DIY bag chair: step-by-step instructions to create and 40 universal ideas

Red bean bag chair in an eclectic living room

Red bean bag chair in an eclectic living room

When the bean bags began to flicker on the TV screens in studios of various television programs, the townsfolk thought – really Is this design really comfortable to sit on? Soon all those interested were convinced of the level of comfort of such a chair, but there were other questions – where to buy and how to fit this furniture into interior. More about this and about creating a do-it-yourself bean bag chair we will discuss further.


  • DIY bag chair: the benefits of a frameless of furniture
  • We sew a chair bag ourselves
  • Sequencing

Bag-chair do it yourself in the nursery

DIY bag chair in the nursery

Chair bag in a modern interior

Bag chair in a modern interior

Luggage-style triangular bag in the kitchen

Triangle shaped bean bag in the kitchen in loft style

Chair bag in a leather case

Chair bag in a leather cover

DIY bag chair: the benefits of a frameless of furniture

Incredible comfort. Loose filler allows the chair to take on the shape of your body, in whatever position you are were. This significantly reduces the load on the spine and increases the effectiveness of rest. The chair provides thermal insulation, keeping your body warm, which is equally important for problems with with your back.

Absolute safety. The bag chair does not have sharp corners or faces, solid elements or small fittings, therefore suitable even for children’s rooms. In addition, frameless furniture for children is made from environmentally friendly tissues.

Soft chair bag in the nursery

Soft chair bag in the children’s room

A bag chair is good for a teenager’s room.

The bag chair is good for a teenager’s room

Comprehensive practicality. Room cleaning not will be difficult, because the small weight of the chair allows you to move it even a child. Easy to clean from dirt and the chair itself, just washing the removable cover.

A bean bag chair is the right choice for almost any decor.

A bean bag chair is the right choice for almost anyone of interior

Style neutrality. Choosing the right one cover color and type of material, you can support the design of any the interior. For children make charming soft chairs in in the form of animals, emoticons, balls, flowers, with various applications. The chair bag from denim decorated with print. In modern interiors usually use plain frameless chairs corresponding to the main the color scheme of the room. Retro style or scandinavian style can complement with velor or fur chair.

We sew a chair bag ourselves

First, prepare the materials and tools.

  • Fabric for inner cover. Prefer inexpensive durable white fabric – other colors may shine through through the outer case.
  • Fabric for outer cover.
  • 2 zippers.
  • Filler – expanded polystyrene in granules. Simply put, this polystyrene balls that are sold at a hardware store.

Filler for a chair bag

Filler for a chair bag

  • Sewing machine.
  • Millimeter paper for a pattern.
  • Pencil, crayon, ruler, pins.
  • The chair we will have a pear-shaped, medium size for adult person. With a fabric width of 1.5 meters for the inside a cover needs a cut of 3.5 meters, for an external – 3.6 meters. Zipper length – 40 and 60 cm, respectively. Filler will need a quarter meter cubic.

    A small chair-bag of a triangular shape

    Small triangular shaped bag chair

    A do-it-yourself bag-chair is an inexpensive and convenient option for any modern interior

    DIY bag chair is an inexpensive and convenient option for any modern interior

    We make a pattern in accordance with the drawing, observing the dimensions. There will be 6 pear-shaped wedges, a small hexagon is the top armchairs, and the bottom should be oval. Two fragments of the bottom, depicted in the pattern will be needed in duplicate. Oval divided into 4 parts to save material during cutting.

    One of the options for the pattern of the chair-bag

    One of the options for pattern bag chair

    Transfer the pattern to the fabric for the inner cover using pins and chalk. Leaving allowances for seams of 1 cm, cut out everything the details. We carry out similar operations with the second type of fabric.


    1. We sweep away all the details of the oval base of the inner cover, then we sew the seams and iron them with an iron.
    2. We connect pear-shaped wedges among ourselves, we sew seams and we smooth out allowances on one side. Then do the machine a line from the front, capturing centimeter allowances (this made for bond strength).
    3. We connect the sides of the extreme wedges, forming directly bag. We make seams 40 cm long above and below, and in the remaining 40 cm sew a zipper.
    4. Sweep, and then attach the hexagon to the top “pears”. We do the same with the bottom.
    5. Similarly, we sew the outer cover and, leaving zippers open, insert one case into another.
    6. Fill the chair with foam and fasten the zippers on covers.

    Scandinavian-style interior with pear-shaped bean bag chair

    Scandinavian-style interior with pear-shaped bag-chair

    Bag-shaped do-it-yourself bag-chair

    DIY bag chair square shape

    A chair bag of a triangular shape in a knitted cover

    Bean bag in a knitted cover

    A bean bag is a suitable option for nature as well

    A bag chair is a suitable option for nature

    Chair bag in a fluffy cover

    Chair bag in a fluffy cover

    Important! If you first fill the inner case pellets of expanded polystyrene, then pull a second cover on it more problematic, but possible.

    Saving a lot of money and gaining useful skills, you will get Comfortable and stylish interior element for your home.

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