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Iron Gate Table of contents:

  • 1 Application Features
  • 2 List of necessary tools
  • 3 Installation of swing gates
  • 3.1 Arrangement of support poles and frames
  • 3.2 Casement
  • 4 Arrangement of garage doors
  • 4.1 Types of structures
  • 4.2 Features of the construction
  • 4.3 Installation
  • 5 videos
  • 6 Photos
  • 7 Schemes

Arrangement of gates of any complexity allows significantly save on the purchase and construction of the proposed finished sets. No wonder most home masters with great zeal taken independently to carry out any construction work at home apartment or country house. The gates are the face of every buildings, therefore, require installation of certain knowledge and skills. In order to figure out how to properly assemble durable and high-quality iron gates with their own hands, you will need to determine the features of popular materials from which they are made, and choose the best for yourself a type.

Application features

Application Features

Entrance gates must strictly fit into the exterior of the style and the architecture of the house, as well as the height and design of the fence. If the fence and the cottage are wooden, then the metal gate with forging elements are unlikely to be able to find a common harmony with them. However, the presented form of the gate will be organically combined with stone or wrought iron fences.

Do not forget about the important element of the whole fence – the gate. Its classic width is 1.2–1.3 m. This optimal value ensures free passage of the bike, standard stroller, etc.

Typically, the average length of the entry structure varies in range from 2.2 to 2.4 m, and height – from 1.6 to 2 m. When through the gates are planned for the entry of trucks, it is more appropriate total last value to increase to 3.5-4 m. Currently the most used type is the swing type gate.

Tool List

List of necessary tools

Before you start the manufacturing process, it’s worth to carry out preparatory activities. One of these is selection tool. Required inventory includes:

  • building tape;
  • a pair of clamps;
  • hammer;
  • welding machine;
  • grinder;
  • drawing accessories.

Always observe safety precautions. Before performance of work with metal products is mandatory get special protective gloves and goggles as any blown away chips or hot pieces of metal can cause injuries and injuries!

Installation of swing gates

Installation of swing gates

The procedure for creating the presented type of gate includes making two symmetrical flaps that are reliable fixed on the supporting posts by means of hinges. Frames half and poles can be made of metal or wood. Operating principle this design is based on the opening of the halves in the opposite apart from each other.

The first priority is preparation and fixation. supporting elements. Having decided on the metal type of gate, steel pipes with a diameter of at least 100 mm should be purchased. IN alternatively often use square or rectangular metal profile with a cross section of 40 mm.

Arranging support pillars and frames

Arrangement of support pillars and frames

For this purpose, it will be necessary to concrete the selected support elements at a depth of about 1.2–1.5 m. When installed, they should consider the type of soil and the weight of the future design. It will be useful pre-calculate the width of each leaf, because undue excess material can lead to increased hinge loads during gate movement and strong winds. If the production of powerful gates is provided, it is worth using not 4 hinges, as in the classic version, and 6 to reduce pressure and uniform weight distribution. Welded to each loop a metal plate 3-4 mm thick.

An important point on which all integrity and strength of construction, reliable and high-quality welding plates with a loop. It must be completed on all lines. the contact of the two elements.

Pillar for the gateGate post

The next item of work involves the manufacture of support racks for each of the shutters. By means of a grinder it is necessary prepare from the profile with a square section two identical pieces, 20-30 cm higher than the gate. Next to the racks are welded plates, so as to get as similar as possible two item. Then, with the help of clamps, they are fixed on the supporting pillars.

After this, the optimum clearance between the stand and support. For this purpose you can use small wooden gaskets. The minimum values ​​for this indicator should be about 3-4 mm, and the classical value is about 10-15 mm.

GateGate frame

Having completed all the described activities, we proceed to manufacture upper and lower support beams. By measuring the distance between the supporting struts, cut off from the profile two corresponding pieces. Then using the level we check the horizontal and vertical level of the whole assembled design and grab the beams pointwise. Further proceed to the manufacture of two central connecting elements. To do this, measure the distance between the two supporting beams, prepare two profile sections and the described fix the above method on the product frame with a distance of 10-15 mm apart from each other. Then we conduct a final inspection of all compounds and finally we fasten all the beams together.

Every angle is needed to increase rigidity and strength. reinforce the flaps with steel plates (8 blanks with a thickness of 2-3 mm – 4 pieces for each wing). All prepared safety products are welded onto the frame from the inside.

Casement lining


The gates are made of steel, art forging, corrugated board and etc., two identical ones are welded onto the prepared frame piece of selected material.

The final stage – sawing the frame in the center. Arrangement of a single the base for the sash allows you to eliminate possible displacements and leave minimal gaps between the wings.

The finishing touch is the exterior finish. Here variety of finishes depends on tastes and preferences the owner, however, the general concept inherent in the exterior of the house should save.

Arrangement of garage doors

Arrangement of garage doors

An important attribute of any country house is a garage for the “iron friend”. Getting started on how to do reliable garage doors, it is also worth understanding the variety types and highlight the most suitable option.

Types of structures

Types of structures

The development of modern technology allows you to use Every day more and more types of designs of entrance gates. Most commonly used types are:

  • swinging;
  • lifting;
  • sectional;
  • roller shutters.

Features of the construction

Features of the construction

In the assortment of many stores are already ready self-assembly kits with attached description of the progress of all work. However, proceeding with the assembly garage doors, it is necessary to learn a number of requirements for their construction. The most important of them are:

  • free passage (gate dimensions are set in depending on the dimensions of the stored transport, optimal stock the space on each side when entering the car should not be less than 30–40 cm to the structural support posts);
  • reliable protection against breaking (the most durable material – galvanized steel sheet 3-4 mm thick);
  • resistance to environmental influences (reliable and high-quality surface treatment, combined with reinforced frame).



The technology for assembling a garage door is similar to installing an entrance designs, however, may include the installation of locks and locking mechanisms. It is most advisable to stop your gaze on a secure deadbolt or fixation through pins. First option provides for welding special loops on the gate frame and fixing by means of a locking beam, but this variation requires the presence of a gate. The second method involves driving into the ground of the pipe section into which the movable will subsequently sink rod.

In conclusion, it remains only to color all the elements and with desire to insulate the inside of the gate wing. If you have your own experience in making iron gates, then leave comments in end of this article. And to help novice masters presented photographs and diagrams of possible gate designs.


The provided video shows the principle making iron gates:

A photo

The photo shows various options for the iron gate:

Lifting gatesLifting gates

Metal swing gatesMetal swing gates

Swing garage doorsSwing garage goal



Iron gate with forgingIron gate with forged


Schemes will help you build the necessary gate design:

Concreting schemeConcreting Scheme

Iron from corrugated boardIron from corrugated board

Lifting gates

Console Gate SchemeCantilever Gate Scheme

Foundation deviceFoundation device

Components of the sliding structureComponents sliding construction

Scheme of the garage doorGarage Gate Scheme

Drawing of the lifting structureLift drawing constructions

Do-it-yourself iron gate

Double-wing version, front and top viewDouble variant, front and top view

Scheme of stiffenersStiffener ribs

Components of automatic gatesComponents automatic gate

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