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To give originality to a doorway can not only be correct matched beautiful and expensive door, but also changing it rectangular configuration on the arched. Moreover, the arch of plywood hands can be made even by those who have never tried before your strength in creating any volumetric structures from this material.

There are two main methods for creating an arch from plywood with your own. hands.

Option one

Materials for the manufacture of archesMaterials for the manufacture arches

If you are not sure that you can smoothly and smoothly bend the plywood sheet to give it a semicircle shape, you can use with this option of creating an arch with your own hands:

  • Prepare the tool you need when working with plywood: electric jigsaw, grinder (but you can do just a piece of sandpaper), a screwdriver, a hacksaw to a tree.
  • You will also need a pencil, a ruler, self-tapping screws (for wood and concrete), foam, foam, plywood, wooden bars and small planks.
  • Start by dismantling the door frame, if it was previously installed in this doorway. Remove remaining foam, pieces mortar and other unnecessary protrusions on its sides.
  • Then you need to carefully measure the doorway, the top part of which you are going to round. Remember that when arches in a normal doorway, you slightly reduce it area. But you will not be able to increase the opening itself, since in its upper part is a reinforced concrete beam that holds everything upstream bricks or blocks from falling down. Of course, with if desired, the top of the opening can be completely disassembled to the top overlap, make the arch taller, and the rest also close plywood, so that you do not have to install a reinforced concrete beam.
  • Now you need to draw on plywood the shape of the arch, which Will definitely fit your doorway. Please note that in its central part can go almost to “zero”, that is, to level of the lower edge of the reinforced concrete beam. And the sides of your arches should not go beyond the doorway.
  • Having decided on the configuration of the arch, cut out wooden blocks 5-6 centimeters shorter than the side of the plywood arch (they should not peek out from the bottom of the arch) and attach them to the upper part of the sides of the doorway using self-tapping screws concrete. The bars must be fixed so that the plywood attached to them formed one plane with the surface of the wall around the door.
  • Saw the wooden blocks the same way to attach the top parts of the arch from plywood and fasten them to a reinforced concrete beam.
  • Attach an arch sawn from plywood to the bars.
  • To fill the “body” of the arch, use polystyrene and mounting the foam.
  • Fasten small planks along the bottom edge of the plywood arch so that their bottom edge does not peek out from the arch. The length of the planks must exactly match the thickness of the arch.
  • Fill the space between the planks with foam.


  • Wait for the foam to dry, cut off its excess and spackle the entire surface of the arch using a sickle (mesh tape having one sticky side).
  • Paint or wallpaper the arch.
  • Along the perimeter of the arch, it can be decorated by laying out decorative a stone.

The second option. Bent plywood

Arch of plywood schemePlywood arch scheme

And in this case, all work begins with the preparation of the door opening, freeing it from the old door frame, and leveling side and top surfaces of slopes. Then you need to carefully measure the opening to make a drawing of the future arch. For this take a thick cardboard and draw on it the bottom of the arch. Then cut it out – you need the bottom of the cardboard, which will become a kind of stencil.

  1. Measure the length of the lower semicircular part of the arch on your stencil.
  2. Add one centimeter on each side and the resulting size, cut a rectangle from plywood, the width of which should be equal to the thickness of the walls of the doorway. Short pieces Sew the rectangle to a sharp angle (this will plywood smoothly “jump” into the doorway when you put it on it fasten).
  3. Saturate the plywood thoroughly with water so that it becomes flexible and does not cracked when trying to bend it.
  4. Attach wet plywood to the doorway, fasten with screws the center of the sheet by attaching it to a reinforced concrete beam.
  5. Adjust the position of the plywood by placing a cardboard bottom stencil. Fasten the lower parts of the arch with screws.
  6. Wait for the plywood to dry completely.

The use of foam in the manufacture ofThe use of foam when making

Now you just have to fill the space between the bent in arch shape plywood and top of doorway (use for this, pieces of polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam), and then putty the surface, aligning them one level with adjacent to the arch the walls.

A photo

One of the options for building an arch from plywood:

Securing the barsBar fastening

Shaping the ArchShaping the Arch

Fitting designFitting design

Carving an arch frameArch carving

Fastening the frameFrame fixing

Lamp HolesLamp holes

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