can be either a shrub 2.5 m high, or a tree up to 4 meters high. Its main feature is the appearance, which he takes in the fall. During this period, the leaves of the plant painted in pink, red, orange and purple tones. Due to this feature, the bush is widely used in landscape design. Often used to decorate gardens, lawns, parks, personal plots. Spring euonymus blooms small plain yellow flowers. Due to its unusual shoots, this the species was called “winged”.

Winged euonymus in the summer

Winged euonymus in summer

Winged spindle tree in autumn time

Winged euonymus in autumn

I would like to draw attention to another species – euonymus fortune, photos can be viewed online. In the natural environment this species grows in China. It can be grown in cool enough regions. It differs somewhat from other types of euonymus. This is a creeping shrub related to evergreens. Very often used by designers to create landscapes, because the foliage has an unusual color, and the branches can cling behind the support, braiding it. 60 cm high. Foliage color more often. two-tone, may be green, emerald, with silver a shade. For our region, it is rather an exotic plant, however, lately it is gaining popularity and often found in gardens, on personal plots, in landscape design.

Fortune’s spindle tree has become very popular due to its appearance and unpretentiousness

Euonymus fortune due to its appearance and unpretentiousness has become very popular

Indoor type of euonymus

Of particular note is the shape of a room euonymus. Indoor plants are a special form of euonymus. Of a large variety of euonymus at home contains only two species: rooted and Japanese.

Of indoor species, the Japanese euonymus is the most popular.

Of indoor species, the Japanese euonymus is the most popular.

Indoor variety of euonymus

Indoor type of euonymus

If we talk about indoor options, they can be curly or tree-shaped. Leaves on the plant may be variegated or green. Small flowers collected in white inflorescences shade. To ensure a good living room flower, it is necessary to create certain conditions for its cultivation.

Consider the indoor spindle tree, its landing and care (see photo below).

The main conditions for the full development of euonymus:

  • The location of the plant. To provide good vegetation, you need a lighted place, you can place euonymus on the window under the direct rays of the sun. However he is not bad himself feels in partial shade. As an option – for the summer you can place plant on the street: balcony, loggia, in the garden. For the winter it is recorded in the room.
  • Temperature condition. A feature of the plant is its unpretentiousness to temperature conditions: it can grow at + 5-10 ° C. If the room is too hot in the winter, he may start dropping foliage.

The euonymus loves good lighting and moderate watering.

Beresklet likes good lighting and moderate watering

With proper care, your plant will be thick and brightly colored.

With proper care, your plant will be thick and bright color

  • Organization of watering. Domestic euonymus in care not requires a lot of moisture. Especially in winter time it is extremely rare to water it, not allowing the land to dry out. In summer, you can increase the amount of water. Loves spraying.
  • Priming. Excellent mix for growing Plants is the application of wood humus and earth. Can add sand, peat and turf land.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of special soil

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of special soil.

  • Transfer. Young plant needs replanting every year, adult – every 3-4 years in the spring.
  • Fertilizer. The scaffold needs to be fed fertilizers, organics in the spring and autumn, in the winter of this should not be done.
  • Pruning. In order to create a beautiful shape, you will need to regularly trim the euonymus. Weak shoots are also worth clean from time to time. By pruning a plant, you can get crown shapes like ball, cone, ellipse or form a tree in the form of a bonsai.

Indoor euonymus species also need pruning

Indoor euonymus species also need pruning

  • Fight against disease. Characteristic disease of this The type of plant is gray rot. It provokes her most often. excessive air humidity. You can deal with this by draining the room. and using special antiseptic solutions.

Beresklet: photo examples of landscape design sites

The presence of a wide variety of original species and varieties euonymus allows you to widely use it when creating decor personal plots. It can be used both individually and in group combinations with other plants. Spindle tree allows create both lawns and miniature hedges. For use in group compositions most often take large spreading specimens.

Eucalyptus in the design of a decorative hedge

Eucalyptus in the design of a decorative hedge

Besklet in landscape design of a personal plot

Besklet in landscape design of a personal plot

Varieties of high growth are used in the background when creating flower beds, dwarfs are decorated with flower beds around the perimeter. Low plants can be used to create alpine slides or rocariya. Sometimes in areas where there is a lot of shade, they replace the lawn or form a border on paths that are brightly lit by the sun.

Fortune euonymus is often used for vertical gardening.

Fortune euonymus is often used for vertical landscaping

The fortune variety can be used for landscaping in vertical direction. To do this, it must be mounted on supports. Often used on balconies, terraces and verandas. Can be planted next to stunted conifers, with dwarf barberry or dogwood. Options for using euonymus in landscape design – a wide variety, it depends on the design of the designer, customer preferences and general style solutions plot.

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