DIY caisson for a well

Caisson for a well Table of contents:

  • 1 Preparatory work
  • 2 Caisson made of concrete rings
  • 3 Concrete caisson
  • 4 Brick caisson
  • 5 Polymer sand base
  • 6 Metal caisson
  • 7 videos

It often happens that when arranging a well, I want to equip it with additional equipment, but so that such the opportunity will have to acquire a very expensive industrial, or make a do-it-yourself box for a well, the dimensions of which will allow you to place everything planned in it. Another possible the reason is the desire to do everything yourself. In this case, optional you need to make a large caisson.

Caisson is designed not only for convenient location in it various devices, but also to protect against frost water supply.

To this end, it is placed in layers of soil that are not freeze, and tightly close the lid, to avoid getting cold air inside.

Preparatory work

Pit around the pipePit around the pipe

First you need to dig a hole under the caisson, shape and size which depend on its size. Factory box caisson made of plastic, or metal, and usually its the sizes are small. For caisson can be used various material:

  1. Concrete rings.
  2. Concrete.
  3. Brick.
  4. Metal.
  5. Polymer sand base.

Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Depending on what the caisson will be, you need to dig under it pit, based on the fact that above the surface of the earth should peep only the hatch, and leave the body underground.

Concrete ring caisson

Concrete ring caisson

The bottom is laid with concrete according to the level, and after it thoroughly grasp, you need to wash the bottom of fallen clay. Later draw a contour to install the ring, and according to this marking apply cement mortar so that the laid ring became into it. The solution is again applied on top of the first ring and put the second.

If on the applied solution during installation of the next ring if clay falls, it needs to be removed. To do this, you can fix concrete product, placing boards under it. After removing clay the solution is leveled and the upper ring drops.

After installing the rings, thoroughly close the seams and make bricks well, so that the hatch was 15 meters above ground level cm.

Concrete caisson

Concrete caisson

In his technology of manufacturing a new and unfamiliar there is nothing. Standard set:

  1. Dig a hole.
  2. To make the formwork.
  3. Install the grille from the fittings.
  4. Pour concrete.
  5. Make a brick head.

Everything is done on the same principle as a cesspool. Difference lies in the fact that you need to make sure that there was a hole for the supply of pipes and electric cable, and the top the stove should be below ground level. Set on top insulated sunroof, and concrete caisson at your service.

Brick caisson

Brick caisson

For the manufacture of such a caisson, the former used brick, but this is at the discretion of the owner. Concerning pits, that is, 2 options for its size:

  1. Clearly shaped, considering that the brick will fit the wall.
  2. Larger size of caisson. In this case, the masonry is made smooth walls, and after drying the solution, the voids are filled soil.

The first option is less time-consuming, since less to work with a shovel, but there were empty voids between wall, and masonry, into which rainwater will fall.

For a caisson of small size, you can not make a concrete cover. It is enough to narrow the hole up, shifting the brick to to the center.

The resulting neck must be closed with a warm hatch.

Polymer sand base

On a polymer sand baseOn polymer sand basis

A simpler and less expensive option is to use prefabricated caisson made on a polymer-sand base. This material:

  1. Resistant to environmental influences.
  2. Does not enter into a chemical reaction.
  3. Durable
  4. Inexpensive.
  5. Differs in simplicity of installation.
  6. Large diameter rings.

No rings are needed for mounting rings, and their design allows assemble the caisson of the correct form, moreover, completely tight. In addition, it does not need additional waterproofing, and the bottom and hatch included.

Metal caisson

Metal caisson

If you know firsthand the welding work, then you can do metal caisson. Its design should be with ribs stiffness so that the soil does not push it inside.

To install this design you will need a crane, but, it must first be protected from moisture by processing both outside and inside.

Such a caisson will not be cheap, given the cost of metal, electrodes, primers with painting, and the work of equipment. Moreover, This product will need to be periodically painted from the inside. By this reason metal caissons are unpopular.

We will not say what is best for you, since every craftsman he decides how best to do it, and this review will only help to accept the right decision.


This video talks about the benefits of a well from polymer sand rings.

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