Design of a children’s room for two children: 70+ selected ideas and secrets to create a harmonious environment

A bedroom in the style of shabby chic for two little children

Shabby chic bedroom for two little kids

Often it’s very difficult for parents to come up with a design children’s room for two children, and photos of finished interiors are not always help put ideas into practice. Shared kids room must be appropriate to the nature and needs of each child, while staying comfortable and safe. But how to consider everything features and create a truly comfortable environment to children did not compete with each other for the area, but sought on the contrary, spend more time together at your leisure, games or hobby? This question is especially acute if they live in the same room. children of different age or sex, and also when there is a small area available. But even in these cases you can always find a solution to create a truly stylish and functional nursery interior.


  • What should be a children’s room for two children
  • Layout
  • Zoning
  • Lighting
  • Textile
  • Recommendations for the design of a children’s room for two children

Children of all ages can be perfectly placed in one room

Children of different ages can sit perfectly in one the room

A bunk bed can save space in a small bedroom

A bunk bed can save space in a small the bedroom

Parallel arrangement of beds in a room of heterosexual children

Parallel arrangement of beds in a room of different sexes children

Colorful nursery for preschool children

Colorful kids room for preschool kids

What should be a children’s room for two children

Children’s rooms for two children are not much different from home one child according to their requirements. This room in First of all, it should be safe, functional and interesting. Compliance with these factors will help kids develop and form like personalities. Therefore, first of all, it should pay due attention to the choice of finishing materials, furniture and textile.

All materials used for decoration, furnishings and Children’s decor must be:

  • Safe, environmentally friendly, non-allergenic, do not excrete harmful substances.
  • Differ in strength and durability.
  • Easy to wash and do not accumulate dust.

A board for painting on the wall is a great alternative to wallpaper and painted walls in the nursery

A wallboard is a great alternative to wallpaper and painted walls in the nursery

We recommend using wallpaper as a wall covering. water-based paints, textured plasters and decorative panels. An added benefit will be the opportunity repainting the wall without removing the old coating, and resistance to wet cleaning using household chemistry.

Advice! Do not choose too embossed finish as it will accumulate dust, which may provoke an allergic reaction in children.

The floor in the children’s room should be safe, durable and warm in any time of the year. Of the materials should be preferred wood and carpet, which retain heat and make the room more comfortable. Laminate and linoleum should be selected only in high quality, also taking care of sound insulation so that active games do not interfere neighbors below.

Advice! Do not choose coatings from ceramic tiles, because during the games kids can slip and hurt.

It will be appropriate to combine flooring with the system underfloor heating to make children comfortable and less likely to get sick.

Parquet board is a warm and environmentally friendly floor covering, ideal for a children's room

Parquet board is a warm and environmentally friendly floor perfect for kids room


The right interior design for a child’s room always starts with planning and dividing the entire room into zones. And for the general the room, this step is absolutely necessary, because each of the children there should be a personal space that will provide a comfortable atmosphere and minimize conflict situations.

The same design of work areas for two children

The same design for working areas for two children

When dividing the nursery into functional zones, you need to consider children’s age:

  1. For newborns, it is necessary to provide a sleep zone, a place for care (swaddling and feeding), playpen and rest mother with children, as well as storage of things (chest of drawers).
  2. For preschool kids, in addition to the sleep zone, you will need organization of a playground, a place for creative activity (drawing, modeling), as well as, if the area allows, sports corner.
  3. Students will need the same areas, but their size will be differ – the game room will decrease, and the working one will increase, its also can be combined with creative.
  4. The room for teenage children should be designed with basic needs – sleep, study, rest. Relaxation area replaces the game.

Advice! Under the nursery for two is best to allocate a space of 20 square meters. m

General play area in preschool children

Common play area in preschool


Zoning of a common nursery is most often carried out as follows ways:

  • Provide each child with separate spaces, divided into all necessary areas – bedroom, work, playroom. The option will be implemented when the size of the room allows. This solution is best suited for different children’s rooms. gender, since each of them will have its own separate space. Zoning is done using color, the use of various finishing materials and furniture.
  • To organize separate zones for study and sleep, but a place for games with rest to make common. This option is appropriate when children have a lot common interests and they rarely conflict.
  • Combine all space, then all personal belongings, beds, tables, lockers for both children will be located nearby. Such the solution is ideal for a small room and children of one gender. For this type of zoning, it’s better to maintain symmetry, using the same furniture or common furnishings. Separate personal spaces will help various decorative receptions, for example, various murals, pictures on the walls, textiles and etc.

An interesting design for turning a work area into a berth

An interesting design of turning the working area into a bedroom a place

Sleep area

The sleeping area in the nursery should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. If we talk about the color scheme, then it should be as much as possible calm, relaxing. Pastel will look best tones, but at the head of the wall beds you can optionally decorate with drawings, photos or 3D wallpaper.

The taste and age of the child affects the design of his personal space in the room

The taste and age of the child affects the design of his personal space in the room

If the children are heterosexual, then you can use different colors for design of the sleeping area of ​​each child, for example, pink or peachy near the girl’s bed and blue or green – y a boy.

Each child’s sleeping place must have its own. In this case, two options are possible:

  1. Single beds are a traditional solution that is suitable for large rooms, in particular when children of different ages or the floor.
  2. Bunk beds – a way to rationally use space. The design of a small children’s room is almost always involves the use of bunk beds.

Advice! Places to sleep in both children should be equivalent so that no one has feelings superiority or vice versa, resentment.

A bunk built-in bed with a small wardrobe is an excellent option for a country house

Bunk bed with small wardrobe option for a country house

Two separate beds

Two separate beds – the most preferred option for children of different sexes, as well as for high school children age. When the size of the room allows, beds can be put in several ways:

  • Parallel – along opposite walls or next to each other friend. This method is best suited for a square room. forms, while children will be more in contact with each other. Sleeping places can be divided by a window, a bedside table, a rack and etc.
  • Along one of the walls – the method is suitable if the room has rectangular shape. Sleeping along an elongated wall places can be “train” or head to head. Such beds can be placed side by side or, if space permits, split their closet, cabinet or even a small partition so that everyone the child had his own privacy zone.

Arrangement of beds along the wall in a room of heterosexual children

Arrangement of beds along the wall in a room of heterosexual children

  • In one corner, head to head – a similar solution suitable if a small children’s room design is being developed, because it helps to save space.
  • In different angles – arrange the beds in a similar way recommended if you need to get maximum free space in the center of the room, for example, for games. Sleeping places in opposite places are suitable for children who differ in age, as well as those who do not quarrel often.

Mirrored arrangement of beds, with a work desk installed between them under the window

Mirrored beds with a work desk between them under the window

Advice! To save space convertible beds, folding sofas are best suited pull-out berths.

Functional beds with bedside tables and a common headboard located parallel to each other

Functional beds with bedside tables and a common headboard, parallel to each other

A good option for a small nursery will be hollow beds base. In such boxes located under a berth easy to store bedding, toys, books, personal things. Due to this, it will be possible to do without extra cabinets.

Bunk bed

A bunk bed is a popular and practical solution for combined nursery. This option will significantly save useful area, therefore, simply indispensable for a small room. Options design of a small children’s room equipped with a bunk bed, look very advantageous, especially since the choice among Modern models are very large.

Advice! View bunk the bed is only if the height of the ceilings in the apartment is from 2.6 m. With smaller parameters, a child sleeping on the second tier will be suffer from insomnia due to stuffiness.

Bunk bed for babies in a narrow room

Bunk Bed for Toddlers in a Narrow Room

Tiers are interconnected by a staircase, which should be as reliable and safe as possible so that children do not get injured during ascent or descent time.

Bunk beds can be either standard or standard. equipped with additional elements, for example, built-in base with lockers. The upper tier may be static, and the lower folding, so that in the daytime children have more space for games or rest.

An interesting solution will be a two-level bed with a pull-out the lower tier, which when folded looks like one sleeping a place. This option is suitable for rooms even with low the ceiling.

Advice! Be sure to add sleeping places with quality orthopedic mattresses so that children developed correctly without experiencing sleep problems.

Corner arrangement of a bunk bed in the nursery

Corner bunk bed in the nursery

Storage of personal belongings

The design of the children’s room for two children should be harmonious, with this should not force space into massive cabinets or dressers. Best suited for storage:

  • Spacious wardrobe equipped with wardrobe systems in in the form of baskets, boxes, hangers, etc. Inside it should be divided space for each of the children. If the kids room is small, then the cabinet doors are best made partially mirrored to visually expand the space.
  • The chest of drawers can simultaneously serve as a place for storage and a separator of zones in the nursery, a stand for books, a lamp, toys.

Great idea for wardrobe layout and storage space for personal items

Great idea of ​​wardrobe location and storage space for personal of things

  • Box at the base of the bed. It can be continuous or with space separated by partitions and also equipped drawers.
  • Shelving will help arrange books textbooks and all kinds of little things, and can also divide a room without creating an effect contraction.
  • Poufs with a folding seat at the base of which you can store toys, materials for creativity, etc.
  • Wall niches. So that such designs do not look dull, you can make them bright boxes, baskets in which it is easy All necessary things for children will be placed, including paints, small ones toys, wheels, etc.

Niche with numerous shelves for storing things

Niche with numerous shelves for storage

Work zone

For school children, a work area should be equipped, where they will do their homework. Place for study should be made out as restrained as possible: bright colors and large drawings will be distract or even annoy children. Best working area arrange in restrained colors of neutral gamut (white, beige) or muted shades of green, peach.

Of furniture, first of all, you need a table, which can be each child’s own or common. In the second case, there is immediately Several variants:

  1. A single countertop divided by drawers below or above, a rack. Most often, such a table is located along the wall with window opening to ensure maximum level natural light. In this case, on each side you can to establish shelves on which each child will be able to keep their educational supplies. If such a table stands along a solid wall, then the shelves are hung directly above it.
  2. A corner table can save space in a small room. It can occupy the opposite corner from the sleeping places.
  3. A large desk that children can share settled down from its opposite sides. This option is often adjoins a wall or a window sill with a short edge, and children sit friend opposite a friend. At the same time, personal belongings of each are located behind or on the side. A similar solution is suitable for a spacious room.

Working areas located on opposite sides of the room

Work areas on opposite sides of the room

Advice! If separate tables, then they can be placed nearby, but divided by a rack, cabinet, etc.

The working area should also be equipped with comfortable chairs, shelves and drawers for storing accessories, all necessary items should be at hand. You also need to take care of proper lighting.

It will be useful to hang on the wall next to the workplace magnetic or chalk board. If the countertop is common, then this item both children can use at the same time, in this case the board should occupy almost the entire wall above the table.

Convenient and practical arrangement of desktops which can be folded

Convenient and practical desktop layout that you can to fold

Place for games

Making out the game zone, you can not limit your imagination, because this the place will help to shape the personality of children, reveal them personality. The design of the entertainment venue should be vibrant, unusual.

The color scheme can be either soft or saturated, but necessarily bright: watermelon, lemon, blue, orange, bright green – these colors help children stay energetic.

Walls can be decorated with wallpaper with bright ornaments, as well as photo wallpaper or spectacular drawings. The latter may belong to the pen themselves the tenants of the room. By the way, the wall in the playing area can be covered special paint on which it is easy to paint and then wash off the results of creativity without losing the appearance of the coating.

Game zone in the bay window of the room

Game zone in the bay window of the room

Advice! Game Zone mark with a bright carpet on which children can comfortably settle down.

A play area should be provided for storing toys and creative supplies, you can use bright beautiful boxes, textile pockets that are hung on the wall.

A small convenient cupboard in the corner of the kids play area

A small convenient cupboard in the corner of the kids play area

Children’s rooms for two heterosexual children can be equipped two game zones, albeit not so spacious, but interests each child will be counted, and active games with cars or tea parties with dolls will not interfere with airplanes.

Place to relax

A place to stay will need to be organized if the room two teenagers. Such a zone is provided for joint leisure, receiving guests, watching TV and movies. It should be issued proceeding from the tastes of the children themselves. Large walls may be present. drawings, avant-garde ornaments and contrasting color combinations.

Soft rest area for comfortable spending of children's leisure

Soft relaxation area for a comfortable stay for children leisure

In the recreation area can be a comfortable sofa, folding, if friends stay overnight, or a couple of chairs. Coffee table, TV, shelves with books – all this should be common among children, but Do not provoke competition.


In the children’s room, you should definitely organize the right lighting. Natural light should freely enter the room, and every child should receive it in equal amounts. therefore the table is best placed symmetrically relative to the window.

The room has become even brighter thanks to a mirrored closet - a compartment located opposite a large window

The room has become even brighter thanks to the mirror cabinet located opposite a large window

Artificial lighting should be carefully thought out. From a single chandelier in a nursery of two children is best abandoned by giving preference for installing several fixtures, each for each functional area.

Next to the beds it’s worth installing night lights, work areas equip with integrated top or side lights, as well as table lamps with an adjustable tilt angle.

A well-lit little nursery with both natural and artificial light sources

A well-lit little nursery, both natural and artificial light sources

In the relaxation area, table lamps or sconces will be appropriate, and the site for games it is worth highlighting contour lighting or dot ceiling lights.


Curtains for the nursery should be tight so that provide a quiet sleep for children. Classic curtains worth pick up double: light tulle or organza freely transmit light during the day, and thick cotton and silk securely close the windows at night.

A great option – roller blinds, the height of which is adjustable, and the children themselves will be able to decide in which position to leave them. Such curtains can be double or single, leave open windowsill that helps to use more space in room.

A window with white blinds can be decorated with a curtain of multi-colored large beads

A window with white blinds can be decorated with a curtain of multi-colored large beads

The color of the curtains can be bright, all kinds of drawings and ornaments. But their design must be harmoniously integrated into children’s style.

In the nursery, you should definitely put a carpet, which will be create additional comfort. It should be easy to care for and accumulate dust poorly, so preference should be given short-haired options.

Bedspreads and decorative pillows will add comfort, help individualize the sleeping place of each of the children. Such textiles should be bright and easy to care for.

Bright beautiful bedspreads will cheer you up

Bright beautiful bedspreads will cheer you up

Design of a nursery: recommendations for the design of a nursery two children

Choosing the style of the room, focus on the tastes of each a child. Neutral stylistic solutions that suit both boys and girls can be called marine subjects, safari, jungle, almost any natural style. Easy to beat minimalism style interior where every child can freely to express oneself.

Depending on who lives in the nursery, make out the room:

  • For two girls of the same age, best suited symmetrical interior decorated in pink and purple, green-beige or peach colors. If the interests of the sisters differ, then half of each can be decorated with personal drawings, photographs or images of idols to taste, but put it all in the same frame. The room should have a lot of textile, the number of decorative soft toys, frills on the curtains and bedspreads and etc. Sisters often like to do everything together, so there is a divide meaning only sleeping areas, and the rest to combine. If speak about style, the interiors of Provence look very feminine and gentle which girls will like.

Children of almost the same age who get along very well can be equipped with a joint sleeping area and work area

Children of the same age, if they get along well, can equip a joint sleeping and working area

  • Two girls of different ages will feel more comfortable, if each of them allocate personal space in opposite areas of the room. In this case, it is better to choose a different in appearance mind furniture, the color of the walls, etc. But a single style is still worth to withstand.

Children of different ages require personal space and their own play area

Children of different ages require personal space and their own play area

  • Two boys, regardless of age, will live peacefully, only if everyone is provided with their own space. Only the sleeping area can be shared, for example, with a bunk a bed. An additional plus will be the allocation of space for classes sports where the boys will also be able to do together. Room two boys appropriate to design in a marine style, stylize space or pirate ship, etc.


For boys of any age, a two-tier is perfect bed and shared locker for personal belongings

Advice! If the children living in the room differ in age, it is necessary for each of them to provide room is a place where everyone can calmly do their hobby or relax.

Room for two heterosexual children

If brother and sister live in the room, then it makes perfect sense divide the space into personal zones for each. Required it is worth taking care of a partition, screen or curtain so that children could change their clothes without hesitation or just retire.

Separation of a room for heterosexual children with the help of a dense curtain and a partition from shelves

Separation of a room for heterosexual children with a blackout curtain and partitions from shelves

The interests of heterosexual children rarely coincide, therefore, issue the room is quite complicated. Best to choose a neutral finish walls and floor, and to make individual space of each child various accessories, such as textiles, books, toys, photo wallpaper. The latter work very well if necessary to maintain the integrity of the interior, but do not offend anyone children. In this case, half of the girl can be decorated fabulous the landscape with the castle of the princess, and the boy’s half with the image old pirate ship.

It will be appropriate to design half the room in contrasting shades, for example, yellow and purple. In this case, it is worth repeating the color of each from the sides to the opposite with the help of accents – textiles, frames for photos or drawings, pillows, etc.

Design of a children's room: dividing the space in a room of heterosexual children with the help of a beautiful locker for toys in the form of a house

Dividing the space in a room of heterosexual children with a beautiful locker for toys in the form of a house

In order for the children to live together in one room, the setting should be comfortable and consistent with the interests of each of them. Therefore, decorating the nursery, first of all, consult with your children, consider all their wishes, age and character traits everyone.

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