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How to equip a garage Table of contents:

  • 1 Basic requirements
  • 2 How to install racks and shelves
  • 3 How to properly equip a viewing hole
  • 4 Required equipment
  • 4.1 Workbench
  • 4.2 Welding machine
  • 4.3 Water separator
  • 4.4 Washing
  • 5 Quality ventilation and lighting
  • 6 videos
  • 7 Photos

The garage is the second home for motorists. This structure does not serve only to shelter the car in bad weather, but also a place to store all kinds of tools, often is a “mini-workshop” the owner, where you can make almost any repair. Every owner equips your garage for yourself. Some are not very serious about the equipment of the room, and it begins to bring more problems than good. But still, most motorists try adhere to certain requirements that are important to fulfill for more convenient maintenance of your car. So, the arrangement of the garage DIY requires compliance with certain requirements.

Primary requirements

How to put tools in the garageHow to arrange tools in the garage

Arrangement of a room for a garage implies that there will be warm and dry enough.

Your car should not freeze even in very severe frosts. By opportunities can provide a quick warm-up system the garage.

It is very important to reliably protect the room from strangers penetration. When setting up your garage, remember that access to tools or equipment that will be located in garage should be as convenient and simple as possible. Therefore better think in advance about the location of the storage places.

In general, this is only the minimum requirements that are desirable consider for your own comfort. You can also as you wish supplement and equip the garage with additional means for repair and service your car. Workbench with tools and viewing pit can be a great addition to equipment premises.

How to install racks and shelves

Shelving under the ceilingRacks under the ceiling

For the most comfortable arrangement of the garage is required quite a lot of space, and this is often a problem. Storage working tools and equipment also takes quite a large space. Therefore, with an independent arrangement of the garage try to fit as much space as possible under the shelves or cabinets, but so that they do not interfere with the free movement of the room. Shelves can be hung wherever you are for them cling or bump over tables, windows, shelving and so Further.

Distance to the machine when hanging shelves on each side must be at least 1 meter.

Garage arrangement in the corner zoneGarage arrangement in corner zone

Quite often it’s convenient to equip with a variety of shelves and equip the wall that is farthest from the gate. Exactly basic tools, a compressor, a workbench and other things. Everything is at hand and does not interfere with moving around the room.

A large number of shelves in the garage is a big plus, but also it is worth thinking about a small cabinet where you could hang work clothes and fold some rags.

How to equip a viewing hole

The scheme of the inspection pitThe scheme of the inspection pit

The question of the presence or absence of a viewing hole is quite individual. First you need to decide how high the need to equip such a pit. No sense in her equipment, if you often use a flyover on the street.

If you decide that you need such a pit, then you need to consider that the walls and bottom should be concrete. The edges of the pit should be reinforced with iron corners. It is also worth considering what and how you will close the inspection hole during its non-use.

In the corner of the pit, a drainage hole is needed, it will collect all water accidentally falling down. Well need to do this size so that it is convenient to scoop up the accumulated water from it. In order not to accidentally step in the hole during car repair, her must be covered with a grill.

In the pit you can place small equipment that can come in handy for repairs, in the walls you can prudently make niches so that it is convenient to put the used tool. Also take care of the lighting of the inspection hole, install a lamp or equip a place for a portable lamp.

Necessary equipment

For a regular wheel change or disc replacement, holding the most normal work under the hood of a car is enough standard set tools and jack. But to do more complex work – special equipment is needed.


Workbench with tool boxesWorkbench with drawers for instruments

To make a workbench, it is best to use wood and metal. The working area is best covered with a piece of metal, protecting the tree from rapid wear. Workbench is best done in two or three levels to arrange as many necessary as possible of things.

Welding machine

Welding machine

For normal body repair, you just have enough welding apparatus or with tungsten electrodes that are in shielding gas or carbon dioxide medium, which welds metal with wire.

Water separator

Water separator

Such an apparatus is used to purify air from vapors and drops. oil, water and other small particles that may be present in him. This is a very convenient device used when painting a car, and contributing to an even distribution of paint on the metal.


Of course, this is not about a professional car wash. And just about the one that everyone can equip in their garage. For this you it will just be necessary to bring a hose or pipe to supply water to garage and drain into the sewer. Remember that wiring and lighting will need more thorough protection.

Quality ventilation and lighting

Ventilation in the garage schemeGarage ventilation scheme

It is very important to create high-quality ventilation in the garage, it does not only relieve the room of unpleasant and harmful odors, but also protects it from the formation of dampness and excessive dust.

Ventilation holes are usually made on both sides of the gate at low altitude and close with bars. Same holes made on the opposite wall, but already under the ceiling.

Garage overhead lightingGarage Overhead Lighting

Of course, the best lighting is natural, so when The opportunity is to think about having a window. If possible no – then make several lighting zones: above the work area, general and figurative, with which you can highlight the most necessary.

Using our tips and tricks for independent equipping a garage room, you can get beautiful and Convenient space to service your car.


An example of arranging a garage inside, you can see below:

A photo

Concreted viewing holeConcreted Lookout pit

Wooden workbenchWooden workbench

Shelving from profileShelving from profile

Shelf for tools with a lighting lampShelf for tools with lamp lighting

Searchlight lightingFloodlighting

Construction of a viewing pitThe arrangement of the viewing pits

Arrangement of a garage for two carsArrangement of a garage on two cars

General lighting in the garageGeneral lighting in the garage

Metal workbench with drawersMetal workbench with drawers

Ladder to the viewing holeLadder to the viewing hole

Wooden shelves with a metal frameWooden shelves with metal frame

Also for the arrangement of the garage you will need to buy metal cabinets for tools, racks, workbenches, etc. garage equipment that fits into the interior of the garage.

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