Do-it-yourself video about balcony glazing

Glazing the balcony allows you to make this small area more comfortable, protect it from wind and seasonal precipitation. At subject to certain conditions, the balcony is even attached to a residential room. You can glaze the balcony in different ways, but compliance technology is needed.

In this video, the balcony is removed and installed glazing. Take a closer look at how this is done:

Here it is shown how to take out the balcony on the floor for installation French glazing:

Alexey Zemskov will tell in detail about the glazing of balconies and other features of their repair:

This video shows the step-by-step process of fully finishing a balcony, including warm glazing is installed here:

This video will talk about the features of preparation Glazing balcony with sliding aluminum wings:

Again Alexei Zemskov on the glazing of balconies and loggias:

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