Do-it-yourself drywall fireplace

Drywall Fireplace Table of contents:

  • 1 Putting the tool
  • 2 How to choose a good place
  • 3 Making a project
  • 4 A dream come true!
  • 5 Decorating a fireplace is an important step
  • 6 An unforgettable moment!
  • 7 videos
  • 8 Photos

It may seem to some that having a fireplace in an apartment is on the brink of fiction. However, thanks to modern construction technology has made this possible. Actually the fireplace is playing a huge role in the formation of a family home, warmth and comfort. Therefore, using drywall, you can make simple fireplace.

Assemble the tool

Scissors for metalScissors for metal

You will not need so many tools. Not necessary acquire a professional set, although the process will go with it much easier and faster. So you will need:

  1. Screwdriver.
  2. Screwdriver.
  3. Scissors for metal.
  4. Roulette.
  5. Level.
  6. Marker and pencil.

With this basic tool, you can start work.

How to choose a good place

Fireplace portal decorationFireplace portal decoration

In this matter, do not rush. The most important thing is perfect pick up a room, and after that the place where it will be located, namely on which wall. If the room is large enough, then it can be placed in the middle of the longitudinal wall, decorating it false chimney. When the area is limited, you can make a corner fireplace. Try to choose a place that will be away from cabinet, doors, batteries, etc. Given this, you can prevent unnecessary problems.

Make a project

Portal schemePortal Layout

The first step will be to create an individual fireplace model. For example, you can make a sketch or drawing on a large sheet of paper. Perhaps at the beginning of the design it would be nice to see already ready-made models of fireplaces. This will allow you to really submit it to the place you have chosen. The fireplace model may be unlike what you saw. So do not strive for this. Create individual masterpiece that emphasizes the interior of this particular rooms.

Some experts advise to make a preliminary layout the buildings. As a result, you can realistically see what in the end will work out. This can be done with foam and PVA glue. So, you will see a really finished construction and, possibly, something add.

A dream come true!


Work should begin with the manufacture of the box. You can safely to say that this stage of work is the most important, because already at this the stage is laying the foundation, strength and sustainability of the future fireplace. As a rule, the frame is made of UD and CD profiles. Preliminarily from a project drawn on a piece of paper, Transfer the outlines of the fireplace to the wall and partially to the floor. Wherein use the level, thereby achieving accuracy. It is important to the guide profile was firmly fixed to the wall.

Each delivered profile must be checked by level. Important, so that the size is fully consistent with the dimensions in the drawings. If a hurry, you can deviate from the given sizes, which will lead to the fact that the electric simulator of fire does not fit into the fireplace. Then all your work will go downhill!

Frame profileProfile frame

When the whole frame is ready, you can proceed to facing it drywall. After this, each joint formed is smeared special putty. It’s important to use a special tape – seryanka – which will prevent the appearance of cracks. To the corners aluminum corners are installed that will give the fireplace more strength and severity of outlines. If you want to make foot, then you will need to additionally build for him frame from profile. Subsequently, on this foot can be put in as a decor of a log.

Before installing an electric fireplace you will need a good putty the whole structure. After grouting, the fireplace will be ready for finishing work.

Decorating a fireplace is an important step


Having created the frame and sheathed it with plasterboard, you performed only half the work. The next stage, perhaps the most important – decoration. The portal is the main element of each fireplace. By in fact, this is its facade, which will always be in the public eye. For his design, you can use absolutely any material. For example, it could be:

  1. Marble.
  2. Brick.
  3. Painting.
  4. Gypsum finish.
  5. Forging.
  6. Fake diamond.
  7. Tile.

Making a fireplaceMaking a fireplace

It is not necessary to use strictly one material. Can combine to achieve maximum beauty. If you got to the bottom, here you can use stone, marble, tile or brick. The choice will depend on the overall interior of the room. Can set some accessories that will give the dummy naturalness: forged lattice, logs, etc.

It is necessary to monitor the complete harmonious design of the fireplace. Everyone the element must fully match the style and convey design idea.

An unforgettable moment!

Fireplace by the longitudinal wallFireplace by the longitudinal wall

Perhaps everyone knows that a person can look at fire, not coming off for long hours. This truth is confirmed by many. generations. If you want to create home comfort, harmony, which will be complemented by a fireplace, then do not hesitate. Take it soon to the cause. We are sure that you will succeed. Little patience and you can sit every night with your beloved a man near a fire, even artificial.


A photo

Drywall CornerDrywall Corner

Gypsum fireplace in the interiorGypsum fireplace in the interior

Decorative decorationDecorative finish

Stone FinishStone finish

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