Curtains on eyelets: types, advantages and overview the most elegant and trending implementations

Curtains on grommets: a photo in the interior

Curtains on eyelets will breathe “freshness” into your interior

Curtains on grommets, photos of which are widely represented on the Internet and modern fashion magazines are becoming increasingly popular and usual curtains with fixtures in the form of displace from interiors hooks and clothespins. This demand is explained not only the aesthetic appeal of eyelets, but also their practicality.


  • Curtains on eyelets: advantages
  • Features curtain with grommets
  • Eaves for cloths on cringles
  • Types of Curtain Rings
  • The popularity of curtains on grommets
  • Do-it-yourself curtains on grommets. Master class step by step

Exquisitely and simply - curtains on grommets

Refined and simple – curtains on grommets

Bright plain curtains on the grommets

Bright plain curtains on grommets

Beige curtains emphasize exquisite wallpaper designs

Beige curtains with a mesh highlight sophisticated designs on wallpaper

Curtains on eyelets: advantages

Silent and easy glide on the surface of the cornice, smooth crease lines, respect for curtain fabric, all of these curtains on grommets have advantages, photos of which can be see below. In addition to practicality, curtains on grommets have aesthetic virtues, they look much more attractive, than the same products, but with conventional mounts (rings, clothespins).

The folds on the curtains are especially good in saturated shades, such as deep blue.

Particularly well, the folds on the curtains are visible in saturated shades, e.g. deep blue

Eyelets are additional elements that give portieres style and chic. Beautiful curtains on eyelets can be purchased in finished form, but if you sew them yourself, you get significant cost savings. However, stitching the curtains on the grommets DIY is much more complicated than regular curtains. But the result will pay for painstaking work and effort. What is it – curtains on grommets, the novelties of which are presented later in this material?

Sewing the curtains yourself, you can combine several fabric colors for an interesting effect. How about turquoise waves?

You can combine several curtains by yourself fabric colors for an interesting effect. How about turquoise waves?

The curtains in question have no such bored all loops for attaching to the hooks of the cornice. Instead of them at the top large metal or plastic parts are mounted rings corresponding to the diameter of the tube of the cornice or baguette, which and threaded into these holes.

Features curtain with grommets

The principle of fastening on the grommets was invented by sailors for convenience, and designers picked up this idea and created a unique design, which today is widely used in design interiors.

Curtains on the grommets for the hall look simple and at the same time very noble. The fabric streams with graceful air folds and emphasizes the view of the person entering the room on the window. Because the the cornice passes through the rings, the service life of the curtains is significantly extends. This is due to the fact that fragments of tissue equipped with grommets, impregnated with adhesive compounds, and the curtains themselves are not contact with a baguette.

Curtains on grommets do not need to be straightened out now and then, waves of folds always flawless and do not require the guidance of the marathon. These products Perfectly fit into any design and style. For the interior the decisive role is played not by the grommets themselves, but by matter, which was selected for sewing curtains. Any fabric is suitable for eyelets, therefore you need to be guided by the style of the room and its purpose.

For example, curtains in the bedroom (see photo below) should be Sewn from dense, opaque fabric. For a children’s room lighter and airy curtains with bright Coloring cartoonish motifs.

As a rule, curtains on the grommets consist of two paintings, but if the window is small, only one wide can be hung the canvas. An additional decoration of such a curtain will be a grab with tassels.

Tip: modern designers recommend for living rooms and dining rooms use a combination in which in one curtain at the same time there are two, or even three types of fabric, different in color and texture. To have an idea of ​​such products should watch the video below.

Blackout curtains on the grommets in the bedroom are made in the colors of wallpaper and decor

Blackout curtains on the grommets in the bedroom are made in the colors of the wallpaper and decor items

Eaves for cloths on cringles

For curtains on grommets, only eaves of the “pipe” type are suitable, but this does not mean that they are all typical and monotonous. Manufacturers made sure that the range of these products was rich. Tubular cornices differ among themselves with tips, which can be:

  • forged;
  • rubber;
  • with geometric contours;
  • openwork;
  • in the form of a flower.

Curtains on the grommets on the ledge with a tip in the form of a ball

Curtains on grommets on the eaves with a tip in the form of a ball

It is these decorative details that make each curtain rod unique. In addition, curtain rods with grommets can be single or two-tube. Double cornice designed for a combination of curtains and tulle. The curtain itself is attached to a wide pipe, and the tulle to a pipe smaller diameter.

Curtains on a tubular bar can be used not only for window decoration, but also for zoning the room. Sometimes in large rooms install a conditional wall or screen, the role of which performs a dense fabric with eyelets. Today is pretty A popular design touch.

Curtains on the grommets in a studio apartment share a sleeping and resting area

Curtains on the grommets in a studio apartment share a sleeping area and recreation

To create a unique design tulle with eyelet fastening can be combined with roller blinds or roman blinds. In this case the design is airy, and to control the degree The illumination of the room will be a roller blind. Similar combinations belong to the category of beauty-functionality-practicality.

The combination of curtains on grommets and Roman curtains

The combination of curtains on grommets and Roman curtains

Stringing cringles on the curtain rod will take no more than two minutes, while the folds always remain the same size and are located symmetrically. There are three types of hanging curtains on the grommets:

  1. most often use the “through the ring” method;
  2. less often to the cornice pipe additional decorative clings elements (hooks, cord), and eyelets are already attached to them;
  3. a very unusual option – mount without a cornice, hooks for eyelets are mounted directly into the wall, but such a curtain cannot move.

The latter method is usually used for zoning space. rooms.

Fixing eyelets through the ring

Fixing eyelets through the ring

Types of Curtain Rings

We already spoke about the eaves, it is time to deal with the grommets, which also have some differences. Eyelets classified according to:

  • material;
  • quantities;
  • forms;
  • decorative finishes.

The material for the manufacture of eyelets can be plastic, wood or metal. Their size range is not too large, usually the diameter is 5-6 cm. As for the form, there is a flight for imagination. According to the configuration, eyelets are:

  • round;
  • square;
  • triangular;
  • polygonal;
  • in the shape of a flower, heart or fish.

The shapes of the eyelets can vary from traditional ringlets to stylish frogs

The shape of the eyelets can be different: from traditional rings to stylish toads

In terms of decorative decoration, eyelets have no boundaries:

  • matte or glossy finish;
  • gilding; rings with a skin imitation;
  • with rhinestones and beads;
  • with Swarovski stones.

Classic eyelets have the shape of ringlets, which can be selected in the colors of the curtains

Classic eyelets are ring-shaped, which you can choose in the colors of the curtains

Tip: for plain curtains eyelets with decorative decorations are preferable, but for colorful fabrics it is better to choose simpler and more modest rings. In the style direction should there is harmony, not oversaturation.

Люверсы незаметны глазу и отлично вписывают шторы в любойинтерьер

Curtains on grommets: a photo with your own hands. Master Class step by step

You can create harmony and comfort in your home without much financial costs. This will require a desire, a minimum of skills in sewing technique and sewing machine.

First you need to take measurements from the window for which they will be sewn the curtains. Then you can go to the fabric store and purchase suitable matter. Since drapes on grommets are appreciated precisely for large folds, the fabric needs to be bought at the rate of – 3 widths window. If you buy less fabric, the curtains will not have that the attractiveness expected of them.

Curtains on the grommets can be hung not only above the windows, but also when leaving the balcony or terrace

Curtains on the grommets can be hung not only above the windows, but also when exit to the balcony or terrace

The wider the window or the wall to be decorated, the more it will take material. However, you should not overdo it either. If you take 4 sized curtains will look bulky and heavy.

The length of the curtains is determined purely individually and depends on destination room. Curtains in the kitchen on the eyelets should not reach to the floor. Optimum length to window sill or even to the middle of the window.

The same goes for the nursery. Peculiar to children mobility, so the child in the process of active play can simply to get tangled in long curtains and break off the curtain rod. In the living room and the bedroom is better to hang long curtains, which almost reach gender.

Tip: if the interior is dominated by a natural style, for curtains it is better to choose natural fabrics, and rings should be large and wooden. This decoration will give the room a special Comfort and warmth. A similar combination is acceptable in any room.

Curtains on eyelets from owls - an interesting solution for a children's bedroom

Curtains on grommets from owls – an interesting solution for a nursery the bedrooms

Edging the fabric – edge allowance

The size of the fabric should take into account the allowance for processing edges, since, most likely, matter will have to be twisted and spend it. Therefore, to the original sizes you need to add with each side 3-4 cm.

To the height of future curtains, you also need to add a few centimeters, because at the top of the fabric will be tucked. Fasten eyelets in a single-layer material will fail. Calculating the amount fabric for the upper hem, you have to take into account the density of matter, since the coarser and denser it is, the more should be done stock. Experienced craftswomen recommend starting seamstresses to leave on hem 12-13 cm.

However, if the grommets themselves have a large diameter, the width of the hem should be larger, respectively, and the stock must also be provided big. If for a thick pipe of an eaves to buy eyelets of a small diameter, smooth and easy sliding will not. Ring diameter must exceed the diameter of the rod by 1.5 cm and not less. Otherwise case, in addition to the inconvenience when opening and closing the curtains, you need expect quick abrasion of the cornice and the rings themselves.

Tip: the number of eyelets should be even, otherwise the fabric on the ledge will not be evenly distributed.

Bright pink curtains on the grommets in the living room

Bright pink curtains on the grommets in the living room

Tools for work

For sewing curtains, the skilled worker will need a standard set tools and material:

  1. tissue cut;
  2. eyelets;
  3. grommet;
  4. pencil or chalk;
  5. tailor’s scissors;
  6. iron;
  7. sewing machine.

Now it is time to determine the distance between the rings. His calculated from considerations of the depth of folds that the master wants receive. If soft waves are planned, eyelets should be mounted on 15 cm apart. With a step of 22 cm, deep and relief waves.

The deep relief waves on the curtains on the grommets fit perfectly into the interior of a classic living room

Deep relief waves on the curtains on the grommets excellent fit into the interior of a classic living room

However, the possibility of sagging severe fabric with too large a step between the rings. Distance 18 cm considered optimal.

Tip: if two identical curtains are attached to the baguette, waves of folds on them should be laid in relation to each other otherwise, the design will be asymmetric, which is bad affect the overall impression.

Curtains on the grommets in the design of a bedroom in gray shades

Curtains on the grommets in the design of the bedroom in gray shades

Fabric marking

When the sides are finished and the top edge is sealed grommet, you can start marking the fabric under the grommets. it very responsible work, therefore the rule is very relevant here: “Seven times measure cut once”. When the holes for the rings are already broken or cut out, it will not work to fix the error.

Beige curtains fit well in the interior

Beige curtains fit well into the interior of the “sunny” rooms and выглядят очень по-летнему

Marking on the upper bar is carried out using chalk or a pencil. When the craftswoman is sure that she calculated everything right, you can pick up the scissors. Some fabrics are strong slide, so you should consider how to fix them so that do not accidentally make an incision that is not marked out.

When the holes in the fabric are made, grommets must be inserted into them and snap in. If the house does not have all the necessary tools, and sewing curtains is supposed only once, to acquire improvised tools impractical. Much cheaper and less troublesome buy ready-made curtains with eyelets or order them at the sewing workshop.

The combination of colors curtains on the grommets: blue, print and white

The combination of colors of curtains on the grommets: blue, with print and white

Sewing curtains – an activity in itself is simple and exciting. At certain skills can be provided with curtains not only your apartment, but also help in creating a beautiful and modern interior to relatives, friends. In this case, experienced seamstresses advised to purchase a special punch for fabric, application which guarantees perfectly even holes for rings.

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