Do-it-yourself children’s slide in the country

Children's slide in the country Table of contents:

  • 1 Security Issues
  • 2 Choosing a place to install the structure
  • 3 What material to prefer?
  • 3.1 Metal slide
  • 3.2 Wooden children’s slide
  • 4 manufacturing principle
  • 5 A few additional recommendations
  • 6 videos

Every child’s favorite place is a playground where you can play actively. The most favorite is the hill, on which even some adults don’t mind taking a ride. Today in specialized stores you can find a huge assortment playgrounds of different configurations, made from different materials. Naturally, such a purchase will be expensive, and you can’t state that product quality will be appropriate. Therefore increasingly parents decide to equip the play area on their own. So, with minimum financial and time costs may come full do-it-yourself children’s slide in the country.

Security questions

Security questions

Before you begin to develop a layout, you should consider an important issue is security, which comes first among all requirements. Since the slide is intended for children, then it is necessary to think over and calculate everything in advance to exclude the slightest chance of injury to a child. Determined by safety with many features:

  • sustainability;
  • strength;
  • attractive appearance;
  • functionality;
  • ability to withstand heavy loads.

The best solution is to secure the structure to concrete base or supports that are driven deep into the ground. Finishing material must be firmly fixed, and the descent from the hill – as safe as possible. To achieve this, specialists recommend:

  • pay attention to the evenness of the gutter;
  • exclude the presence of sharp corners, burrs and bolts;
  • provide a soft landing, for example, on sand or thick the grass.

An equally important issue is climbing the hill. The staircase must be equipped with handrails on both sides. Additional Protective equipment is also welcomed: stability and reliability. So, when choosing a tree as the main material, it is necessary choose the right fasteners – nuts, washers and bolts. Guides the descent is fixed on a special glue – this will provide good glide.

The stability of the slide will provide even a simple foundation, and reliability depends on the choice of quality materials for assembly children’s slides and playgrounds.

Choosing a place to install the structure

Features of the choice of installation locationFeatures choosing a place to install

Before you make a children’s slide on a summer cottage, it is necessary to determine not only the design, but also the place placement. So, an area with a good overview would be an ideal option from all sides, this will allow parents to keep track of their child.

In most cases, the slide is installed on the playground, but you can also place it outside the complex. Selected place It should be sunny and close to trees or the building. A great option would be a platform near the garden, in certain hours a shadow will come from him, which means that children do not overheat.

It is not recommended to place a children’s slide in the backyard, next to a garage or other buildings. During the game, children may injured by tools or scattered construction materials.

Which material should I prefer?

Which material should I prefer?

Despite the huge range of building materials, for equipping a children’s slide is suitable only for wood or metal. Despite the fact that the design will be of the same type as for the first, and the second option, the manufacturing process will be completely different. This is because each material has its own features to consider before you do final choice and begin to study the construction technology designs.

Metal slide

At the very beginning, it is worth paying attention to the fact that without welding making a slide will be quite difficult. therefore it is necessary to have minimal skills and the welding machine itself. In addition, do not forget that metal is a whimsical material that when heated (during welding) can deform and bend. Any idea without special knowledge of working with metal may not end in the same way originally intended.

Despite this, it must be said that a children’s slide made of metal has many advantages in comparison with a tree:

  • long term of operation;
  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • does not endanger the life of the child, subject to technology installation.

Wooden children’s slide

The main advantage of wood is ease of processing, for which will require a standard set of power tools:

  • drill;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • grinder with special nozzles (for polishing wood).

Even a beginner in the construction business can easily cope with set task. Unlike metal, a slide made of any lumber has practically no drawbacks, and if and those are, then they are insignificant and they can easily be eliminate. For example, if necessary, protect the structure from moisture enough to treat it with special protective equipment, and also paint with any paintwork material. Thereby a protective layer will be created.

It is also worth noting that when considering a purchase option ready-made children’s play complex or slide, you can consider Another option is plastic. In most cases, manufacturers combine it with wood or metal, so you can get a variety of forms and designs of slides.

Everyone decides which material to use for manufacturing. children’s slide. But, if this is your first time encountering a similar problem and do not have welding skills, the choice is obvious – tree.

There is one more “but” when choosing metal. Scrap collectors can take advantage of the lack of home owners and recycle construction.

Manufacturing principle

The principle of manufacturing a children's slidePrinciple making a children’s slide

As already mentioned, the terrain is selected first. The best option is the hill. After taking measurements You can start developing the layout. All drawings must have accurate calculations, which will allow you to pre-prepare the details of the desired size in the required quantity. When everything is ready, you can proceed with direct assembly:

  1. First you need to make a site that will installed at the very top. It is with her that the children will begin the descent. This stage is quite simple: a rectangle is assembled from a bar and with one side is sheathed with boards. Better to give preference grooved board, since there will be practically no gaps in it and joints, and, therefore, the risk of injury to the product will be reduced to to a minimum.
  2. When the site is ready, you need to attach the legs to it, in resulting in a fairly high stool. Exactly therefore, the fixing process is no different: 4 are fixed in the corners legs. For greater stability, they are connected among themselves. horizontal jumpers in several places (depending on the height of the children’s slide). So, for a slide, a height of 1.5 m is required jumpers in the middle and bottom.
  3. When the “stool” is fully ready, you can begin to create stairs where children will climb up. Nothing complicated in This is also not: 2 parallel poles are installed, which attached to the top edge of the structure. For connection use horizontal crossbars, they will also perform the function steps. If you want and free time you can construct a standard staircase with steps and by the risers. Safety rails provide handrails. For their several vertical supports are installed on which fasten the railing.
  4. The main stage is the descent. It is worth noting that for him you can use the same technology as when creating stairs, with only one difference: on parallel poles set plywood sheet. Also on the sides you need to create low restriction so that the child does not fly out of the descent slides. To do this, thick and wide boards are screwed on the sides, whose height should be more than 10 cm above the sheet plywood.
  5. The final stage will be grinding and painting the structure. All wood elements must be free of burrs and sharp corners that may scratch your baby’s skin. For these purposes, you can use a grinder with a special disk nozzle, which will quickly clear all irregularities. As a protective layer, you can use both varnish and paint. After construction dries need to be installed on the descent sheet of tin, providing perfect glide.

At the final stage, you can show your imagination. So it is possible use multiple paint colors to give a slide bright accents. On the descent, you can draw any picture, using a carbon paper.

Some additional recommendations

A few additional recommendations

When creating a children’s slide with your own hands, you need to remember main rule: all stages must be performed efficiently, so how the safety of your children will depend on this. Besides, should be guided by several recommendations from specialists:

  1. When choosing lumber, you need to check their quality. Also, all elements are twisted, painted, and nails are good clogged so that the caps do not stick out.
  2. Around the slide should be a soft coating, which is chosen in depending on your own preferences or situations. For this can be used: sand, thick grass (lawn) or artificial materials.
  3. The legs of the stairs, as well as the lower parts of the stairs and the descent must be immersed in the foundation. This will provide maximum mounting and structural strength.
  4. All the space around the slide needs to be cleaned of unnecessary objects to prevent the kids from tripping over during games. Sticks, stones and glass should be cleaned.

Only a high-quality children’s slide will contribute proper development of the child, maintain his athletic form and will lead a healthy lifestyle. The playground is your kind of stimulant for the full development of the growing organism. In addition, each child will be happy every day and active games.

As you can see, construct a children’s slide with your own hands simple enough – you just need to follow the induced step by step instructions. In addition, climbing a hill can be made not only in the form of stairs. You can use the remaining 2 sides to equip other lifting options. They also will affect the proper development of the child’s body. In the presence of free time and desire you can develop a whole game a complex in which besides a slide there will be a sandbox and a swing.

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You can find out how to make a children’s slide with your own hands. from video material in which all processes are phased taken:

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