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Improvement of any country house, as well as adjacent to him land requires their mandatory enclosure reliable and attractive-looking fence, which is a kind of host card. The supporting foundation of any fence protects the structure from distortions and erosion, is, as you know, its foundation.

The process of preparing the foundation for a do-it-yourself fence does not requires special professionalism from the performer, since to the elementary pouring of a concrete base from completely accessible materials. All that is required of you in this case is compliance current standards and building codes, the account of which Allows you to avoid random errors and other troubles.

Types of Foundation Foundations

The scheme of the strip foundation for the fenceRibbon Scheme foundation under the fence

Given that for the future fence a reliable and strong enough foundation, when choosing it should be taken into account основные конструктивные параметры ограждения The process of pouring the foundationПроцесс заливки foundation (вparticular – its own weight and height). Moreover, it is quite naturally, with an increase in the size of the building envelope the load on its foundation will also increase.

Finding the right one for your fence and the type of foundation comes down to choosing one of the following options:

  1. foundation of tape type;
  2. conventional columnar supports;
  3. combined (tape and column foundation);
  4. rubble support bases.

In the case of arranging a massive fence, the most reasonable use a shallow strip foundation.

Design schemeDesign scheme

With a small weight of the fence, pour concrete tapes around the entire perimeter are not necessary at all. In a similar situation it will be enough to prepare several support pillars, poured into pre-prepared pits (the so-called columnar foundation).

This type of support base will cost you significantly less. tape and will not require any special labor costs.

Column type foundation

Arrangement of a column foundationColumn arrangement фундамента

For self-made columnar foundation you The following materials and tools will be required:

  • well sifted sand, cement and gravel;
  • metal profile pipes 50 × 50 used as supports;
  • household (garden) drilling mechanism.

The preparation of the foundation is as follows order:

  1. First, marking the site for the future fence with the use of pegs driven in the placement of supports with subsequent pulling between them a strong rope.
  2. Then, through the garden drill, pits (pits) are prepared under the supports. To prepare them, it is advisable to use a drill, allowing to expand the bottom of the pit, which will protect the installed extrusion support during freezing or thawing of frozen soil. For fences of various types, the depth of the pits should be within 0.9-1.4 meters with a width of about 0.4 meters. Distance between neighboring supports should not exceed 2-3 meters; wherein it is desirable that pipes with thicker walls.
  3. After that, you can proceed to install the posts and fill their bases with concrete mortar. After pouring the pipe with concrete it is advisable to raise and lower it several times in order to uniform distribution of the solution in the inner cavity of the support. In this case, it is allowed to move the upper part of the pipe in such a way so that she, spinning, describes a full circle.
  4. During the installation of pillar supports, their position in relation to the horizon needs to be controlled by building level.

How to install metal polesHow to install metal poles

Note that in order to increase the structural strength even before pouring concrete must be filled up and carefully tamped so called a “pillow”, which is made of sand and gravel. The preparation of the concrete mortar itself can be carried out as manually or using a special concrete mixer, which you can rent in any building unit.

After pouring the foundation, you should wait until the full “setting” of the solution, which usually occurs after about 3-5 days (depending on weather and mass of concrete poured). The subsequent hitching of the enclosing canvas to the installed supports allowed only after final solidification concrete mix.

To increase the reliability and durability of the foundation for the fence, prepared by yourself, you can if you close it plastic wrap immediately after pouring. In this case, the solution will be harden slightly slower than usual, which eliminates its drying out and provides high hardness and strength of the foundation grounds. The last two types of foundations (tape and pole and rubble) are a variety of described above options.

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