ECHO CS 4200ES chainsaw – household model in Japanese version

The Japanese brand ECHO CS 4200ES chainsaw is focused on users with high queries. Tool for performance, profitability, reliability, comfort and work safety is identical to the best European standards.

The model is as close as possible to many of its characteristics semi-professional technique.

This is facilitated by:

  • modern traction and torque reserve full-time engine;
  • light weight, construction and high-precision assembly itself tool;
  • application of innovations in processing and hardening technologies responsible details of nodes and mechanisms.

ECHO CS 4200ES chainsaw - a household model in the Japanese versionPhoto: ECHO CS 4200ES chainsaw


  • 1 Technical and operational advantages of the model
  • 2 Specifications
  • 3 Headset
  • 4 Security
  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 6 Price
  • 7 Analogs
  • 8 Owner Reviews

Technical and operational advantages of the model

Saw Echo 4200ES combines the characteristic of a professional property technique.

First of all, it is:

  • three-level air purification scheme and simplified access to high efficiency air filter;
  • the most advanced vibration protection in its class;
  • easy-to-use and reliable tensioner chains;
  • performance-controlled oil pump;
  • spare parts and consumables unified with the same model materials.

Feedback from users and owners indicate full the operation of quick start and carburetor heating systems. Lucky a combination of power, light weight, modern design and affordable cost determine this model in ratings Consumer demand is consistently high.


4.5 kg chainsaw is characterized by compact dimensions, good balance, comfortable configuration for reliable capture handles, low vibration and noise background.

The model is equipped with an economical carburetor ICE air cooling with a working volume of 39.6 cm3, developing in the operating mode power 2.57 hp The fuel is a gasoline-oil mixture, which It is fed into the carburetor from an internal reservoir of 410 ml.

The duration of the resource of the power unit provides a crank assembly made of forged steel and chrome mirror cylinder.

ES Start quick start system and C.D.I. electronic ignition remove problems of low-temperature start-up even in the absence of primer booster pump.

Model ECHO CS 4200ES
Manufacturer ECHO
Production (assembly) Japan
Brand homeland Japan
Saw class Semi-professional
Horsepower (kW) 2.57 (1.89)
Engine displacement, cm3 39.6
Chain pitch, inches 0.325
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Number of links, pcs 66/64
Fuel tank volume, l 0.41
Oil tank volume, l 0.24
Tire length cm (inches) 40 (16) / 38 (15)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 4,5
Instruction manual Download


As standard equipment, steel is used 380 mm guide rail and standard 64-link chain with driven by a drive sprocket. Connector Assembly Design provides the ability to operate a saw with a 16-inch kit.

To cool the chain and extend its life advantages of an automatic lubrication system with oil supply to the pump variable capacity from a 240 ml oil tank.

Fully loaded ECHO CS 4200ES


Built-in emergency stop brake eliminates the possibility injuries in the event of unusual situations. After easy hitting the shield in the front direction, moving the chain along the tire instantly blocked.

Advantages and disadvantages

The tool fully meets all the stated requirements. In practice, the high quality of the materials used and factory assembly.

Chainsaw in terms of technical level and functionality can qualify for semi-professional status. In construction universal in many respects and comfortable in work tool, a large reserve of power, reliability and longevity.

Owners appreciate a wide range standardized spare parts and entire units, allowing restore malfunctioning saw with moderate cost of money and time.

Analysis of consumer reviews showed that for the whole operational period of serious design flaws no model identified.


According to the latest data, the average cost of a new instrument in factory equipment stabilized at the level of 17500-18200 rubles. Price range of used equipment in good condition 30-40% lower.


For the most part, these are products known for their quality assortment of European brands. In the domestic market chainsaw equipment of the same type are presented at a cost and power models ECHO CS-350WES-14, Husqvarna 135, Husqvarna 365 and a number of other European and Asian developments.

Owner reviews

Working with Japanese household tools requires a certain technical culture. My “e-mail” with competent and timely service has been working perfectly for the 6th year without single remark. Every year, several dozens of cubes of wood, on occasion I help my neighbors to construction. The main thing is to correctly assess the capabilities of the tool and do not demand too much. Alik

I did not believe the labels and stickers until I became convinced of the quality Japanese chainsaw ECHO model CS 4200ES directly in the work. As for me, the price of this gadget is significantly overpriced. With another parties – the cost of a tool that is successful in all respects compensated by comfort and minimal time maintenance, torque reserve and economical consumption fuel. Maksim

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