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Metal canopy Table of contents:

  • 1 Design features and the variety of its types
  • 2 Preparatory work
  • 3 Site Preparation
  • 4 Installing the feet
  • 5 Roof construction
  • 6 videos
  • 7 Photos
  • 8 Schemes

Absolutely any owner of a cottage or a country house faced with the need to arrange a canopy for his iron friend. This circumstance is due primarily to universality of the design, since it can not be used only for a car, but also for storing garden accessories and small technical devices. In addition to This stage of construction becomes more relevant when need to park the vehicle for a little amount of time. In the article we will tell you how to do do-it-yourself metal canopy for the car, Provide step-by-step instructions, photos and videos.

Design features and the variety of its types

Design features and the variety of its types

Before building work, the future should be determined. location of the canopy, its style, determine the purpose and type of construction being constructed. In addition, it’s worth making a choice. between stationary and mobile view.

The advantages of a stationary building are practicality and longevity, and mobile – mobility. However movable demand the manufacture of a durable frame, so it build in rare cases when you need to temporarily protect car from rain, direct sunlight and dust.

By the type of placement, the canopies are freestanding as an extension. Attached structures form a single construction with a nearby building and are often combined the roof.

Simple carport in the parking lotSimple canopy on parking

The roof of a freestanding canopy can be domed, arc, arched, gable and gable.

As support pillars, ordinary metal or profile pipes, brick and wood. Together with roofing materials also abound in variety: corrugated board, natural tiles, polycarbonate, metal tiles, etc.

Canopy type and material determine complexity and duration mounting design. Generally for simpler and more economical assemblies use metal profiles and decking. Post thickness and floors is selected depending on the size of the structure and estimated load.

Preparatory work

Preparatory work

For the successful completion of the task it is necessary make an approximate sketch of a future canopy, prepare a tool, purchase consumables and accessories. Required tools:

  • construction level and tape measure;
  • a grinder or saw for cutting metal;
  • drill with a puncher and a set of drills and bits;
  • riveter;
  • metal screws or rivets.

A complete and objective depends on a clear drawing of the drawing assessment of the amount of consumables, as well as the required volume fasteners, therefore, to the compilation of the named The document should be given special attention. Other than that, not forget safety precautions when working with metal products.

Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Getting started, it is worth preparing the site under construction. For this, according to the sketch level and tamp the ground in place of the intended erection. Then, along the perimeter, we dig holes under the support posts depths from 50 to 100 cm. The recesses are thus equipped to make a rectangle, as a rule, in two rows of 2-3 pits.

Installation of supports

Installation of supports

The metal profile should be cut according to the number of supporting poles, their dyne should be 3 m. Depending on the selected Depending on the type of construction, the method of mounting the racks is determined. At the construction of a fixed canopy level and concreted, and when erecting its mobile additional cutting of metal pipes with diameter slightly larger than that of the support pipe, and a length equal to the depth of the foundation. Prepared metal pieces mounted in pits and poured with cement mortar. Then to each profile is inserted from pipe scraps In pipe and profile holes are drilled and the entire support is pulled together by bolts.

The process of installing the roofInstallation process the roof

To stiffen and prevent premature destruction, you can use the described protective “covers” and with arrangement of a stationary structure. Only difference from mobile canopies will be that profile must be welded to a metal pipe.

Erection of a roof


Roofs are solid and collapsible. Their primary difference lies in the method of fixing the elements together: in the first in the case of the components are welded, and in the second – are pulled together bolts. In addition, designs are single-pitch and gable.

Mounting trusses with threaded connectionTruss mount threaded connection

On the example of a non-separable gable roof, we consider its technology installation. Pieces will need to be welded to the support posts. metal profile, so that the correct rectangular frame. Then, proceed to welding the rafters. On the ground on one side and on the other side we weld pieces of metal profile with a step of 1 m at an angle of no more than 30º. It is important to consider that the resulting design should slightly extend beyond welded upper frame. Next, place the welded elements on supporting rectangle, at the joints we boil.

Farms for a roofFarms for roofing

To simplify the procedure for constructing a roof frame, reinforce the metal rectangular base located on supports, transverse beams in the center of each side. Then to weld 20-30 cm lengths to the central safety beam profile pipes that will act as the pillars of the future skate. Next, with pipes from the profile, the extended segments are fastened together with a friend and a rectangular base.

RoofRoof sheathing

Having finished installing the frame, we proceed to the casing corrugated board. The sheets are fastened directly to prepared frame on the rafters overlapping each other through rivets, screws or bolts.

When making a carport on your own, it’s important follow the instructions and observe the dimensions of the constituent elements, reflected in the prepared drawings based on accurate calculations. All of these conditions, combined with the right approach and proper diligence will allow you to build high-quality metal canopy.


This video explains the intricacies in more detail. manufacturing a metal canopy:

A photo

In the photographs you can see various options for arrangement metal canopy:

Arched metal canopyArched metal canopy

Canopy in a private houseCanopy in a private house

Canopy with forging pillarsCanopy with pillars forged supports

Above the PorchAbove the porch

Above the stone barbecueOver a stone barbecue

Canopy arborCanopy Arbor

Metal canopy on brick supportsMetal canopy on brick supports

Metal canopy in the countryMetal canopy on country house

Small canopy over the barbecueSmall canopy over barbecue

Gable canopyGable canopy


If you decide to make a metal canopy, then provided a circuit can help you make the right fit for you designs:

Steel construction drawingDrawing metal structures

Drawing trussRafter drawing farms

Single-pitched canopy schemeSingle Slope Scheme canopy

Front and side viewFront and side view

Scheme of a metal canopyMetal circuit canopy

Gable canopyGable pattern canopy

Working drawing of a canopyWorking drawing of a canopy

Scheme of the arched canopyArched Canopy Scheme


Canopy drawingCanopy drawing

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