Chainsaw Patriot PT 40 1 6 – budget model with modern features

With all the advantages of a semi-professional chainsaw assortment, most of the potential buyers give preference for budget models. Among others, this category Introduces the Patriot PT 4016 household chainsaw.

The tool is initially focused on the development of moderate volumes. cutting operations related to fuel storage, caring for trees, the construction of wooden structures of residential and special purpose.

Patriot PT 4016 chainsaw - a budget model with modern featuresPhoto: Patriot PT 4016 chainsaw


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Operational properties

Despite the low cost, the Patriot 4016 saw equipped with a sufficiently powerful power drive, allowing take advantage of 16 inch tires. In practice it means the tool is suitable for sawing, transverse, diagonal and longitudinal cutting of wood with a diameter up to 35 mm

Saw belongs to the household category, but in many ways corresponds to a semi-professional level.

  • Decent technical and performance confirmed practical application, compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • The capabilities of this model are significantly expanded by flexible traction power plant parameters, extending the life of crankshaft parts and connecting rod and piston groups.
  • Built-in emergency stop system blocks chain movement in case of a jump and break or the occurrence of another non-standard situation.

Saw Patriot in a modernized version

Patriot PT 4016

Based on the operating experience of a successful base saw, developed an improved version known as Patriot PT 4016 Imperial.

Power and Application Identical Model equipped with:

  • effective vibration damper;
  • booster primer pump;
  • variable speed oil pump.

In the development of the version of Imperial, feedback and wishes were taken into account owners of the base model.


The tool model PT 4016 is equipped with a carburetor push-pull power unit running on gasoline-oil mixture. ICE with only 40 cm3 air-cooled at optimum flow rate fuel power develops 2.2 hp The fuel mixture is fed into carburetor from a 310 ml tank built into the body of the tank.

Technologies have been used to increase engine life metal hardening of critical parts and application of wear-resistant coatings on the elements of the connecting rod and piston group.

Model Patriot PT 4016
Manufacturer Patriot
Production (assembly) China
Brand homeland USA
Saw class Household
Horsepower (kW) 2.2 (1.62)
Engine displacement, cm3 40
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Number of links, pcs 57
Fuel tank volume, l 0.31
Oil tank volume, l 0.21
Tire length cm (inches) 40 (16)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 5.1
Instruction manual Download


Patriot PT 4016

The design of the cutting mechanism includes a guide rail 16 inches long, standard 3/8 inch chain and idler mechanism. Work safety enhanced through efficient operation emergency stop devices the occurrence of traumatic situations.

The saw is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. Oil is coming at the inlet of the oil pump from the built-in reservoir of 210 ml and enters the work area in precisely dosed quantities.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the indisputable advantages of this model:

  • modern ergonomic design;
  • convenient layout of component parts and assemblies;
  • comfortable level of vibration protection;
  • robust construction and efficient emergency operation brakes;
  • automatic chain lubrication system;
  • easy-to-maintain access to adjusting and tuning nodes
  • tooling with an economical Walbro carburetor, Oregon branded tires and chains.

According to the main contingent of users, structural there are no shortcomings in this model. The exception is cases the tightness of the lubrication system in the tools of the last parties, There are a number of comments on build quality.


Priced for Patriot PT 4016 and PATRIOT PT 4016 Imperial not significantly different. The average price stabilized at the level of 6900-7200 rubles.


The presented assortment of imported chainsaw equipment The products of many famous brands are presented. In one power categories are models ECHO CS-353ES-14, Sturm GC99372B and Husqvarna 135.

Owner reviews

For relatively little money, require a chainsaw The patriot is not worth anything special. My tool model PT 4016 far from technical perfection, however, with moderate loads successfully operated for the 4th year. The key to success tool operation – no extreme loads, complete and timely service, lack of cost savings fuel, oil and other consumables. Valery

For the year of operation of the Patriot chainsaw use factory warranty never had to. During this time more a dozen trees, sawn more than 60 cubic meters of wood different breeds. Engine oil pour only high-quality, instead expensive chain lubrication sometimes have to use an identical density with a mixture of diesel oil and spindles. Garik

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