DIY garden bench

Benches for a summer residence Table of contents:

  • 1 Solid wood
  • 2 Of bars and tubular rings
  • 3 videos: various options for garden benches

Want to decorate your summer cottage with exclusive benches that would be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and also not expensive? Then you It is worth doing the manufacture of a garden bench yourself. Ergonomic design and style of every small architectural form must comply with the stringent requirements imposed on it, and shops on this list are no exception. First of all, you individual preferences according to level comfort and overall landscape design concept.

Comfortable, functional and attractive benches should always positioned so that individual elements are clearly visible landscapes such as ponds, rock gardens, flower beds, compositions from colors, etc. With all this, resting on the selected forms, you can effectively emphasize other objects, and not just equip places admiring the landscape.

Solid wood

Preparation for the manufacture of benchesBlank for manufacturing benches

If you don’t have much time to build complex benches, then A simple solid wood construction would be the best solution. For the construction of such a shop you will need a solid array. For markup you will need tools:

  1. Joiner pencil.
  2. Bubble level.
  3. Roulette.

Perhaps every owner of a summer cottage has in his arsenal these tools.

In addition, to cut the array you will need:

  1. Saw (tenoning with a butt),
  2. Ax.
  3. Jigsaw.
  4. Plane.
  5. Woodworking machine.

Of course, with a power tool you will make the bench faster, but even without it, you can build a beautiful product from a solid wood. After giving the bench the desired shape, process it a special tool against decay.

Choose a durable tree species, such as oak.

Of bars and tubular rings

Bench of the ringsBench of the rings

This type requires little welding skills. apparatus and gas burner. First you need to make 2 rings, pre-conceived diameter. Crossbar in rings necessary for fixing wooden slats that will serve sitting. As a ring, you can use the usual metal pipe.

To make a circle out of a metal pipe, you should initially fill it with sand. This will help to avoid its deformation. or break. If you need to bend a steel or aluminum pipe, then you will need a gas burner with which you can heat the metal, fixing the workpiece in a vise. Preliminary heat it in the place you will bend. Before you start shape the product, check if it is warm enough metal.

If we are talking about an aluminum pipe, then bring it to a place heating paper – it should smoke or ignite. If you if you heat a steel pipe, then determine the heat, changing it will help colors in the place of heating to bright red. Crossbeams from weld a metal profile with a welding machine.

Profile metalMetal profile

Now let’s talk about wooden racks for seating. If you not have a lot of free time, then wooden slats or bars of the desired thickness and width can be bought at specialty store, but they can be made and by yourself. Very quickly this problem is solved on woodworking machine. If you don’t have one, then deal with work is possible with a jigsaw. Finished rails needed treat with an antiseptic that prevents decay, and then open with varnish or paint them in your preferred color.

Get only the varnish (or paint) that is intended for outdoor work.

While the slats will dry, you can make holes in the transverse the crossbar that you will need to secure them. Not forget to keep in mind that there should be some the gap.

Now you need to fill the base under the bench. Here you can use the principle of pouring a shallow monolithic columnar foundation. How to do it? Dig a hole measuring 50×50 cm, a depth of not more than 30 cm, then fill the base with a layer of crushed stone in 10 see. Mix the concrete and fill it with the foundation, but, pre-think how you will attach the rings. Can weld 2 legs on each ring and deepen them into foundation.

Weld a small piece of reinforcement to the cap of the bolt. It will not give to turn a bolt at a nut loosening.

The final process will be the assembly of the structure, and fixing it on the basis of the foundation.

Video: various options for garden benches

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