Design projects of bathrooms: an overview of stylish bathroom options and design tips

Combined bathroom with a design symbolic door

Combined bathroom with designer symbolic door

In the recent past, almost no one was interested in what the interior of the bathroom, because consumers were only worried about size premises. In the modern world, the situation has changed. If a person If he wants to buy a house, he must pay attention not only to number of rooms, but their layout and design. Modern and functional bathroom has ceased to be a luxury and has become a necessity for the convenience of life, and therefore the design projects of bathrooms rooms began to use the highest demand.


  • Design projects of bathrooms: what needs to be considered?
  • 10 tips for arranging small bathrooms from the designer Olga Kondratova
  • Bathroom lighting
  • Design for a bathroom with an area of ​​4 sq.m
  • How to equip a bathroom6 sq.m?
  • What is a finished design project?
  • Ideas for expanding space


Narrow eclectic style bathroom

Design projects of bathrooms: what needs to be considered?

This room with which modern people begin and end your day, so when designing a bathroom project every detail is taken into account.

Advice! Accessories, lighting, plumbing, decoration – this those main points that you must pay attention to when developing a bathroom design project.

Even if the bathroom has a small area, it is equipped so that it becomes comfortable and beautiful for everyone decorated. This room can be in the same style with everyone. the rest, and maybe radically different.

Olga Kondratova– designer, founder of the studio interiors.

Since 2001, the design studio has successfully specialized in interiors of apartments, townhouses, country houses and public spaces.

  1. The ideal shape of the room is rectangular;
  2. Combined bathroom is always better;
  3. Installation is ideal for small bathrooms. Always between the toilet with a tank and the toilet with installation, select second;
  4. Do not be afraid to build a bathtub in a niche;
  5. A good place for a washing machine is under the countertop;
  6. A bulky shower stall is a thing of the past;
  7. Forget about corners – this is irrelevant;
  8. Symmetry always looks elegant;
  9. Alternative solutions – a guarantee of comfort: hygienic shower completely replace the bidet, and you will have extra space;
  10. Use a heated towel rail as an element of the interior. He’s good Looks when nothing hangs on it. Therefore, still at the stage I recommend designing a special zone for drying linen.

Source: Inmyroom

Ethno-style bathroom with a shower cabin equipped above the bathtub

Bathroom in ethnic style with a shower, equipped above bath

Classics of the genre

For the design of a bathroom in the style of the classic most often choose marble tiles and furniture made of natural stone or marble, while the ornament on them is usually identical. Color the gamut is diverse. Natural stucco venetian materials, will give a unique originality and charm to the room, having a large area, but in a small one it will look ridiculous.

Classic bathroom in white with a wooden chest of drawers

Classic bathroom in white with wooden chest of drawers

Country – Country Grace

The use of natural materials and items made by hand. Wooden furniture should be Treated with a special composition for moisture resistance. Retro style help create an atmosphere of antiquity.

Advice! Choose light or brown furniture and red wood. A variety of antique styles are further emphasized. items related to the bathroom.

Design projects of country style bathrooms are among the most comfortable

Design projects of country style bathrooms are among the most cozy

A small bathroom in the country style in the attic

Small bathroom in the attic country style

Ethnic style

Advice! Walls and ceiling are brown or gray stone or wood. Must have natural materials.

Most often, bathrooms are small, so they do not fit most styles, but you can use the service and order Free design bathroom project. The specialist will consider how equip the room to maintain functionality and create comfort.

Ethno style bathroom with natural finishing materials

Ethnic style bathroom with natural finishes. materials

Bathroom lighting

It is generally believed that bright light is a must in this room. condition. Before installing light sources, you need to consider them. layout and appearance that emphasize design. Lighting devices should not be afraid of humidity, high temperatures and fumes.

Advice! The best option is halogen lights, they meet all requirements and are very economical in consumption electricity. The decision to mount is especially successful. fixtures in the suspended ceiling.

Several types of lighting will create comfort and adjust to the desired environment

Several types of lighting will create coziness and adjust to the desired setting

Measured lighting in the bathroom can visually increase the space

Measured lighting in the bathroom can visually increase space

  • To create an intimate atmosphere, the bathroom is decorated with decorative backlit. Mobile lights turning in different parties, change the light intensity, have high technical parameters and simulate the light effect even in a small bathtub. There is an option, it will appeal to those who love unusual solutions, mount the fixtures in the floor.
  • An equally necessary bathroom item is a mirror. It can be from all surround the sides with lamps, then the face will be evenly lit, while the light will not distort it.

A variety of light sources in the loft style bathroom

A variety of light sources in the loft style bathroom

Separate lighting for the bathroom and the mirror

Separate bathroom lighting and mirrors

4 sqm bathroom design

In the apartment buildings of the old housing stock this standard area of ​​the bathroom on which the shower room should fit cabin or bath, toilet and sink. With a good layout, still free space may remain.

Rules for designing bathrooms of a small area:
The decoration uses only light colors.
There should be several lamps.
The presence of mirrors is a prerequisite.
When using glass, it is preferable to choose transparent.
Minimum amount of furniture.

Compact bathroom 4 sq. M.

Compact bathroom 4 sqm

There are several ways to maximize space of a bathroom.
  1. As an option, install a console toilet, the cistern of which located in the wall, thus saving 25 -30 cm. useful space.
  2. A niche for plumbing systems will free up space for storage of detergents or toilet paper.
  3. To free the walls under the installation of the bath, sometimes transferred doorway.
  4. Some people prefer to clean the bath and put a shower. Thus, additional space is still freed up, which is used at the discretion of the owners.
  5. You can make open shelves for towels and bathrobes or closed cabinets for detergents.

Hanging plumbing and lack of bathroom will make the room much more spacious.

Hanging plumbing and lack of bathroom will make the room much more spacious

Finishing Methods

In order to qualitatively finish a small bathroom space, use ceramic tiles or mosaics. That tile is located in constant interaction with moisture, it is resistant to various temperatures, reliable and relatively optimal in cost.

On a note! The only negative is the high cost installation.

Mosaic pattern on the wall in a modern bathroom

Mosaic pattern on the wall in a modern bathroom

  • Tile “metro” – the most popular today. These rectangular masonry dies are usually contrast with dark grout.

A beautiful combination of contrasting shades

A beautiful combination of contrasting shades

A variety of colors of tiles in the bathroom in the eclectic style

A variety of color tiles in the bathroom in the style of eclectic

Porcelain tile – ceramic tiles of a large area. His dignity in the shortest possible time of installation, and the disadvantage in large amount of waste. Some bathrooms have floors and walls. the same color and size porcelain. The use of porcelain tiles in the decoration of the bathroom

The use of porcelain tiles in the decoration of the bathroom

  • Mosaic – durable lining material, not at all worse than ceramic dies. It also does not act high humidity and temperature changes. Mosaic decorate round surfaces, in the form of arches, niches or ledges.

Light blue mosaic will give the room ease of transparency, will give coolness and comfort. Mosaic in the form of blocks comes out with small chips. This greatly speeds up the cladding process.

On a note! A special effect is produced by the “pixel” pattern – combination of several shades of one color in various options. Mosaic can decorate individual elements of the room: a place about mirrors or sinks, area for sanitary procedures.

Classic black and white mosaic bathroom colors

Classical black and white coloring of a bathroom with using mosaic

How to equip a bathroom of 6 sq.m?

For a small area you need a reasonable and economical use of space, i.e. a layout where only everything will be the most necessary.

Advice! A bathroom and a closet, if it is nearby, preferably combined to fit everything necessary.

6 sq. m. – a relatively large area and with the correct and competent approach, taking into account all the nuances and requirements, from the bathroom You can create a real masterpiece of design thought!

Lush bathroom, revitalized with home plants

Juicy bathroom revitalized with home plants

Choose the color correctly

  1. To visually enlarge the room, you need to use white, pastel or neutral colors.
  2. Bright toothbrush holders, towel warmers, hooks of unusual color will add originality to the room. Monotonous colors tire your eyes, so you can combine.
  3. Glossy stretch ceiling will make the room more spacious at least visually. The tiles on the walls are also chosen smooth.
  4. Mosaic tile applique for a small room liveliness.
  5. Mosaic islands of soft colors laid out near the sink and over the bathroom, they will add originality.
  6. Floor tiles are laid diagonally if you dream increase the small space of the room. The floor is laid out with tiles. slightly darker in color than all other surfaces.

Furniture selection

Also a very important point when designing a bathroom. Colour lockers should match the color scheme of the walls. Choose only the most necessary, so as not to clutter up the already close space.

Advice! Narrow pencil case, neat shelves with mirrored doors – the perfect solution in this case. Drawers and shelves inside the pencil case will allow you to store a lot of necessary of things.

Narrow compact cabinet in a small room

Narrow compact cabinet in a small room

The choice of plumbing

  • To free up the maximum amount of space in the room, install hanging or corner plumbing. Place under the toilet and the bidet stays free, which makes cleaning much easier.
  • In a small area, it’s difficult to install a large bulky bath, so the best solution would be to install a shower the cabin.
  • To save space, a washing machine is placed under the sink. In this case, the area of ​​the sink should be greater than the area of ​​the machine. To that the sink sink should be back.

Light and mirrors

Large mirrors can visually enlarge a small area. Mirror ceiling can work wonders – give the room unique luxury and visually make the bathroom several times more. The main task of lighting is to create comfort in indoors and give pleasure.

Advice! Enlarge the room lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling. The backlight can be installed under mirrors and glass shelves – this technique will also make a small space wider.

Reflective wallpaper will help evenly distribute lighting throughout the room

Reflective wallpapers help evenly distribute lighting by premises

Ready bathroom design

  • Drawings, drafts, lists, estimates for the purchase of material – this is what which includes design – a project drawn up by a specialist, which on paper lists the requirements that must be met in clear sequence. The document describes the style of the room, what to highlight and what to hide, mark the necessary points connecting sockets, places for furniture and plumbing.

Highlighted bathroom area with an unusual wooden arch

Highlighted bathroom area with unusual wooden arch

Important! When designing a bathroom interior need to draw up a work plan where to list sequence of actions and use of materials. Dimensions all planes are fixed on paper to simplify calculations funds.

The advantage of the finished design of the project is that it is enough bring to a hardware store and a specialist can easily pick up a collection of necessary furniture or a set of plumbing.

Bathroom with a shower cabin and a hanging toilet sink

Bathroom with shower and overhead drain toilet bowl

Ideas for expanding space

If desired, in a small bathroom you can find a lot of places for storage of various necessary items.

  1. Shelves and racks are equipped above and around the door shampoos, gels and other detergents.
  2. A spacious plastic mezzanine will find a place for itself the ceiling.
  3. Stainless steel tiered shelves fit in a corner above a bathtub.
  4. The screen under the bathroom will perfectly play the role of a cabinet where it is stored household chemicals.
  5. A hanging cabinet with a sink will hide the pipes and open floor space.
  6. Doors can be sliding or open outwards, for this need to outweigh the loop.

A long white wall with a mirror mounted opposite visually expands the room

White long wall with a visually opposite mirror expands the room

Bright bathroom in glossy tiles and with small built-in shelves

Bright bathroom in glossy tiles and with small built-in shelves

Common mistakes in designing a project bath

  • Very often the necessary space is cluttered with furniture, to avoid this error, it is necessary instead of a bidet and a toilet bowl choose a combination device; put either a bath or shower a cabin; one pencil case, instead of several nightstands.

Furniture located in a niche will allow free movement in the bathroom

Furniture located in a niche will allow free movement in the bathroom

  • In the photo, black ceilings and burgundy can look great. walls, but it’s better not to risk it, especially in a small bathroom. Ridiculous color combinations can ruin even the most thoughtful interior.

A luxurious combination of white and purple in a classic bathroom

Luxurious combination of white and purple in a classic bathroom the room

  • It is very important to adhere to a particular style and not mix incongruous. Light must come from different sources, for example, from one lamp on the ceiling and several spotlights fixtures. All sources must be included separately.

A virtually invisible glass partition separating the shower room will help to visually enlarge the room.

A virtually invisible glass partition separating shower room will help to visually enlarge the room

  • To avoid traumatic situations, put on the floor nonsmooth tile, and ribbed with anti-slip coating.
  • It’s better to stretch the ceiling, because it is able to save from large-scale flood from above. One inconspicuous puncture of the surface and the water that has accumulated in the ceiling is drained.

Bathroom in marine tones

Bathroom in marine tones.

  • When buying the right amount of tile, it is better to take a little more than then again to buy the missing dies, which can and not be available.
  • Do not save on faucets – choose quality and proven brands!

Modern country style bathroom

Contemporary country style bathroom

Spacious loft style bathroom with mosaic wall decoration

Spacious loft bathroom with wall decoration mosaic

And finally, note that if you want your bathroom the room was irresistible, regardless of the number of square meters, entrust the preparation of design projects to specialists. They are take into account all the nuances, correctly calculate the number of tiles, advise on the choice of plumbing.

Small bathroom in the style of shabby chic

Shabby Chic Small Bathroom

The successful design of the bathroom project will help to comfortably equip the room

The successful design of the bathroom project will help as much as possible comfortably equip the room

Original wall decoration in a non-standard bathroom

Original wall decoration in a non-standard bathroom


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