DIY houses (59 photos): options play buildings for children

Game house on the shore of a mountain lake

Game house on the shore of a mountain lake

DIY houses. To entertain a child with something is a task not easy. Especially when you need to free quite a significant part of the time. Of course, great if there are grandfathers and grandmothers or funds for babysitting services. And what to do in a situation where neither one nor the other?


  • Where to start: material selection
  • House dimensions
  • DIY wooden house
  • House in the apartment

Playhouse - a great kind of leisure for children

Game house – a great kind of leisure for children

Well, there is a way out – why not build for your little fidgets kids compact house? On the one hand, he will become a cozy place for games, and on the other – will allow the child to acquire personal space.

Corner game house in the form of a white fortress

Corner game house in the form of a white fortress

A house with beveled windows and a game structure

Playhouse with sloping windows and play structure

To make a children’s play house with your own hands, it’s enough just connect your imagination and remember everything that you studied at labor lessons. For the most extreme case, you can find the right materials. and tips on the internet.

A game house stylized as a work of J. R. R. Tolkien

Game house stylized as a work of J. R. R. Tolkien

Playhouse with a modern facade design

Playhouse with a modern facade design

First, find out what a children’s house or tent is. it a great solution for organizing your baby’s free time with benefits for its development. Any little man will be pleased spend time in your personal “fortress.” Children’s house or the tent will allow you to please the child and slightly unload your own day for personal affairs.

Game tower with a clock and backlight

Backlit game tower

Small and cozy white house

Small and cozy white house

Do-it-yourself wooden game house do not amount to no labor, a tent or a cardboard structure can also almost every one of us will fulfill, and this article will help you in this fascinating lesson. So, we are building a children’s playhouse in do-it-yourself apartment

Children’s playhouse: material selection

An idea of ​​how to build a children’s house is available from each of us: you just need to make a plan for future construction and determine the necessary materials. You can not build a house only from wood, but also from cardboard, although wood as a raw material for that construction is optimal for a number of reasons:

  • wood compared to cardboard is more durable and durable, and in the case of building a house for children, this plays a huge role;

Game house - exterior and interior

Game house – exterior and interior

  • wooden house can be made with various decorative carved elements, thereby making it attractive and interesting for the future owner;

Boardwalk game house with flowers under the windows

Boardwalk game house with flowers under the windows

  • wooden structure looks more aesthetically pleasing than cardboard product.

Open street house

Outdoor street house

Despite all the above advantages of wood as a material for the construction of a children’s play building, you need to decide for yourself where the constructed product will be located. According to many parents, for an apartment it’s better to choose a cardboard option or even set up a fabric tent.

A simple playhouse on stilts with a curtain

Simple playhouse with curtains and stilts

House of woven branches

House of Woven Branches

Such a design will take up much less space, its construction will not bring a lot of garbage into the house, and eliminate in if necessary, such a house will be much easier.

Game house - garage

Game house – garage

Game house - bed

Game lodge – a bed for the child

House dimensions

The next step after selecting the material will be to determine and calculation of the sizes and parameters of the future house. So that the baby was interesting to be in it, keep in mind that the more free territory, the safer and more comfortable for the child will be playing its “fortress”.

Game house - a pirate ship

Game House – Pirate Ship

Home game house of blue color

Home game house in blue

If you are building a house outside the apartment (for example, in the country), also Choose a site more freely. Although, of course, the territory of the country put on will allow you to manifest your plan much more freely and wide.

The interior of the game house

Playhouse Interior

House combined with a game platform

House combined with a game platform

DIY wooden house

If you preferred wood in the choice of material, then Pay attention to the option of building from the bars. To start we carry out a frame of them, which then should be beaten with boards.

A two-story playhouse, stylized as a real

Two-story game house, stylized as a real

Tip: pay attention to the thickness of the boards. She must be at least 2 cm. If she will thinner, the house will be rather shaky and will quickly become worthless. IN ideally, the thickness should be about 3-4 cm. This will ensure durability of a design, and will not allow it to look too массивной.Beautiful illumination of a game house

Прекрасная иллюминация игрового домика

Game house with a numbered mailbox and a paper wreath on the door

Game house with a numbered mailbox and a paper wreath on the door

Next, proceed to the erection of the roof. For this, the finished frame for the roof, assembled on the same principle as for the walls, attached to the walls, after which it is also covered with boards.

Fairytale game house

Fairytale game house

Several houses in the game room

Several houses in the playroom

In principle, we can say that the house is ready. However for more safety (in particular – to protect against splinter) and attractive design must be varnished or painted. Here everything is limited only by your imagination.

A simple house with a table and seats

Simple house with a table and seats

The house can be multi-colored or monotonous, have a fabulous or a simple concise look. Also for greater resemblance to the present the house can be decorated with artificial roof tiles (it can be made of polystyrene foam and painted for more credibility).

Red house with a veranda

Red house with a veranda

As for the exterior of the house, it can be anything – starting from a simple one-story box to a complex architectural a masterpiece with a second floor, stairs, turrets or slide. All depends on whether the territory of the plot or apartment realize this idea.

Yellow-beige house with a blue door

Yellow-beige house with a blue door

House in the apartment

If you happen to be the owner of your own home or suburban area, then the implementation of the project for the construction of a children’s the house is simplified at times. And what about parents raising baby in the apartment and not able to regularly travel to cottage or in the village?

Cardboard house with lighting

Cardboard house with lighting

Large game house in the shape of a ball

Large ball-shaped playhouse

A house for children can be arranged in the apartment, just material for him it is worth choosing another. Great solution for even the most small apartment will be the construction of a children’s playhouse from fabric.

Home tent in black and white stripes

Black and White Striped Home Tent

Game Wigwam

Game Wigwam

A typical design of a fabric playhouse, usually made so that it can be pulled over a square table. Everything is pretty simple here. Measuring table parameters (height legs, as well as the length and width of the countertop) and get appropriate amount of tissue. The fabric is better to choose more dense.

Wood frame fabric house

Wood frame fabric house

Idea: look interesting houses collected from different pieces of fabric of different textures. Windows in the house can be made of polyethylene, and the entrance is equipped with lightning or tweaked. The fabric can be dyed with bright colors (of course, only safe in composition for the baby) by painting on the walls “house” landscapes or favorite cartoon characters. As You can put a mattress or a thick blanket on the floor.

Gaming a house is a great game in itself.

Gaming a house is a great game in itself

Fabric playhouse for children will be the most optimal in in the event that the area of ​​the apartment does not allow even cardboard construction. The fabric tent on the table is easily disassembled and Does not take up much space when folded.

Fairy Tent Camp

Fairy Tent Camp

You can also use cardboard – kids will certainly be pleased cardboard “fortress” for games. If a wooden house requires and some carpentry skills, and enough free space, then when erecting a construction of cardboard accounting for these nuances are not so important. Just have the right amount cardboard boxes, good imagination and accurate representation of the future project.

Cardboard house - inside and out

Cardboard House – Inside and Out

To decorate the walls, you can use oracal, often used in window dressing, or simple paints for children’s creativity. All necessary openings (windows, doors) cut through with a clerical knife. Of the more boxes, it’s easy assemble more intricate structures with tunnels and passages. The end result will depend only on your imagination.

Cardboard house with homemade flowers on the windowsill

Cardboard house with homemade flowers on the windowsill


We introduced you to options for how to make do-it-yourself children’s playhouse. As you can see, such a task is not requires neither large material costs nor a long time for construction. And the fact is that such a design will bring the baby great pleasure, you can rest assured.

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