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Finishing the arch Table of contents:

  • 1 Nuances during installation
  • 2 Decoration materials
  • 3 Plain and cork wallpapers
  • 4 Decorative stone
  • 5 Molding and corner
  • 6 Mosaic
  • 7 videos
  • 8 Photos

Doorways are a necessary element in every room, but, despite the standards (rectangular shape), many quite often choose another option – the arch. To create it, you need use the usual recommendations of builders, but an important part is its design, after which the arched passage will acquire its beauty. Today, the decoration of arches with decorative stone is very widespread, as everyone tries to develop and implement original ideas, thanks to which even a simple doorway will be the decoration of the whole room.

In this article we will tell you how to decorate the arch with your own hands in apartment, give step-by-step instructions, as well as videos and photos materials.

Installation Nuances

In most cases, arched passageways from room to room planned during construction, but you can also create such a passage and after construction. In this case, you should consider tips for installation of drywall arches. When changing the layout of apartments and houses there is the demolition of interior walls and the construction of new ones, with this is used for the installation of partitions profile and drywall sheets.

Drywall ArchDrywall Arch

Since the aluminum profile is easy to install, it Great for designs of any shape. It is also worth noting that drywall sheets can be shaped, so they can mount on a rounded profile. In addition to the door arches, you can use to design small niches in the wall, but in this In case of mounting the structure is several times more difficult.

When choosing materials for decorating drywall arches it is necessary to carefully think over the details and approximately determine the weight design to withstand the load.

Decoration Materials

Mosaic on the gridMosaic on the grid

For decorating arches use a wide variety of materials, which are in specialized stores. Among the most common it is worth highlighting:

  • mirror;
  • stone (natural, artificial, decorative);
  • mosaic;
  • ceramic tile;
  • textile;
  • wallpaper;
  • plaster;
  • bung;
  • MDF;
  • plastic;
  • tree etc.

In fact, the material can be absolutely any, most importantly, so that it blends with the overall interior, and is also good and reliable attached to the arch itself.

When choosing a finishing material, do not forget that it should be combined with several rooms at the same time, as such openings combine them into one.

Plain and cork wallpapers

Cork WallpaperCork Wallpaper

Most often, arches are finished with simple and cork wallpaper. For you will need a standard set of tools: wallpaper, scissors, ruler, pencil, glue, brush. All sizes are measured and Transferred to the wallpaper, elements are cut out, and then they are made butt gluing.

According to the advice of specialists, it is first necessary to glue the walls, and then the arched passage, with particular attention to the joints, which should converge as much as possible. When making openings in the apartment must take into account the humidity and temperature in the premises, to choose the right material.

Cork is an environmental material, as it is made from wood. In specialized stores you can choose how wallpaper, and panels that are glued to acrylic adhesive.

Decorative rock

Decorative rock

Decorating the arch with decorative stone, you can create a good design. But to independently carry out all these labor-intensive processes is enough difficult. However, the stone is characterized by high operational properties, durability, and a universal design that is excellent Suitable for any interior.

When making interior openings, it is necessary to align everything surfaces and putty them to eliminate defects and bumps. After the primer is applied. Start laying at the joints, while moving up, and the inside of the arch should be made out overlap external. Extra if necessary centimeters are cut off by a grinder. After laying all the elements of the openings filled with special grout (color is chosen correctly).

For fastening decorative stone elements, you can use liquid nails or special cement-lime glue basis.

Molding and corner


Quite often, along with wallpaper or colored stucco use other elements, for example, complement the composition molding or corner. Now in stores you can find enough a large assortment of similar products, namely molding made of metal, polyurethane or gypsum. So much variety allows you to complement any interior with original elements. Mounting them is very simple. They are installed on the ends of the arch with two sides using ordinary liquid nails.

Finishing the arches of the arches with a corner takes place in the same way. Corners can be made of a wide variety of materials:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • aluminum;
  • MDF;
  • polyvinyl chloride, etc.

This is how the polyurethane molding is glued:

In fact, the corner performs several functions simultaneously: is a separate element of decor, combines several types of finishes, and also protects corners from scuffs and possible mechanical damage.


Can use mosaicCan be used mosaic

Another fairly common decorative material for The decoration of the arched doorway is a mosaic. Her assortment very large since manufacturers use innovative technology and modern equipment that allows you to create mosaic of various materials:

  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • metal;
  • concrete;
  • tile.

To finish the arch with a mosaic it is necessary to prepare decorating material, as well as adhesive solution. IN specialized construction stores sell ready-made formulations or dry mixes to be diluted with water according to the specified proportions. The glue is applied as if on the mosaic itself, and on the wall, but in small quantities and when using gear spatula.

Do not forget that when laying mosaics it is necessary stick to the picture, if any, so as not to disturb composition.

You can finish the arch with a variety of materials and do it even apprentice is quite capable of it. The main thing is to decide on the type finishing material, and also study the technology of its installation. If If you have questions about the decoration of the arch, then write comments on the article. Maybe you have some additional tips for newbies? Write them Your experience may be useful!


If you want to finish the arch with stucco, see how it to do:

A photo


Wooden decorWood decor


A rockA rock

Masonry of decorative stoneDecorative masonry stone

Clinker tileBrick tile


Decorated with wallpaperDecorated with wallpaper

CorkCork finish

Wood with glass insertsTree with glass inserts

From drywallDrywall

Plastic panelsPlastic panels


Stucco paintingPlaster painting

Plaster bark beetleStucco bark beetle

With moldings and decorative columnsWith moldings and decorative columns

Built-in backlightBuilt-in backlight

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