Chainsaw Maxcut MC 1 46 – the benefits of a budget models

Chainsaw MaxCut MC 146 has the status semi-professional tool in terms of power and performance identical to analogues of a higher level. Saw can be used for sawing work of any complexity, including for the dumping of trees with a diameter of up to 300 mm, the preparation of firewood and diverse cutting of building wood.

MaxCut MC 146 chainsaw - the advantages of a budget modelPhoto: MaxCut MC 146 chainsaw


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Operational advantages

The tool combines the advantages of a budget price a range with wide functionality and high performance, economical fuel consumption with comfortable work and long overhaul resource.

During its development, the operating experience of similar models, own technical developments, numerous reviews and user wishes. Economical, easy to maintain and easy to use saw Maksut MS 146 meets the requirements regulatory documents and applicable standards.

Design features

MaxCut MC 146 Shark

The device of a saw allows independent execution by owners service and adjustment work. Convenient access contributes to this. to tool assemblies and systems, a wide range of spare parts and consumables.

Saw served as the basic model for creating more perfect version, dubbed MaxCut MC 146 Shark.

Detailed instruction manual contains useful information on preparing the tool for work, features of the current servicing, troubleshooting, and troubleshooting malfunctions.


The chainsaw has an optimal ratio of weight – 6 kg and overall sizes within – 414 x 255 x 303 mm. Tool weight partially offset by excellent balance, secure grip and effective operation of the vibration damper.

Operational features of MaxCut chainsaw model MC 146 significantly expanded by the use of a two-stroke ICE air cooling, displacement of 45 cm3 and output power 2.9 h.p.

Characteristic features of the power unit:

  • large torque reserve and flexible traction parameters;
  • speed stability in all operating modes;
  • convenient access to adjust fuel equipment and air intake service.

Engine production involves the use of quality materials for crank assembly and special honing cylinder mirrors.

Model MaxCut MC 146
Manufacturer MaxCut
Production (assembly) China
Brand homeland USA
Saw class Semi-professional
Horsepower (kW) 2.9 (2.2)
Engine displacement, cm3 45
Chain pitch, inches 0.325
Chain thickness mm 1,5
Number of links, pcs 64
Fuel tank volume, l 0.55
Oil tank volume, l 0.26
Tire length cm (inches) 40 (16)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 6
Instruction manual Download


Powerful engine allows you to take advantage productive 16 inch tire, cutting chain with standard increments of 0.325 inches and a simple tensioner in design devices.

MaxCut MC 146

  • The chain is cooled and lubricated automatically. Oil enters the pump inlet with an adjustable capacity from 260 ml tank, then pressurized into the working zone.
  • Work safety in case of traumatic situations It is implemented by stopping the movement of the circuit with an emergency brake.
  • When a chain jumps or breaks, a trap is triggered, minimizing the risks of industrial injuries.

Advantages and disadvantages

When creating this model involved the classic version layout and modern industrial design.

  • The saw is conveniently in the hands, there are no problems with lengthy work in hard to reach places.
  • Having a quick start system reduces by more than half starting force of the power unit by a manual starter.
  • The MC 146 comes with a Semi-Chisel wear-resistant chain, allowing to increase the time interval between sharpening in one and a half to two times.
  • The tool is able to work for a long time on high-speed operating modes without forced stops for cooling.

In the list of recommended to eliminate deficiencies – low mechanical strength of the manual starter and weak thread of the mechanism chain tension.


Average tool cost in standard factory configuration set at 3400 rubles. For MaxCut Model MC 146 Shark – this indicator has been increased to the level of 4000-4200 rubles.


Among others, the distribution network offers identical power brand-level models – HUTER BS-52, UNION PTS-99452T and KRATON GCS-1800/450.

Owner reviews

I saw with my own eyes how much is in service repair there are expensive branded models, so with hope for your experience bought a cheap but powerful tool called MaxCut MC 146. The circuit supplied was short-lived. After replacement on a calm analogue, the capabilities of the instrument opened up to all 100%. In winter, I did not have to work, but during the warm season, the car is practically not idle. Alexei

After sorting and tuning, a saw bought in 2015 MaxCut is operational. For three incomplete years sawn into firewood several tens of cubic meters of firewood, more than 20 trees dumped different diameters. Except for a few constructional mistakes – decent car in every way. Valentin Viktorovich

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