Do-it-yourself log bath

Log bath Table of contents:

  • 1 Material selection
  • 2 Design
  • 3 Foundation
  • 4 Log cabin
  • 5 Roof for a bath
  • 6 Finishing
  • 7 videos
  • 8 Photos

A traditional Russian bath is built of wood. This material perfectly retains heat and when heated releases into the air rooms healing substances. Properly crafted and installed log houses serve several generations. Environmental friendliness wood, its vibrant energy and natural structure make The material is popular, despite the high cost. This is a proven centuries-old classic, not inferior to brick, cinder block and others inexpensive building materials.

A log bath can be built by a home craftsman who knows how to handle ax, drill and saw. This process is not very complicated. and quite feasible on our own, but to build a log house is better invite assistants.

Material selection

The forest is roundRound wood

Sellers offer two types of wood:

  1. Dried.
  2. Natural humidity.

Untreated material is cheaper, but after the construction of the log house will give significant shrinkage.

To build a reliable bath that will last for many years, you need wood harvested in winter, peeled of bark and sufficiently dried. Felling from such logs can operated for 50 years.

Round logsLogs

During the construction of the bath, round logs are used, since fellings from them turn out beautiful and accurate. These are sawn trunks trees dried to a moisture content of not more than 18%, and received at machined cylinder shape and longitudinal groove. Conifers varieties of wood are less susceptible to decay from moisture, their It is recommended to use when building a bath. On the lower crown the most moisture-resistant round timber is taken – oak or pine. Diameter logs ranged from 180 to 320 mm, thick blanks are used in cold regions. Available for sale A complete set of a log house for a bath with numbered logs. Such the option will be more expensive, but it is being built faster and easier.


Bath PlanBath plan

Examples of drawings of a bath with different size and number of rooms can be found on the Internet, and a large number of photos will allow choose a model to your liking. The drawing shows the overall dimensions buildings and each room separately. According to the drawings the number of logs, floor boards, lining for finishes.

Storage of logs in the area requires stacking them in stacks and provide ventilation. To do this, lay between the rows boards.


Pile foundation for a wooden bathPile foundation for a wooden bath

The base of the bath is selected based on the weight of the structure and the type of soil Location on. The most common options for wooden steel buildings strip and column foundation. Tape the foundation is a solid and versatile option, it is perfect for heaving soil with any depth of freezing and can withstand building of several rooms.

Having marked a place for future walls, dig trenches with a depth of 80 cm to 1 m. Sand is poured into the bottom, watered and rammed to get a pillow. The sand layer is 15 cm. From the board formwork is installed, fittings are placed inside it. The upper plane of the foundation beats off horizontally. Concrete in the formwork is poured simultaneously around the entire perimeter, this will allow make a monolithic basis. After drying, coat foundation with bitumen and for waterproofing lay a ruberoid.

When installing piles for a column foundation asbestos-cement pipes with embedded fittings, which poured with concrete. An embedded anchor is left at the top for fastening logs.

Log house

Log house

For work you will need:

  • ax;
  • chisel;
  • electric drill;
  • plumb line and level;
  • chainsaw.

Walls begin with laying out the first banding wreath. For it uses the best wood, additionally saturated antiseptic. Under the crown lay insulation – jute, tow. Logs are located at an angle of 90 degrees and are connected by a cabin in the bowl. This method is one of many options, but it is simple performance, which is very important for an inexperienced builder. For connection in the upper part is cut down a recess – a bowl that provides a reliable fit of the material. The bowl is cut down with an ax and is being cleaned with a chainsaw. The diagonals inside the frame are checked, and the next row is put.

For insulation, flax jute fiber or tow is used. Logs are connected using wooden pins, for which they drill electric drill holes. In the process of erecting a log house is controlled the verticality of the walls with the help of a level.

Roof for a bath

Roof for the bath

When the walls are raised to the desired height, the ceiling beams, the roof will rest on them. A common option is gable roof and a small attic. Rafters for a roof gather below and rise to the roof. Rafter legs attached at a distance of 1 meter and connected at the top. On them crate for roofing is stuffed. Under the crate vapor barrier is attached. You can cover the bathhouse with a metal tile, slate, roll material.

Finishing finish

Interior decoration of the bathInterior decoration

Indoors, you must install a rough floor with warming. The walls of the steam room are sheathed with a lining, under which they are laid foil insulation. It is necessary that when heated resin from the logs did not hit people. Finishing is made by a board from deciduous trees. The outside of the bath is good in its natural appearance and does not require additional decoration. Windows and doors it is better to install after the final shrinkage of the log house.

In a Russian bath of logs, folded independently, always warmer and more pleasant.


This video talks about the project of a bath of 3×3 logs from 2 meter dressing room:

A photo

The log sauna is covered with metal tilesLog bath covered with metal

Spacious log bathCapacious bath from logs

Exterior finish of the log bathExterior finish of the bath logs

Little bathSmall bath

Bathhouse made of logsThe bath from the rounded logs

A bath from a log under a metal tileBath from a log under metal tile

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