DIY balcony door adjustment

Adjusting the plastic balcony door Table of contents:

  • 1 Adjustment of the plastic door
  • 2 Corner Offsets
  • 3 Repair seal deformation
  • 4 Door handle adjustment
  • 5 General recommendations before work
  • 6 videos
  • 7 Photos

The biggest impact on the balcony door negative climatic events, significant difference temperature and humidity. Even with a glazed balcony, the door to the interior becomes a kind of “cold bridge”, through which cold air can flow into the room and street noise. Timely adjustment of the balcony door with hands will help to avoid the appearance of technical and operational problems, keep indoor heat in the winter and prevent heat in them in the summer.

Today, to equip the entrance area to the balcony are used as As a rule, two types of doors: wooden and metal-plastic. Diagnosis of their general condition, further repair and adjustment may differ significantly in the technological approach used materials and tools.

Plastic door adjustment

Seal problemsSeal problems

Heavy weight metal-plastic door construction can become one of the main reasons for her sagging, bad opening / closing, loss of tightness and reliability. Before how to adjust the balcony door with your own hands, it is necessary to prepare a 4 mm hexagon wrench, plastic gaskets and a screwdriver. If you need to replace or adjust the lock, it is advisable to purchase a carpentry chisel. When replacing the lock, you may also need a carpentry chisel.

To identify a specific problem, it is necessary to make thorough inspection of the seal with the door open. In place the local displacement of the seal can be seen from the sash impressed trace.

Poor tightness of the balcony door may indicate violation of the functionality of the door handle, difficulty in opening / closing.

There are some more common problems with a balcony door, which can be eliminated independently without involvement qualified professionals and the use of expensive tools.

Corner Offsets

Adjusting the top of the doorTop adjustment the door

To fix the abutment problems in the upper corner of the balcony Doors must be removed from the top hinge. Via Tighten the l-shaped key with the fixing screw. Next you need a door rotate the sash left and right, adjusting the location of the lower hinge. After the sash has taken the correct position in the upper hinge, the screw it is put into place and the decorative cap is fixed. Similarly, problems are regulated in the lower corner of the balcony door.

Adjusting the bottom of the doorBottom adjustment the door

Seal deformation repair

Often at the balcony door due to improper use or with significant temperature drops in the lower part sealant. To eliminate this defect it is necessary first turn to remove the cap from the bottom loop and use the hex a key to adjust the fixing screw. When the sash is on place, lower the screw and install a decorative plug. IN depending on the location of the fixing screw they correct construction clockwise or counterclockwise.

Door handle adjustment

Door handle repairDoor handle repair

During the operation of the balcony door a lot of problems arises precisely with the door handle, which can begin to seize or turn badly. This problem is usually easy It is eliminated with the help of a special lubrication of the lock fittings.

To lubricate the hardware of the castle are used compounds that Recommended by the manufacturer of plastic doors. The main thing, so that the lubricant does not contain acids and aggressive pitches.

Sometimes local lubrication of door handle mechanisms is ineffective. This may be due to breakage or jamming. interior elements of the door structure. In this case experts recommend completely changing the lock to a similar one products that can be purchased from the manufacturer plastic doors or in any specialized supermarket. A new lock is installed after removing the screws and the complete dismantling of the old mechanism. Skilled craftsmen advised to bring an old castle to the store so as not to be mistaken opening mechanism and sides.

General recommendations before work

Fittings adjustment diagramAdjustment circuit fittings

Adjustment of the balcony door is sometimes required in the first months operation of metal-plastic construction. Usually if doors were acquired and installed in an official organization then for a certain period, a guarantee must be valid for work and materials, so when even small problems using a metal-plastic balcony door should Be sure to check the warranty and contact a specialist. After all, with self-elimination problems or even only when interfering with the new design door guarantee may lose its validity.


Below you will find a video on how to adjust the balcony fittings:

A photo

Repair of the balcony door lockRepair of the balcony lock the door

Principles of adjusting the balcony doorDoor Adjustment Principles balcony

Loosening screw hardwareLoosening screw hardware

Rotation of the adjusting boltAdjusting rotation bolts

Tools for adjusting the doorAdjustment tools the door

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