Double-circuit wall-mounted gas heating boilers: to live more comfortable

Gas-fired heating boilers double-circuit wall – a real opportunity to protect yourself from the “care” of utilities services in order not to pay tidy sums for really cold batteries and listening carefully to the mumble, distributed from the faucet instead of the laid hot water. And if apartment owners are just starting to master autonomous heating systems, then for private homeowners this the decision will significantly add comfort in living.

Double-circuit boilers look very stylish and modern, which allows you to choose a model for any interior

Double-circuit boilers look very stylish and modern, which allows you to choose a model for any interior

With such modern technology you will provide your family with warmth and comfort

With such modern technology you will provide your family with warmth and comfort

Double-circuit boilers have a very interesting and stylish design

Double-circuit boilers have a very interesting and stylish design.

Design and features

Structurally, a double-circuit wall boiler consists of two circuits and heat exchanger. The first circuit is closed, acting as a heating, but when the hot tap opens water, a special valve closes the heating system and the coolant begins to flow into the hot water circuit. The water begins to heat up, after which it enters the faucet.

It should be understood that at the time the crane is opened, the heating system the house does not function, and if you use hot water long enough, the coolant in it can cool significantly. When the hot water tap is shut off, the valve trips in in the opposite direction, after which the heating system restores their work in full.

A stylish boiler will visually complement the kitchen furniture

Stylish boiler visually complement the kitchen furniture

The boiler can be located in any room at home

The boiler can be located in any room at home

Since double-circuit wall-mounted gas boilers for heating houses are installed indoors, they are almost always have a closed combustion chamber. Air is supplied into it through coaxial chimney – a double pipe through which the outside is fed oxygen and smoke is removed to the street.

It’s much less likely to install a boiler with an open combustion chamber, although they are simpler in design and significantly cheaper. Their main disadvantage – for combustion, they take air directly from premises, and for the removal of combustion products it will take a very efficient ventilation system and quality chimney. If we are talking about autonomous heating of the apartment, then on In practice, this option is very difficult to implement.

Stylish double-circuit boiler in a modern interior

Stylish double-circuit boiler in a modern interior

The right model will be a stylish addition to the interior of the bathroom

The right model will be a stylish addition bathroom interior

Double-circuit wall-mounted gas boiler: advantages and limitations

The main advantage of double-circuit boilers is the opportunity to provide autonomously the most comfortable living conditions, especially in private home ownership. Since release wall-mounted gas boilers established relatively recently then almost all models on the market are a kind of concentrate of the most advanced and innovative technologies in the field of heat engineering. Hence – high efficiency (large Efficiency) and security.

They are designed for indoor installation to maximize reduce heat loss during transportation of hot water to to the consumer (length of the pipeline with hot water from the boiler to the tap should not exceed 7 m). Therefore, they are very compact in size, but they can be equipped with circulation pumps, expansion tank, thermometers, manometers and various safety sensors. However, compactness the gas boiler has a downside – its relatively small power, it is effective for heating rooms no more than 200 м2.Wall boiler models are pretty compact and very pretty.

Models of wall-mounted boilers are quite compact and very pretty

The double-circuit gas boiler harmoniously fits into the interior of the kitchen

The double-circuit gas boiler harmoniously fits into the interior the kitchen

If we talk about the shortcomings, then, first of all – this the need to strictly observe the boiler power for water heating. IN the product passport indicates which water flow rate the model is designed, and if it is low-power, then hot water can just enough to provide one water intake point, for example, in the kitchen (or several, but in this case it will still be possible use hot water in only one place, in other words – you can wash the dishes, but you can’t accept shower). If the water flow is higher than the passport, then the user does not receive water of the required temperature. To avoid of this, you can optionally install a boiler for hot water, which will compensate for the shortage.

Advice! To ensure normal the operation of a single boiler output should be about 6.6 l / min (about 400 l / h), respectively, for two taps and productivity should be doubled higher.

The boiler can be integrated into kitchen furniture and it will be completely invisible

The boiler can be integrated into kitchen furniture and it will be completely imperceptible

Cauldron of concise design in the interior of the kitchen

Concise design boiler in the interior of the kitchen

We note other disadvantages:

  • volatility – for normal the work of most double-circuit wall-mounted gas boilers meets quite sophisticated modern electroautomatics. Two from here difficulties. First – when the power is cut off, the boiler will not work at all. The second is the need to install electrical filters (stabilizers), as electronics, in particular installed by European manufacturers, very sensitive to differences (jumps) in electricity, how do our power networks
  • inertia – get right out of tap hot water does not work, it will take some time until the boiler switches to water heating mode and while the water is running out, which was in the pipe and managed to cool
  • due to the compact size of the wall-mounted gas boiler heating processes are organized in a small volume a box where thin-walled (usually copper, to improve heat transfer) tube. With low water quality (a tap water in most cases is just that) on the walls calcium deposits are deposited in the tubes, over time they can completely clog.

Gas wall-mounted boilers have a lot of advantages

Gas wall mounted boilers have many advantages

The boiler built into the kitchen furniture is an invisible indispensable assistant

Boiler integrated in kitchen furniture – inconspicuous irreplaceable assistant

Advice! Before supplying water to heating it must pass through the filter – its installation and periodic replacement will cost less than repair (replacement) water circuit

  • the life of a wall-mounted boiler is generally less than outdoor option

If you try to analyze the main development trends this type of heating equipment, it can be noted following:

  • gradual market entry of very powerful dual-circuit models wall-mounted boilers – Germans from Vaillant introduced a boiler with a capacity of 36 kW, the South Koreans went further – Daewoo proposed a model with power of 40 kW, but the Italian Frisquet reached the greatest, launched a series of super powerful (45 kW) wall-mounted boilers
  • equipment of wall-mounted boilers with storage boilers to reduce the inertia of the boilers. German Viessmann, Nova Florida, Frisquet, Hermann and Ferroli released boilers having small (about 4 liters) built-in microboiler. And Baxi go further equipping the Baxi Nuvola lineup with integrated boilers 60 liters There are models with a fairly roomy boiler and Biasi, Ferroli and Buderus
  • intelligent control systems that analyze the whole set of factors (air pressure, external and internal temperature, gas pressure, etc.) choosing the optimal mode heating. In addition, they make it easy to integrate gas boiler in the general system of “smart home”

Not one modern house can do without such equipment

No modern equipment can do without such equipment. home

Gas wall-mounted boilers are in harmony with the interior of the kitchen, bathroom, hallway

Gas wall-mounted boilers harmoniously combine with the interior kitchen, bathroom, hallway

Wall-mounted gas dual-circuit boilers: rating manufacturers

Since the wall mounted gas boiler is installed inside premises, then it is subject to increased level requirements security. First of all – you need to buy models only proven brands and, preferably, sellers with special certificate from manufacturing companies. Often such companies They are also involved in the installation of boilers, and their employees were trained in service centers of manufacturing companies and have appropriate licenses.

Undoubted leaders are German companies: Bosch, Vaillant, Buderus, Viessmann. These are very innovative gas boilers, characterized by high quality performance, compactness, special reliability and attractive design. Plus – a wide range models, which makes it possible to choose a boiler, taking into account all individual characteristics of the home. If these boilers have it disadvantages – so this is, perhaps, the price, the most inexpensive Bosch starts from 35 thousand rubles, and Viessmann – from 40 thousand. In addition, Germans find it difficult to pick up powerful, from 30 kW, double-circuit boilers.

Stylish, beautiful boiler Viessmann

Stylish, beautiful boiler Viessmann

Ariston cauldron of stylish, concise design

Ariston boiler stylish, concise design

Котел со "стальной" наружностью идеально подойдет к стилю хай-тек или минимализму

A boiler with a “steel” appearance is ideal for a hi-tech style or minimalism

Italian manufacturers Ariston, Ferroli, Baxi, Nova Florida and Saunier Duval densely occupied the middle price segment, therefore they are leaders in terms of total sales. The company relies on reasonable prices (minimum price for a gas double-circuit boiler from Ariston starts from 25-27 thousand) and high quality combined with simple, convenient and reliable control system. In the same time “top” Ferroli and Baxi models have one of the most advanced automation models – they even have a self-diagnosis system. Another plus – companies adapt their models to fit features of the Russian market, and namely – gas boilers can work even with sharp fluctuations in gas pressure.

Separately, we mark the Protherm trademark – Slovak manufacturer, subsidiary of Vaillant. If you search analogies, the most significant union is Skoda for Volkswagen. Protherm is a somewhat simplified version of boilers Vaillant at an affordable price (from 27 thousand), while accessories produced in Slovakia and Germany.

Take care of the warmth for your beloved family - get a double-circuit gas boiler

Take care of the warmth for your beloved family – get double-circuit gas boiler

Asian is more and more confident in our market. manufacturers, in particular – Navien (Navien), where under one several Korean companies united under the trademark – “Celtic”, “Kiturami”, “Daewoo”.

The production is based on our own innovative development, which allowed to obtain gas wall boilers with exceptional characteristics and what is important for our consumer – at an affordable price. First of all, they are designed to work in conditions of unstable gas and water pressure, and electronics and boiler automation is protected from the “vagaries” of the power grid. Moreover, they are designed to work in very low external conditions temperatures. Comfort, ease of use, modern developments and good performance – all this allowed Navien seriously gain a foothold in the middle price category.

More information about wall mounted gas dual-circuit boilers – watch the video review:

Double-circuit wall-mounted gas heating boilers – photo

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