Circular (Circular) Saws Bison: Overview lineup

The advantages of modern woodworking technology can effective use only with appropriate snap. The Bison circular saw in any version is able to provide full assistance in direct, transverse or angular sawing wood and other building materials.

Circular saw Bison


  • 1 Nuances
  • 2 Overview of the company’s assortment of network bison saw blades
    • 2.1 BISON ZPD-900
    • 2.2 BISON ZPD-1300
    • 2.3 BISON ZPD-1600
    • 2.4 BISON ZPD-2000
    • 2.5 BISON EXPERT ZPDE-190-1800
    • 2.6 BISON EXPERT ZPDE-235-2200
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 4 Owner Reviews


The model range of the domestic brand is included in its list circular saw blades for domestic and professional use, differing from similar saw imports:

  • affordable price level;
  • advanced after-sales service;
  • extended unification of spare parts and interchangeable equipment.

Numerous consumer reviews praise accuracy and cleanliness of cut, reliability and safety of execution complex sawing work.

In the list of advantages of the model range of disk drank Bison:

  • compactness, durability and effective heat transfer alloy metal case;
  • the availability of modern equipment in professional models, including the number of soft start and braking systems of the electric motor, protection from extreme loads and overheating, working adjustments revolutions, angles and depths of cut.

Overview of the company’s range of bison network saws

The information provided will help you navigate the diversity. brand lineup and make the right choice when purchasing a tool for private household use, furniture or construction business.



Semi-professional small-sized circular hand saw level, designed for sawing construction wood 140 mm disc blade to a depth of 45 mm.

Equipped with a protective cover and a complete cleaning system work area from sawdust the tool is activated economical 900-watt electric motor with the highest possible efficiency.

Saw the Bison of the ZPD-900 series differs from household analogues:

  • moderate weight – 3.7 kg;
  • stepless adjustment of the depth of cut;
  • the presence in the set of carbide disk blade, longitudinal emphasis, additional handle and mount guide rail.

Selling price of saws in different remoteness regions stabilized at the level of 3200-3400 rubles.



Household Circular Saw Bison with Lightweight Aluminum-Magnesium the case is equipped with an electric drive of 1300 watts, untwisting 160 mm circular saw blade up to 4500 rpm

High-speed mode allows you to realize complex longitudinal and diagonal cuts without burrs and chips.

The design of this model contains a number of useful functions in particular:

  • significant margin of torque for compensation operational loads;
  • stepless speed adjustment;
  • pneumatic cleaning of dust and sawdust from the desktop;
  • the ability to install a guide rail and additional handles.



Performance and versatility semi-professional circular saws increased by increasing drive power up to 1600 watts and saw tooling cloth with a diameter of 185 mm. There is also a stepless setting cut depths up to 64 mm.

Simplified tool design and lack of electronic tooling allowed manufacturers to retain the ZPD-1600 model budget status, its cost varies at the level of 3500-3700 rubles.

The list of main advantages:

  • effective heat transfer of a lightweight aluminum housing;
  • the presence of a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner;
  • simplified scale adjustment of the cutting depth;
  • the ability to install another handle for reliable capture;
  • the presence of an additional protective lower casing.

Cleaning the engine manifold and replacing the collector brushes, possible without disassembling the case.



Powerful 2000 watt drive determines suitability the semi-professional tool of the ZPD-2000 series for performing time-consuming and time-consuming sawing operations. A large stock of torque allows you to work with wood, panel and aluminum profile blanks of large diameter.

In the design of the model saved advantages:

  • intensive heat transfer in a durable aluminum-magnesium housing gearbox;
  • fine adjustment of the angles and depth of cut, respectively 48 and 70 mm;
  • productivity of a saw disk with a diameter of 210 mm;
  • soft start systems.

With a significant increase in power, the weight of the tool is 6.4 kg per its power category is considered optimal.



The circulation saw in its power group is one of the most successful developments. The 4.8 kg model is equipped with an economical and a reliable 1800 watt motor and carbide 190 mm circular saw blade.

The main design features are made on Based wear-resistant alloy steel gearbox and lever function cutting depth settings.

The maximum cut depth is 65 cm, also it is possible to install a guide rail.

The list of operational advantages includes yourself:

  • combination of a powerful drive and a reinforced gearbox;
  • aluminum base modified in terms of strength;
  • effective dust protection of bearings;
  • the presence of a wedge knife for safe extraction, clamped cutting a disk cloth.

On sale, the model EXPERT ZPDE-190-1800 is temporarily out of stock. The last fixed price at the level of 5600-5800 rubles.



The review is completed by the most powerful disk in the household category. saw with a power of 2200 watts. Heat dissipation of aluminum housing and the strength of the gearbox made of alloy steel, provides continuous tool operation semi-professional class with a full load throughout work shift.

Large up to 235 mm saw blade size for precise and even cut to a depth of 85 mm. Electrical circuit model with own weight 8.12 kg is equipped with a soft start circuit power unit.

Technical equipment of a saw with a cost of 5600 rubles or more is identical previous model with 1800 watt drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to basic technical and operational characteristics Bison saw blades are identical to the best budget designs leading European manufacturers. This is evidenced by analysis work of regional service and repair structures.

According to the number of failures and malfunctions, domestic and imported household and semi-professional saws are approximately on one level.

Owner reviews

I can congratulate myself on the right choice, circular saw Bison ZPD-2000 paid for itself in three incomplete months. Main job – sawing of facade combined facing panels. For information, reliable design, mounting brackets can be easily removed do it yourself. Sergey Nikonovich

After a year, quite intense operation circular bison on the recommendation of the seller climbed to change the brushes and clean the collector from soot. I didn’t have to do anything, brush-collector unit in excellent condition. It seems that own opinion on the low quality of the Chinese assembly will have partially or completely change. Vadik

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