Draperies in the interior of the apartment

Drapes in the interior of the apartment Table of contents:

  • 1 Modern interior
  • 2 Choose curtains for living room
  • 3 Choose curtains for the bedroom
  • 4 Choose kitchen drapes
  • 5 photos

When planning a repair, attention must be paid to each the details. Windows are no exception. Many believe that for their decorating is enough to use any fabric to match the general interior, but in fact it is curtains in the interior of the apartment can become its highlight.

Modern interior

Light Provence Floral PatternLungs with floral pattern provence style

Today, designers offer a huge amount options for combining various materials and colors in the composition gives an excellent result. When developing a curtain, you need to consider 4 constituents:

  • tulle;
  • decorative curtain;
  • working curtain;
  • pelmet.

With lambrequinsWith lambrequins

In addition, some use additional elements:

  • bando;
  • ties;
  • Jabot;
  • peroxides;
  • swagi.

For decoration, curtains can be used with fringe or scallops, and some prefer applications or brushes.

Choose curtains for the living room


The living room is the most important room, as it is going to the whole family, invited guests, relatives, working on her the interior must take into account many points. When choosing a curtain for the living room it is worth using fabrics in one color scheme, which will be in harmony with all the elements of the room. No less relevant in modern design is the use of contrasting combinations, but it is also necessary to achieve harmony, for example, when using bright base material additional elements must be made in pastel tones.

Cushions are sewn from the same textile.Of the same textile sewn cushions

Quite often, designers use the same patterns. simultaneously in several elements, for example, curtains and upholstery upholstered furniture. When choosing fabrics, it is important to choose the right texture, color, print. The type of fabric must be combined with general construction. If finances allow, it is better to purchase two sets: for winter (denser and darker) and for summer (more light, bright and bright).

Before you buy material or ready-made curtains, it’s worth become familiar with the intricacies of cleansing and care, as these processes can take a lot of time and bring a lot of trouble. It’s better Choose fabrics that can be washed in a washing machine.

We choose curtains for a bedroom

Taffeta drapesTaffeta drapes

In the bedroom, everything should be aimed at relaxation, since a person here is resting from a hard day’s work. Picking up curtains for the design of the bedroom window, it is necessary to achieve the creation cosiness, warmth and atmosphere that will be conducive to relaxation. The bedroom must be created in a single interior, so the materials tones and prints should be traceable in all elements, which will allow create harmony.

For example, when choosing a tulle, you should think about a canopy or decorative pillows for the bed, and the pattern on the curtains can repeat on pouffe, bedspread, carpet and even bedding. It will be difficult to combine several elements, so it’s better buy a ready-made set in one color scheme.

You can buy fabric for curtains and, for example, decorative pillows or canopy, and tailoring ordered in the studio.

Choosing kitchen drapes

White plain for the kitchenWhite plain for the kitchen

The kitchen should have a lot of light, so choose heavy and Dark fabrics for curtains are not recommended. Important will be right choose a model of curtains for the kitchen, after which you can proceed to selection of materials, shades, drawings and additional decors. So, depending on the size of the room, the number of windows and arrangement of furniture, you can choose curtains:

  • plain;
  • multilayer with lambrequin;
  • unilateral from heavy fabric in combination with tulle;
  • in french or roman style.

You need to choose a color depending on the area of ​​the kitchen, for example, in a small room large ones will look ridiculous flowers in dark colors, and light materials will visually expand space.

The process of choosing curtains is quite complicated, because it is necessary take into account many points: lighting, purpose, style interior, a combination of the color palette in the room. Very important achieve a balance of colors and textures.

A photo

Airy PatternAiry

In the classic Arabic interiorIn classic arabic interior

In the interior of the living roomIn the interior of the living room

Lightproof curtains in the bedroomLightproof curtains in the bedroom

Heavy dark curtains with a patternHeavy dark patterned curtains

The pattern may match the pattern on the bedspread.The pattern may match the pattern on the bedspread.

Modern curtains with a pictureModern curtains with patterned

Fine PatternWith fine pattern

Repeat the pattern on the wallpaperRepeat pattern on wallpaper

Sophisticated color scheme and harmonious patternSophisticated color scheme and harmonious pattern

Roman curtains in the kitchenRoman curtains in the kitchen

In the kitchen area of ​​the studio apartmentIn the kitchen area studio apartments

In the kitchen with Roman curtainsIn the kitchen with roman curtains

Combined with tulle in the living roomCombined with tulle in living room

Echo the pattern on the wallpaper and carpetEchoes the pattern on the wallpaper and carpet

For a bedroom in a marine styleFor a bedroom in the sea style

Linen curtains in the bedroomLinen drapes in the bedroom

Linen curtains will add comfortLinen curtains will add comfort

Light purple curtains in the bedroomLight purple curtains in the bedroom

Brocade curtainsBrocade curtains

Playing on the contrast of white and blackGame in contrast white and black

Must match in colorMust be combined by color

Double-sided curtains decorated with tasselsDouble-sided curtains decorated with tassels

Must be combined with textilesMust be combined with textile

Color AccentColor accent

Airy light beige for the living roomAerial light beige for the living room

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