Chainsaw Patriot PT 45 1 8 – a powerful tool for household

Chainsaw PATRIOT PT 4518 at a cost and working characteristics conform to the standards of the household range. The operational capabilities of this model extend to simple cutting operations related to felling small trees and tall bushes harvesting wood fuel, registration of a landscape vegetable interior.

Patriot PT 4518 chainsaw - a powerful tool for household goodsPhoto: Patriot PT 4518 chainsaw


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Operational properties

Saw successfully copes with simple and non-standard sawing any types of business and construction wood with a diameter up to 40 cm. In cost-effective design, easy to maintain and long-lasting tool in operation, quality materials are laid, involved modern technologies for processing and hardening parts piston group and crank mechanism.

Design features

Patriot 4518 gasoline saw based on experience use of previous models for the best proven in works of varying complexity. Her device organically combines the principles of classical layout with modern industrial design.

  • The tool has a dense arrangement located in housing units and mechanisms that do not exclude convenient access for performing routine maintenance and repair work.
  • Saw control does not require special qualifications, basic receptions and skills are acquired directly in the process work.
  • The already small weight of the tool is offset by good balance, convenient for reliable capture by the form of handles, minimum vibration.

Patriot PT 4518

Information support

Included instructions contain detailed information about features of preparation of the tool for operation, service and routine maintenance, methods for detecting and eliminating possible failures and malfunctions.

Imperial Series Version

Based on the base model, a successful version was developed, known as the Patriot PT 4518 Imperial.

Semi-professional in terms of parameters and purpose characterized by increased reliability of critical parts and assemblies, extended assortment of supplied kit.


One of the important advantages of this model is its high power. carburetor two-stroke ICE (up to 2.9 hp) with a volume of 45 cm3, working on a mixture of gasoline and special engine oil for two stroke engines. Fuel tank capacity 550 ml allows the instrument to work for a long time in offline mode.

In the list of advantages of the power unit:

  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • stable traction characteristics in all modes;
  • significant stock of torque;
  • air cooling efficiency and convenient starter system Easy Zip-Start Launch.
Model Patriot PT 4518
Manufacturer Patriot
Production (assembly) China
Brand homeland USA
Saw application Household
Horsepower (kW) 2.9 (2.1)
Engine displacement, cm3 45
Chain pitch, inches 0.325
Chain thickness mm 1,5
Number of links, pcs 72
Fuel tank volume, l 0.55
Oil tank volume, l 0.26
Tire length cm (inches) 45 (18)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 6.5
Instruction manual Download


A powerful power unit has expanded the possibilities tool using a tire 45 cm long and durable in Oregon brand chain operation. Headset lubrication is automated. Pump performance is set by engine speed. Capacity consumable oil tank – 260 ml.

The cutting unit is equipped with an easy-to-adjust side tensioner chains. Risks of sawmill injuries during chain breakdown are reduced to minimum due to the effective operation of the emergency brake.

0.325 inch standard chain interchangeable with similar products of other branded manufacturers. Spare parts and consumables are delivered on time and in specified volumes, which contributes to the high maintainability of this model.

Patriot PT 4518


Despite the budget price range in the design of this model technical features and capabilities specific to semi-professional chainsaw equipment, in particular:

  • extended power unit power, flexible traction and torque reserve;
  • wear-resistant 18-inch tire, equipped with a proprietary Oregon chain;
  • combination of ergonomic body shape with good balance center of gravity;
  • full automation of chain lubrication;
  • trouble-free emergency brake design enhancing safety of cutting operations increased difficulties.


Analysis of consumer reviews shows that a significant part of failures and malfunctions is a consequence of the application substandard fuels and lubricants, illiterate operation tool for large-scale and labor-intensive work of a professional level.

The list of recommendations and comments indicates a lack of booster pump, leaks in the chain lubrication system, fragile plastic starter housing.


In different regions, the cost of a chainsaw Patriot RT model 4518 stabilized at the level of 5200 rubles. For this tool power category indicator is one of the lowest.


In one power and price range, household Chainsaw equipment of other branded manufacturers. it popular models HUTER BS-52, KRATON GCS-1800/450, UNION PTS-99452T, chainsaw Forester.

Owner reviews

At the first launch of a new chainsaw, the Patriot 4518 burst starter spring. Service defect is not recognized, had to buy a new the mechanism, the faulty will go to spare parts. That’s my problem are over. The saw has been working perfectly for almost two years without unpleasant surprises. The chain did not last long, replaced by a calm – the result is not an example better. Branded chain oils are expensive, and the consumption is quite high, so for lubrication I fill the settled and filtered mining. While there are no negative consequences watching. Sergey Nikolaevich

From my own experience I was convinced how difficult it is to work with low-powered chainsaw equipment, so I bought a 3-horsepower Patriot with 18 inch tire. Oregon chain in the store asked replace with a more wear-resistant analogue, asked to pay 150 rubles, but did not deceive, the new chain is really high-quality. Despite the household level, the tool in one go, “excellent” copes with sawing all types of wood with a diameter of more 300 mm Yura

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