Chainsaw Echo CS-35 0WES-TES – a successful model japanese brand

Lightweight, powerful and durable Echo chainsaw CS-350WES is in the category of consumer goods. The popularity of this brand model contributes to the rare budget model combination of operational reliability, performance, economy and large overhaul resource.

Echo CS-350WES / TES chainsaw - a successful model of the Japanese brandPhoto: Echo CS-350WES chainsaw


  • 1 Circle of application
  • 2 What is the secret to the success of Echo brand products?
  • 3 Technical and operational characteristics
  • 4 Design Features
  • 5 headset
  • 6 Versions and modifications
  • 7 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 8 Price
  • 9 Analogs
  • 10 Owner Reviews

Range of application

The tool can be used effectively for felling trees. diameters up to 300 mm, logging, log construction log cabins and wooden elements of landscape decor.

Features of its design provide for trouble-free operation and stability of operating parameters throughout long service life.

What is the secret to the success of Echo brand products?

Household saw Echo 350 has every reason to claim status semi-professional tool.

In the extensive list of advantages of this model:

  • modern design and excellent balance;
  • ergonomic handle configuration for durable and reliable saw retention when performing complex sawing work;
  • high quality of materials used in the construction and Precision factory-mounted accuracy
  • availability of an easy-start system ES-start;
  • adjustable performance of the oil pump;
  • simplified circuit tensioner;
  • effective operation of the vibration damper.

In practice, the ability of the tool in a short time with minimal loss of working time for refueling and cooling, master large volumes of sawing work. This model – optimal option for cost and effectiveness Chainsaws budget assortment.

Technical and operational specifications

With a dead weight of less than 4 kg, the saw is equipped with 36 cc 2.2 hp two-stroke engine

  • The power unit is characterized by enviable traction parameters. Large stock of torque allows you to overcome short-term overloads with minimal power loss.
  • The engine runs on a gasoline-oil mixture in a ratio of 50: 1, which enters the carburetor from the internal reservoir 0.37 liters. In operating mode, the hourly fuel consumption is 0.83 kg.
  • Start is made by a manual starter. Embedded system easy start ES Start and efficient electronic system ignitions guarantee stable starting at any temperature outside air.
Model Echo CS-350WES / TES
Manufacturer Echo
Production (assembly) Japan
Brand homeland Japan
Saw class Semi-professional / household
Engine displacement, cm3 35.8
Horsepower (kW) 2.24 / 2.2 (1.65)
engine’s type Petrol, 2-stroke
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Fuel tank volume, l 0.37
Oil tank volume, l 0.23 / 0.25
Tire length cm (inches) 35 (14) / 30 (12)
Number of links 53/47
Warranty, years 5
Weight, kg 3.6 / 3.52

Design features

To extend the overhaul life of the engine, all responsible the parts are made of forged metal and the work surface the cylinder is equipped with a wear-resistant coating made by Hard Chrome technology.

Advantages used for complete air purification refillable nylon air filter. Quick start the engine enables the boost primer pump.


This unit is structurally composed of a removable 14-inch guide rail made of wear-resistant steel. The 53-chain cutting chain with a standard 3/8 inch pitch moves along a longitudinal groove 1.3 mm wide. The drive is implemented by leading sprocket.

To avoid overheating and accelerated wear, the chain is lubricated special oil that is supplied under controlled pressure from 230 ml internal tank Built-in brake eliminates injury to the operator when the circuit breaks or another emergency situation.

To restore the functionality of the headset, you can use similar spare parts from other branded models.

Versions and Modifications

Echo CS-350WES / TES chainsaw - a successful model of the Japanese brandPhoto: Echo CS-350TES chainsaw

Successful in all respects the basic model of the chainsaw series CS-350WES served as the basis for a simplified version, known as the Echo CS-350TES-12. Tool weighing 3.5 kg, differs from the prototype less, at the level of 2.2 hp power of the power unit, and a bus shortened to 30 cm.

Video: 350th saw at work

Advantages and disadvantages

In the list of advantages:

  • a full combination of moderate cost and modern workers characteristics;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • self-service availability and elimination possible malfunctions;
  • high level of operational reliability and duration work resource.

Of the shortcomings, the lack of special key to remove the drive sprocket. In some regions there are complaints about the lack of sales of 53-link chains.


The average cost of a new chainsaw model CS-350WES is 15-16 thousand rubles, TES is 4-5 thousand more expensive. Buy tool in a lower price range is possible in online stores or during conducting stock and seasonal sales.


Identical in power parameters and purpose of the model represented by branded smallest household chainsaws and semi-professional Makita EA3203S40B, Hitachi CS33EB, Husqvarna 135 and ZUBR PBC-490 45DP.

Owner reviews

From my own experience I know that Japanese chainsaw equipment at a budget level in quality and durability by an order of magnitude more perfect than the best Chinese counterparts. My Eshka without any problems worked for 8 years, the tire and chain changed with wear. Do not save on fuel and oil quality, as well as on volume service. Only in this case, the tool will thank reliable operation and minimal costs for its content. Yaroslav

I saw the Echo 350 chainsaw the year before last, I liked it, bought, exploiting the economic part. Helping relatives and friends with sawing firewood. Japanese by nature working and not capricious, not indifferent to attention and proper care. The main expenses – gasoline and oil, I also bought a spare chain and a candle ignition. Recommend! Vasiliy

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