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Bath on wheels Table of contents:

  • 1 Features
  • 2 Basis of the mobile steam room
  • 2.1 Trailer
  • 2.2 Converted buses / trucks
  • 3 Documentation
  • 4 Designing
  • 5 The device of stiffeners. Frame
  • 6 Thermal insulation
  • 7 Interior decoration
  • 8 Oven installation
  • 9 Exterior decoration
  • 10 Safety
  • 11 Installation of the bath-trailer at the place of deployment
  • 12 videos
  • 13 Photos
  • 14 Schemes

Many lovers of relaxation in the lap of nature near ponds spend their weekend. Special campsites in traditionally equipped with fishing docks, braziers, enclosed gazebos, tent sites, etc. More recently, in such conditions, it was impossible to take a steam bath. But with the advent of mobile paired, everything has changed. From this article you learn how to do a bath on wheels with your own hands. Workflow helps you do mobile bath on your own, thus saving family budget.



Previously, in places of public rest there was no way to steam. An excellent solution was the arrangement of mobile doubles. If you work away from the village, the bathhouse on wheels give you the opportunity to wash. This is relevant for geologists. Among some of the advantages of mobile baths, it is worth noting:

  1. No need to obtain a building permit baths.
  2. No need to fill the foundation.
  3. You can locate the bathhouse on wheels in any convenient place.

The Russian mobile bath has a traditional layout: a steam room and place to stay. The stove can work on wood, gas or electricity. The inner lining is natural wood. Steam room – up to 6 people.

The basis of the mobile steam room

The basis of the mobile steam room

To independently make a bath on wheels you need acquire a suitable foundation. It could be:

  • trailer for a car;
  • all-terrain vehicle / truck (URAL / ZIL / GAS);
  • frame platform on wheels;
  • minibus / bus (GAZelle / Ikarus / PAZ).

This means that you can make a bath inseparable from vehicles, make it on the basis of a trailer or on a mobile A platform that can be downloaded as needed.

The technology of the mobile bath device is almost the same arrangement of a stationary steam room.



Bath a la trailers must have a mass that would not exceed tractor weight, i.e. car. Additional supports should exclude swinging of the trailer during operation. Internal the space is divided into a steam room and a dressing room. because of space limitations in such a bath there are no water tanks.

This means that bath procedures should be taken only when Provided car parking near the pond. If necessary, you can heat water in the oven. You can drain the water through the hole, which located on the floor. So, the liquid drains directly to the ground under the wheels trailer.

Converted Buses / Trucks

Converted truck to a bathhouseConverted to a bathhouse truck

If you want to make a spacious mobile steam room, then you should think about how to remake the bus. If you make it based Ikarus bus, then the bath capacity will be – up to 15 people. Such the bath is equipped with:

  • shower room;
  • steam room for 5 people;
  • rest room;
  • auto toilet;
  • resistant video bar.

Bus-steam roomSteam Bus

The disadvantage of Ikarus is a small cross. In view of this the greatest are popular for arranging mobile saunas army trucks of soviet times. These SUVs will let you take a steam bath near your favorite lake, even if there is no proper lake the entrance.



All kinds of non-standard vehicles can cause interest among traffic police officers, and quite reasonable. Parameters and dimensions of any car / SUV / bus, let and redone must meet certain safety standards on the road. Therefore, before making an autobahn, think about the height and side protrusions of the construction.

Another important point, which we have already talked a bit about above, – maximum weight load of the car. If you make a bath too heavy, then it will immediately turn from mobile to sedentary. If you plan to use the autobahn for business, then you need to register an IP (individual company).

Project drafting


The first step is to make a bath design on paper or in in electronic format. This will allow you to evaluate proportionality. future steam room and pick up building materials. Important here consider everything, down to the smallest detail – the total weight of the structure, load on the wheel axle, as well as the power of the furnace.

The bath sways when moving along Russian roads, therefore it is important to correctly design the centers of gravity – the stove and the ceiling. IN as a counterweight will be used fit and grille with gender.

If you have enough space in the mobile design of the bath, then in her project should include the following mandatory areas:

  • steam room;
  • shower room;
  • dressing room.

SteamSteam room

As a supplement, the steam room can be equipped with a dry closet, and also tanks for cold / hot water. In this case a mobile bath can be used no matter is there a pond near the resting place or not.

When planning a bath on wheels, you should think about presence / absence of window openings. They are the sources heat loss, so in any case, the windows should have minimal sizes. In principle, from windows in a mobile bath you can refuse. This is a fairly secluded place for relaxation and prying eyes here will be superfluous.

According to safety regulations, doors in mobile saunas should open outwards. This point is important to consider in the process. designing.

The device of stiffeners. Frame

The device of stiffeners. Frame

The beginning of the arrangement of a mini-bath on wheels is dismantling superfluous elements. Because the design will experience constant load, you should make a power frame. Cook on its base metal profiles and fasten stiffeners.

When arranging a bath in a trailer, the frame should be assembled from finished items. You can make them yourself or to order.

So, the frame assembly process consists of the following steps:

  1. The assembly of the floor from the support logs and boards.
  2. Installation of the floor on the power frame of the structure.
  3. Wall frame installation.
  4. Assembly of walls.
  5. Installation of roof support beams and rafter elements.
  6. Cover the roof with a metal profile.

The roof can be covered only after the installation of the furnace. The same is true in the ratio of internal / external wall decoration.

Electric lighting should be made of heat-resistant wiring. For use heat-resistant and waterproof luminaires for this. A what if you want to make a mobile bath in the old freight SUV? For example, in such as URAL, ZIL or GAS? The technological process is practically no different. The only thing, that the steam room is installed instead of the body. By the way, from the basics the truck will make a more stable bath than from a trailer for passenger car.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

That the bathhouse on wheels was reliable, it should be qualitatively carry out its thermal insulation. Optimum insulation width pie for mobile construction – 15 cm. Sequence thermal insulation:

  • Installation of a battens from bars having a section of 6 cm.
  • Laying vapor barrier and mineral wool.
  • Heat reflector flooring, e.g. foil.
  • The joints of the foil should be sealed with tape.
  • Installation of counter battens.

If you make a bath in an old truck, then spend thermal insulation follows the walls. In all other cases – on wood-trimmed metal frame.

Interior decoration

Interior decoration

The inner lining of the bathhouse on wheels is no worse than it stationary analogue. After thermal insulation should be to finish and decorate the interior baths. For these purposes, it’s best to use linden wall paneling, alder, aspen, etc. A block house, planed boards are also suitable. For sheathing the dressing room – softwood; for showering – tile, preferably non-slip; for floors – sheet piling.


  1. Hinged / extendable shelves.
  2. Tanks with hot / cold water (if the area allows).
  3. A bench for rest.
  4. Shower / dry closet.
  5. Folding table.
  6. TV / radio.
  7. Small chest of drawers with plastic dishes, cosmetic means and towels.
  8. Optional accessories on request (brooms, hourglass and etc.).

So that during the movement the fixed products do not fall, they it is necessary to fix it properly.

Furnace installation

Installation of the furnace

The best option for a furnace for a mobile bath – installation of a potbelly stove with a welded side that is suitable for heating water. Also It is important to equip the site under the heater. Safety precautions the firebox should go out. This will also contribute to saving the space inside the bath, as the firewood will not take up space in indoors. In addition, smoke will come out. After the bath warms up to + 60ºС, you can get down to business.

When moving the bath, stones for dry steam can roll and fall, as a result of which bathing equipment may suffer. This the problem comes to naught if flat stones are drilled and threaded on a strong metal wire. So, you can transport them no problem.

Ceramic insulators often replace the usual filling heaters. They are easier to put on a wire than stones, and they give a couple no less than cobblestones.

Exterior finish

Exterior finish

If you want to make a cozy bath not only inside, but also outside, then use wood siding as a cladding. Agree that the plastic banners with painted logs completely devoid of comfort. If you add to the wooden cladding carved frames on small windows, pretty steps and kerosene lights, then your autobahn will actually be charming.

For safety reasons, the door to the bathhouse must be installed so that it did not open inside the steam room, but out.

Safety precautions


“Perhaps it will cost” – this original Russian phrase, which allows clear conscience to violate safety precautions, we probably heard already many times. However, this cannot be said about the possibility of soaring when driving the autobahn. Such a “maybe cost” may cost you too expensive.

You can only steam in the parking lots of the bath. So, you will avoid unreasonable injuries and burns.

The movement of the autobahn can only be combined with the furnace furnace under supervision. This will allow the bath to warm up to the required temperature to the moment of arrival at the place of temporary deployment.

Installation of a bath-trailer at the place of deployment

Installation of a bath-trailer at the place of deployment

If we are talking about the temporary installation of a bath trailer, then first it should be disengaged from the vehicle. To the bath was steady need to be strengthened on her foot-support. Rest on her platform. For better structural stability, install 3 more additional support. So that the trailer bath doesn’t swinging you need to install it on 4 legs-supports.

After that, you can fold the side on the trailer and lower ladder ladder. All this takes no more than a quarter of an hour.

Inside viewInside view

On this, in fact, recommendations for the construction and arrangement the autobahns are over. If you have experience installing mobile baths, then share it with us and our readers. Your Additional recommendations will be useful to us. Still have questions about the theme of the construction of a mobile bath? Ask them to work on site specialist.


This video shows the benefits and features of the baths on wheels:

A photo

This photo selection will help you decide on the design baths on wheels:

Inside view of the autobahnInside view of the autobahn

Side viewSide view


Storage of firewoodFirewood storage

SteamSteam room

Bathhouse in the gazelleBath in the gazelle

Wooden bath-trailerWooden bathhouse trailer

Big barrel bath on wheelsBig barrel bath on wheels

Bath-trailerBathhouse trailer

Bath on an SUVOff-road sauna

Bath barrel on wheelsBath barrel on wheels

Bus-bathBus bath


Get some idea about the construction of the autobahn you schemes will help:

The scheme of the mobile bathMobile Bath Scheme

Scheme of the converted busConverted Scheme bus

Trailer for arranging the bathTrailer baths

Internal circuitInternal circuit

The scheme of the bath on wheelsThe scheme of the bath on wheels

An example of a furnace for a mobile bathFurnace example for mobile bath

Bath PlanBath plan

Small stove heaterSmall stove heater

Bath barrel on wheels

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