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How to build a chimney out of brick Table of contents:

  • 1 Basic requirements for external construction
  • 2 We calculate the size and configuration
  • 3 Choose a brick and prepare a solution
  • 4 Masonry process
  • 5 Build a riser
  • 6 videos
  • 7 Schemes
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One of the most important elements of the heating system is chimney. If everything is done in accordance with the technology, then the smoke will go up – out, and heat – will spread along room. The process of laying a chimney made of bricks can perfectly Perform a master or experienced builder. If you want to save do it yourself time and money to build a chimney out of brick non-specialist, for this it is enough to adhere to a few recommendations.

Basic requirements for external construction

Basic requirements for external construction

When laying the chimney, it is necessary to adhere to some norms and rules through which the operation of the heating system will be absolutely safe:

  1. Exclude the presence of horizontal sections, as they will waste gas is deposited.
  2. If the roof is flat, then the outside of the chimney must have at least 1 m of height.
  3. In cases where the roof is pitched, it is necessary calculate the distance from the chimney to the ridge, if it less than 150 cm, then it should rise 50 cm in height, if about 300 cm – on the same level.

For the correct calculation of this parameter, you may need specialist consultation to comply with all rules and regulations fire safety.

We calculate the size and configuration

The scheme of the brick chimneyDevice diagram brick chimney

Before proceeding with the masonry, some calculations. This process can well be dealt with on your own. With the right calculation, a high-quality chimney will come out, which means the amount of fuel for heating will be minimized, all waste from combustion will go out without difficulty, and in The room will circulate fresh air.

A correctly calculated chimney height parameter will allow organize a good draft, which means that the combustion process will as high quality and effective.

Fire safety should be calculated depending on wall thicknesses: wide – will heat up for a long time, while one layer of brick will warm up in just an hour.

Calculate each parameter in individually, depending on the room, roof, and type of heating system.

Choose a brick and prepare a solution

Choose a brick and prepare a solution

The second important preparatory stage is the choice building material. During the laying of the chimney you will need only brick and cement mortar. It is very important to choose the right type of brick. It’s worth choosing refractory and the highest quality a type in which all sides are as smooth and even as possible. The form Each element must have identical dimensions.

Then you need to start the selection of components for the solution. The composition should include: sand, clay, water, cement. Each component affects the quality of the chimney: a fine fraction of sand, high-quality cement, clay without impurities. Having similar source materials you can independently build any chimney.

Masonry process

The masonry process

Chimney masonry tools:

  • grinder (for cutting a brick of a certain size);
  • ruler;
  • marker (for data accuracy).

Before laying a chimney out of brick, you need to consider one important point – the solution layer must be small so that The strong and reliable design turned out. Masonry process standard – as for the construction of any building: each row must be shifted half the brick sideways to get maximum grip.

When forming a cut and otter, experts recommend use metal rods that must be mounted in brickwork, but the fittings should not cross the smoke channel. How to make chimney clogging minimal soot inside almost did not settle on the walls? Need to smooth walls of the structure using plaster.

During the construction of the chimney walls, leave small openings so that the cleaning process does not cause inconvenience.

Build a riser

Building a riser

The riser must be folded in the attic (roof), while it must be made close to the roof. Directly in her a hole is made (or the roof is partially disassembled), through which will be conducted pipe out. The riser height must be higher than the height of the ridge.

After about 10-15 rows you need to perform the neck of the chimney, whose parameters are optional. Arrange at the very end head on top of which you can install a cap or weather vane.

To complete the construction, you need to mount and thermal insulation that ensures efficient heating system.

As you can see, you can build a chimney out of brick yourself, taking into account the recommendations of specialists and adhere to the technology. To familiarize yourself with the visual processes, just browse A special video that takes into account all the little things. if you have questions on the topic, then write them in the comments to the article.


After watching the video, you can get acquainted with the technology of masonry brick chimney for a fireplace:


Thanks to these schemes, you can implement high-quality brickwork:

Chimney masonry ordering schemeMasonry order diagram chimney

Installation of a chimney and brickworkInstallation of chimney and brickwork

Layout of a brick chimneyMasonry scheme brick chimney

Installation of the chimney in the houseChimney installation in at home

The layout of the chimney in the buildingScheme the location of the chimney in the building

A photo

SingleSingle wall chimney

Chimney of a brick chimneySleeve brick chimney

Chimney insulationChimney insulation

The head of the brickBrick head

The collapse of the chimney due to non-compliance with technology during constructionChimney collapse due to non-compliance with technology building

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